Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Morning Reflection

Methinks we give Her cause for chortle …
A bit of a grin and a snicker, or a few.
Opening Her eyes with the dawn of a day, new to us.
But only another breath and of no particular significance to Her.

She smiles in patient acknowledgment of our supposed need to worry.
Is not Her timeless humour engaged as She sees our angst?
Are we not silly children to believe that our flailings matter?
Can we not see, as She does, how fleeting are our concerns?

Earth stretches herself in boundless expanse, Her end … nowhere.
We fret over the scope of what we see before us.
She giggles the laughter of countless voices in Her infinite continuum.
Whilst we battle to create monuments to our meaningless impulse.

All that is Her expression adjusts and compensates,
Realigning Her assets and resources to sustain our newest affronts.
Whilst Her children greet Her with their songs and their awakenings.
She accepts our foolish indifferences and insults.

Ah, but what bliss would be ours
If we would but see Her in all of Her glory.
If we would only allow ourselves the joy of pause,
Acknowledging Her constancy and power …
in humble gratitude.

IMAGES through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton, FreeFoto.com


Classic Charm said...

You have outdone yourself! This is just BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IT!

John-Michael said...

Rose, My Darling, you surely know just how to start my day with a smile! Thank you, My Precious!

These were my thoughts as I enjoyed a bit of a stroll and took in the dawning of this day. i am so pleased that you share it with me.

Loving You is as easy as sliding of of a slippery log.

Anonymous said...

John-Michael so glad you have morning times to enjoy. When in no rush to get about our duties everything looks new & fresh. Has your body clock readjusted yet?

John-Michael said...

No, Friend Anonymous, the body was awake and having breakfast at 3:30 (which is an improvement over the 2AM of yesterday) this morning. But well-rested and ready for a morning stroll amongst the trees and critters.

Thank you for asking ... Namaste.

nitebyrd said...

Just lovely, John-Michael. The pictures are gorgeous, too!

Enjoy your day!

Just Joni said...

just beautiful! makes me want to go on a nature hike or just sit and BE in the moment that is and appreciate the surroundings I so often take for granted...it is afterall "the joy of pause" that allows us ample time to reflect and affirm that we are indeed alive and connected to every living thing. I love your writing JM, thank you so much for sharing it with us ~

Have a beautiful day ~

you need to stop by today I have something for you ~ with love

John-Michael said...

What a happiness it would be to sit on the end of my dock ... watching the various groups of birds, all around the lake, stir ...squawking and flapping their announcements of priorities ... and taking to the wing on their early rounds ... whilst I sip a cup of aromatic coffee ... in the silent pleasure of your company.

This is my feeling as I consider the lovely Person that I have come to love as ... You ... sweet Friend, NiteByrd.

John-Michael said...

You have stilled me in awed humility with your generous statement of kind endearment. I am so grateful, and pleased to know that I can be a part of some happiness or satisfaction in your life, My Darling Friend, Joni. I thank you, Sweet One, for your grace.

I love You.

CrazyCath said...

Humble gratitude is needed to truly appreciate nature. You capture the essence of that thought here.

Enjoy the dawn and sunrise while you can relax and enjoy it. Your body clock will adjust soon enough and (can you believe it...?) it will become an effort with the need of alarms to see a sunrise again...

John-Michael said...

I'll tell You, CathDaughter, I have truly grown to savour the pristine beauties of the dawning moments of the day. There is a still magic at play in all of Life's aspects that is so rich!

(And I can visit with folk across "The Pond" who are well into their day already. How cool is THAT!?)

Lovingly, Your Dad ...

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