Monday, June 09, 2008


I, just this minute, came in from a stroll to the post box. This, the first morning that does not find me engaged in a routine dictated by work requirements, is an opportunity to allow myself no focus at all. I slowly ambled out to the Avenue, amidst a thickness of Life that could be sliced with a bread knife. Living on a lake, I am privy to the awakening chorus of creatures that would not be known to those occupying a habitat sans frogs, crickets, or even alligators.

Such a ruckus of melded contributions they all offer to this new day. A day that, to their sensibilities, is no different than any of millennia of others. They are neither happy nor sad in the pending sunrise. Far too busy with their instinctively demanded duties and needs, they are singing, croaking, and chirping their individual parts in this morning symphony with a blissful ignorance of the rapture that is mine in listening to them. They know not of my comfort in wrapping my senses in the blanket of their presence. My satisfactions in the eternal reliability of their concert of life is of no matter to them.

And in their exercises in living, they each, in their own particularly unique, and individual style and form, know no inhibitions or limitations that a performer might have if aware of an attentive audience. They simply sound off with all that is their nature. And I soak it up as a Spiritual sponge in want of a filling. Frogs of wide variety, birds of all description, insects galore, and even the occasional gator, saturate the atmosphere with their announcements of being alive. Which fills me with joy in being alive.

Good morning Dear One. I love You.


lime said...

Good morning. i'd describe the cacaphony I endured this morning but it would shatter your bliss. that is something i cannot do. but i must know...what sound does an alligator make?

John-Michael said...

Hi Precious! Having some knowledge of the "Participants" in your morning's "cacophony" I can only smile in appreciative sympathy. [smile]

The gators have a deep "croaking" or "grunting" sound that is often mistaken as coming from a large frog. You would not want attempt a "harvest" of those frog legs!

I bid you a "Good Morning" sweet Lime! I do love You, Dear Friend.

lime said...

aha! and now I know! i really had no idea about the gators since i have very limited and distant experience with them. thank you.

love ya right back.

John-Michael said...

You haven't really "enjoyed" swimming until you have had the "fun" of looking a few yards away and seen the snout and eyes of a gator following your progress. Thus was the LAST time that I engaged in "inner-tube" fishing. I was never so happy to see the arrival of a boat in all of my life!

nitebyrd said...

Mornings like that, which seem few and far between, are an excellent reason to rise early with anticipation of nothing more than what happens by your front door.

Enjoy your day, John-Michael!

John-Michael said...

Your presence in my Morning, as well as in my Heart, is what makes the Morning richer, and the Heart happier, my Dear NiteByrd.

You are a lovely enhancement to my Being, and I love You.

Suldog said...

Few things make me happier than laying in bed and listening to the birds in the morning. I too often forget that, and have a radio or some other distraction occupying my hearing. In your honor, I will attempt to remember the birds tomorrow morning. I hope God will consider it a prayer for you if I smile :-)

John-Michael said...

SulDog, I can tell you that no thought, or expression, from anyone, has ever meant more to me than what You, My Dear Friend, have just said.

I do love You, Jim.

Jules~ said...

I too had to think for a minute....what sound does an Alligator make. Now I know.

I do love listening to sounds. Morning sounds, day sounds, night sounds, rain sounds, the spontanious giggle erupting from a child.

That is a nice new picture on the header of your blog. The sweet peace of a newborn reaching out. Thank you.

The lake that really where you live?

Just Joni said...

"And I soak it up as a Spiritual sponge in want of a filling"...I love this and can think only of what bliss nature has added to your morning...there's nothing better than the sweet sound of birds and little critters to replace the alarm clock...thank you for sharing how your first morning went...many more like this and you'll wonder why you ever worked!

hugs to you sweet friend ~

Jules~ said...

John Michael, I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you to share some more wonderful things about yourself.

John-Michael said...

Well, Jules~, my Darling, You and I share even more commonalities in that I too savour the sound of rain and the music of a child's laughter.

