Thursday, January 31, 2008


So ... what goes through the mind of that weird guy who drives around your neighborhood, in the early-morning, pre-dawn, hours ... throwing those newspapers from his vehicle onto your driveway? Well, My Friend, here is what was happening between my ears as I made my rounds this morning.

It is my fervent hope that I never again find my

Self subjected to the agony of sharing … a bed,

with someone who is completely indifferent to my

presence … an automobile drive, in the company of

someone who elects to stare in silent declaration

of their unspoken desire to be elsewhere, with

anyone other than me … a dinner, or cafĂ© table,

with someone who is merely attending to the

necessity of a meal and only enduring my

presence as a obligation … a romantic dance,

in the arms of one who is distanced from me by

rejection of my individuality … a concert, movie, or

play, with someone who doesn’t sense the emotion,

passion, or beauty of the experience with me …

any precious moment, engaged in any sort or

variety of enterprise, with anyone whose thoughts,

inclinations, and motivations are directed away

from that time with me.

That really doesn’t seem like an unreasonable

set of desires … does it?

And there you have it! Your very own "listen in" to my mind's meanderings this morning. One never knows where One's Muse will lead.

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