Friday, June 06, 2008


From my self-elected respite ... and in response to the sweetest, kindest, most intuitively insightful, and caring notes, Emails, and comments left here ... I must take a moment from where I am (which will remain "away" for a while, yet) and let you know, My Darling Loves, what your messages have engendered in my Heart and Mind as I consider, and re-consider, my position on matters of significance to my Life. This is what I know ...


‘Tis but a choice, of residing …
Alternatives for where I would live.
With the options of Safety, or Loving
I can choose from the comforts they give.

Loving does not offer Safety,
Has never been free of a risk.
Safety oft means defenses.
Loving is frequently missed.

To choose the comforts of Safety
Can mean plush, well-appointed d├ęcor.
Thick, insulated surroundings …
Dangers ... threats, stopped at the door.

Loving exposes, in submission …
Vulnerable, and laid open, to be.
But the absence of walls and protections,
Reveal all of Life’s Treasures, to see.

While I oft know of scoffing from Others,
They my choice, to live Loving, deride.
For the Safety of a Coffin, I reject ...
'Tis not a place I would choose to reside.

06 June 2008


Anonymous said...

I hope you are finding peace and love. Your heart does not need to look far.

Crystal xx

Ruth W. said...

first and foremost, love thy self, once you do that, it is much easier to love others. I feel you are a very caring person who loves everyone, but then that is how we get hurt. I still rather love you all and if getting hurt is part of it, then I'll deal with it.

Take care John Michael...

Just Joni said...

Beautiful poem!

wishing you well ~

Classic Charm said...

Beautiful work as usual my friend.
Always amazed at your beautiful mind...

CrazyCath said...

He who never loved, never lived...

John-Michael said...

Well, here we are, at the end of Tuesday ... and I am barely able to return to this place to offer a late response to your very kind comment, my Dearest Crystal.

One would think that a Heart as "seasoned" as mine would be less vulnerable than mine obviously is. But, alas!

I am tenderly and genuinely grateful for your loving care. I do love You ... and am so glad of Heart that I feel no hesitation in telling you so.

John-Michael said...

Precious Ruth, how gracious and kind of you to speak to the issue of choice in loving so clearly. And it is, indeed, my choice to place my Heart out there on life's table without armor or shield.

I feel no need for "taking care," Dear Friend, with Friends like you by my side in this life-pilgrimage. Your care for me is beautiful!

I love you.

John-Michael said...

Your "wishing you well" with the photo of the charming cottage behind it, gave me a smile of imagery of a "wishing-well" magic at play in the wholeness of the place. Silly, I know. But I do love Life's fleeting gifts of whimsy and fantasy. A lovely "garnish" to all of life's other more "substantial" offerings.

See what loving You does to my Heart ...[smile]... opens the windows to all sort of lovely imagery!

John-Michael said...

Let me tell You something, My Beautiful Rose. Your Love ... LISTEN TO ME NOW ... frees my Spirit to be able to know and sense elements of my wonderful world and precious surroundings, that I would not be sensitive to without You. Thus, I am free to express these things. And am doubly blessed when You (as a contributing element of my experience) find pleasure in my expression. Is that not cool?!

((HUGS)) in loving appreciation of You!

John-Michael said...

CathDaughter, You have summed it up well and rightly. Despite the seeming "comforts" of a padded and plush Coffin ... I am happy to forgo the "safety" of its air-tight door, in favor of exposure to all of the Elements of living and loving.

And I am delighted with living in loving You, my Dear!

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