I am glad that you like the photo on the header. It is of a child of only five minutes after birth ... clinging to its mother's finger. I saved it long ago, for it speaks to Me on many levels. And I want the Spirit of it to offer tender and gentle messages appropriate to each viewer.

As to the photo, no, this one is not of my place. But it is exactly what I see from our dock that juts out into an identical setting. I searched the internet for a "Florida Lake" scene that would accurately portray what I experience. And this one does it.

John-Michael said...

I am mindful of the old, old Spiritual whose lyrics are "I've got Peace like a river in my Soul," My Precious Joni, as I enjoy your words. For this is, in fact, the truth of my Being. And You, My Dear, are one of my Soul's favorite choruses. Thinking of You brings a comforting and pleasant song to my Spirit.

I love You, You know.

aims said...

Living here in the middle of the prairies I really miss the sound of frogs. And Whippoorwills -

I'd even enjoy the sound of a gator as long as it was in the water and I wasn't.

However - I do remember the sound of Florida with very fond memories. Early mornings there - nothing compares. Absolutely nothing.

John-Michael said...

'Sounds to me like a perfectly supportable reason for a visit, My Precious Aims [smile!] How sweet it would be to share a cup of coffee or two as watching the awakening of another of Life's Gifts from the vantage point of the end of my dock. Out there over the water of Lake Magdalene (go ahead, google Bearss Avenue, Tampa, 33618, and look at the intersection of Bearss Avenue and Lake Magdalene Boulevard. There I am!) You can see my dock protruding out into the lake from the northernmost side of the lake. Come on down! 'Love to have Ya.

Just the idea has me smiling as I type. Sure do love You, Sweet Friend.

aims said...

As I recall dear friend - you have said your abode was humble. So I'm assuming yours is not the place with the lap pool in the backyard?

I've been looking - and where you live is absolutely lovely. The lake is a fair enough size. Do you have a small boat to putter around on it with?

Does it have fish? Any fishing done by you then?

As you know - I am a water nymph - I just love the water and anything to do with it. Sitting out on your dock and listening to the frogs would be more than heavenly.

I promise you this. If I ever make it back to Florida again - was there 2 years ago now - I'm coming for that morning cup of joe on your dock. I promise my dear friend. Save me a spot.

aims said...

And - oh my goodness - I've just zoomed out and we drove right by your area when we were there. Oh my. If only......

John-Michael said...

Lake Magdalene Boulevard comes up to Bearss from the South ... 200 yards to the East Lake Emerald Boulevard goes to the north from Bearss ... at THAT intersection (Lake emerald and Bearss) you see (on the NorthEast corner), obstructed somewhat by large oak trees, a small old house with a garage to its West side and a dirt driveway leading up to the garage from Bearss. I live in that garage (a 14X14 apartment at the West end of it.) and directly South and across Bearss, you will see a rather long dock with a widened platform at its end. 'Tis the dock in question. Welcome! (I just love it that you are "stopping by.")

Sure do love you, My Friend!

aims said...

I found it!!

And I found the dock. I noted one dock with something blue sitting beside it and a diving board off the end - but I'm assuming it is the slightly smaller dock to the west of that.

Now - what about snakes. I'm terribly afraid of them but need to know for some horrid reason. Guess I must torture myself over and over.

John-Michael said...

I am smiling SO BIG!! I am absolutely delighted that you found me. The smaller dock with the square "deck area at the end is us. The one with the "stuff" is part of the house on the south side of Bearss. As you can see, the road separates our place from the waterfront. So we must cross it to access the boat ramp and picnic/ dock area. I have never seen a snake on the waterfront. I have, on the other hand, killed five rattlesnakes around our house and garage. None, however, in several years. The development on our west side drove all manner of critters out of their habitat when all of that was done. Again, I am just so tickled that you are "looking in." This is just so cool!

You will note that I have a bit of an expression of my admiration of you posted just now.

I do love you Aims, Ya know!

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