Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The faintest Whisper,
The slightest of Hints …
‘Tis all that I can offer,
For your reflection.

I suggest a curious Thought,
Something stirring in my head.
Then leave it at your door,
My gift to you.

I would that you pause;
Take a brief moment;
Grant your Self a breath;
And toy with an idea.

That a fresh Aromatic
Might release some miniscule joy
Into the atmosphere
Of your life.

IMAGE Source unknown


Suldog said...

Nicely put, and useful. Lavender, lilacs, the smell of freshly fallen rain on a spring day in the city, peppermint (said to actually raise IQ temporarily, by the way), and the personal scents of those I love. All favorites, and all cures for the blahs.

John-Michael said...

Soothingly said, melodiously suggested, and poetically phrased, my SulDog Friend. I am comforted in your imagery and appreciative of your Presence Jim. Thank you.

Lovingly ...

nitebyrd said...

Your words always improve the atmosphere of my day.

A whisper is so much better than a shout.

Have a lovely day, JM!

Just Joni said...

ah, I love the mental coziness of sweet scents that linger...fresh baked bread, lavendar, vanilla, eucalyptus, fresh coffee in the morning...mmmm...joys for certain...I think this list could go on and on, but please share yours so I might imagine them as well ~

wishing you a glorious day ~

John-Michael said...

You, my Darling NiteByrd, have just spoken the words that define all that I hope to do in what I write. This is what I try to express in this little piece. My desire ... to "always improve the atmosphere of [your] day." And to think that I have occasionally succeeded in giving you that Gift, is a Joy for me.

Nothing is more lovely than loving You.

John-Michael said...

Bacon frying (all too infrequently [smile]), coffee brewing, the damp richness of early morning's soil, garlic, basil, oregano, Old Spice after-shave, and Her hair at the moist nape of Her neck (far too long ago [no smile])... my first impulses of favored fragrances.

I promise You that each day that includes your Presence is immediately glorious, my Precious Joni. I love You.

CrazyCath said...

All too easily we dismiss the sense of smell. When you close your eyes and inhale, it can invoke such precious memories. Like it does for me each time I smell Condor tobacco smoked in a pipe. It takes me to my dad every time, as does the smell of oil paints and turps, even though he no longer smokes and no longer works with oil paints and pastels.

You encapsulate it well here.

lime said...

you have done this so many times, john-michael and i thank you greatly for each whiff of grace you've given.

John-Michael said...

I am delighted that my metaphorical reference to the subtle suggestions of thought has spawned such an awakening of sensory recollections for so many! This is a joyful happening for my own senses and I am glad that you too, Dear CathDaughter, have found some satisfaction and enjoyment in it.

Lovingly ...

John-Michael said...

To know that I have engendered a "whiff of grace" for You, my Darling Lime, satisfies the core of my Being. I would hope to always provide such a wisp of elevating breeze to lift you above any force or influence that would want to pull you down.

You, Dear One, are so pleasant to Love.

Classic Charm said...

Nicely put indeed. Some of my favorite smells are freshly fallen rain, grass that has just been cut, and the smell of lavendar, and mostly the smell of freshed baked muffins with coffee brewing in the morning....ah a piece of heaven indeed, oh and I can't forget the smell of my boys right after a shower, my oldest laying his head on my shoulder as I type this....that one tops the list.
Hugs my friend,

John-Michael said...

The feeling of, and message in, your Son's resting his head on your shoulder is the loveliest of Life's possible Gifts. I am delighted for you to know such a beautiful "harvest" of the love and affections invested in him. This is the best of the "Fruits of Life!"

Loving ((HUGS)) to You, Darling Rose.

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