Friday, January 25, 2008

Safe Harbour

Shhhhh! We must whisper in this newly discovered place.
This place of organic fragrances that speak of seasons past.
A place that embraces and invites us ...
To huddle in quiet peacefulness.

Secrecy must be maintained … lest this nest of privacy be spoiled.
So, My Dear, let us burrow into the warmth of these surroundings.
And allow all, that is without, to pass us by …
Unaware of our safe harbour.

IMAGE: Samantha Hill, BBC News


Anonymous said...

If one could find some soft ground onto which to place a blanket, this would be an ideal place to revel in the sound of the babbling brook and enjoy the solitute and beauty of nature. Having someone to share it with would be great, too!

John-Michael said...

Aaaaah, YES! (ON BOTH COUNTS [smile])

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