Sunday, January 13, 2008

"What do you want?"

I was , recently, asked, by a new friend (as she discovers just who I am) ... a very special lady introduced to me by Steven (my Darlin' Brother) ... "What do you want?" A very fair and honorable question. To which I responded with an Email containing the little summary that I now share with you.

Why? I share it with you because it occurs to me that we could have a delightful time allowing ourselves to get to know ourselves better ... and enjoy ourselves even better ... if we candidly examined our first "knee-jerk" reactions to that very fine question.

So, my Dear Reader, I submit my bit of a response ... and encourage you to do what I did, this morning, and jot down your own spirit's reflexive responses to the question.

So ... what I want is ...

INTIMACY ... in thoughts, ideas, conversation, feelings, and shared activities.
CHILDREN ... Their sounds, curiosity, silliness, struggles, laughter, and hugs. To know their sense of security and comfort in the bosom of my presence and care.
TOUCHING ... Fingertips, arms, face, neck ... freely, often, comfortably, gently, appreciatively, and spontaneously.
KNOWING SMILES ... Private, quiet, random, filled with meaning and fun, lingering and savored.

And as the song goes ... "These are a few of my favorite things."

And then there is what I said in ...

Now ... while I DO appreciate, and enjoy GREATLY your comments on what you see and feel to be the merits, usefulness, and value, to you, of any of my "meanderings of the mind" ... please don't respond to this by clicking on "comments" if you want to have a bit of a chat on the subject ... for, as you have probably noticed, I do not employ that area for "chatting." But if you do feel like a good chat on this (or any other topic) please accept my invitation to Email me at ... , and I will happily answer.

'Til then, as always, I remain your faithful Friend and caring Servant


Merelyme said...

i want...a field of daisies.

John-Michael said...

I fear that they would be humbled by your presence though your spirit would, no doubt, illuminate them.

mariaK said...

...inner peace...clear mind(maybe these too are the same!)...and smiles! MANY MANY bright and honest smiles!

John-Michael said...

And if you are (as I hope) my Grecian Angel Maria ... you have just gifted me with a "bright and honest smile" that is filled with the hope that we can, at last, meet each other in person as I travel to Eastern Europe in the fall (in my quest for my new home.)

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