Thursday, October 30, 2008

The GREAT ROOM of our Spirit

Available to each of us, is a magnificent Place in which our consciousness can dwell. To facilitate your awareness of this ever-present possibility, is my fervent desire. I would have your Spirit stroll around, with ease and comfort, from one ‘Conversation Area’ to another … in complete freedom and gentle pace. No hurried moment (born of response to requirement or expectation.) But complete liberty for your Mind’s inclination to move you to, or from, any and every Topic, Subject, Reflection, or Curiosity.

Neither thought nor concern for loss of coziness or chill of distance from comforting warmth. For in each wall of this Place, Life has provided an enormous fireplace constructed with stones native to all that surrounds your happiness and satisfaction. And each fireplace has its hearth centered between floor-to-ceiling windows, revealing panoramic vistas, as the windows join at each corner. Each crackling fire is maintained by Life’s never-wavering attention maintains each fire at just the right level of crackling perfection.

I would have you bask in unimpeded views of both near-by Forest, Glade, Stream, and Shore that surround Terraces, Balconies, Gardens, and Lawns. Each side offering its respective access to distant Peaks, Waves, Meadow, and pristine Wilderness.

Each ‘Conversation Area’ of your Soul’s ‘Great Room’ is distinguished appropriate rugs woven with loving care employing the threads and yarns of the particular theme and focus fitting to its place in your world. None is either greater or less, in significance , to the other. No ideology, technology, theology, or “ology” of any stripe or sort, holds dominance of preference. You are completely free to taste, touch, sample, consider, leave or return to any place of contemplation at the whim or desire of your inclination and interest, alone.

And what (you may ask) makes all of this immediate, and happening setting, a Reality to and for you? Simply your functioning and available Vocabulary of Choice. The words and language that you elect and choose to make available to your Mind … Spirit … Soul. The Terms, Phrases, and Labels that you permit … that you support and encourage to dominate, and roam free in, your thoughts.

These keep at bay all of the partitioning, closing, and, yes … imprisoning Walls of bias, bigotry, prejudice, and polarization created by language of Partisanship, Sectarianism, Extremism, and Exclusion. The potentials for blocking, from view, the beauty, majesty, wonder, and ecstasy of your Great Room’s pinnacle position of perspective, are always present. And must always be guarded against with vigilance, lest the forces of social, political, religious, community, culture, or even (all-too-sadly) family pressures, be allowed to confine you in narrow passageways of limited appreciation of life’s available bounty.

You can easily find your Self enclosed in a maze of endless corridors defined by walls constructed of slogans and clich├ęs of single-mindedness, hate and disrespect-filled language, and dismissive slogans.

Oh, what a tremendous loss for anyone to be blindly, angrily, and unhappily winding their daily way through such an unsatisfying labyrinth, when just beyond those artificially constructed, temporary and fleeting, and totally arbitrary barriers, is the constant, life-enhancing, joy-inducing transcendence of a Great Room of our Creator’s provision.

I heartily, and lovingly encourage you, My Dearest Reader and Friend, to dismiss all barriers, discharge all voices of limitation … and give permission, license, and endorsement to the eyes and senses of your grandest Awareness … to drink in the infinite magnificence of all that awaits your acknowledgement , acceptance, and eternal embrace. And made possible and readily available at your implementation of a vocabulary for thought, that employs language of Inclusion, Respect, Acceptance, Tolerance, and Harmony.

I pledge my Self … and the force and power of my Love for you … in support of your daily efforts, and encouragement of your Spirit.

IMAGES through the generosity and courtesy of Ian Britton,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these awesome photographs. I was just noticing today how beautiful the pond and trees across from my house look - all in glorious colour. I sometimes overlook them because I see them each and every day. It really does make a difference to "look". Lisa L.

John-Michael said...

Your words, Dear Lisa, remind me of "There are none so blind as they who will not see ... nor deaf as those who will not hear."

Thank you for joining me, I am grateful.

namaste ...

willow said...

Thank you for your peaceful words and photos. My favorite is the autumn leaves at the base of those gigantic mossy trees! ((smiles))

John-Michael said...

My Dearest Willow, you are so amazing! I have been (in the absence of comments to make clear) wondering if the intent of my Heart, in putting this together, was accomplished. And YOU, My Precious Friend, have encapsulated the entirety of my motivation in your sweet words. For, you so well see, It was my driving desire to create a moment of Peace (with the melding of words and photos) for you. And you got it! Thank you for your reassurance of success in my effort. I love you.

Kindest regards ...

Suza said...

This is so very apt right now. You help make that "maze of endless corridors" slowly fade to a calming path.

These photos are exquisite. I particularly like the one that has the fence with the yellow flowers in the foreground and then endless stretching of landscape to almost nothingness.

The boathouse is another image
I so enjoy - I can imagine myself on the dock with feet dangling languidly in the water.

Thank you for these, John-Michael, and for your wonderful words.

John-Michael said...

I could not be more pleased that you found some personal value in my portrayal of the "maze of endless corridors" and the images so beautifully done by Mister Britton, Darling Suza. The boathouse has long been my fantasy home. I can easily envision living in that setting, with windows inserted in the length of each water-ward wall.

Lovingly ...

nitebyrd said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures and words. You always keep hope alive for me no matter how dismal my thoughts are.

John-Michael said...

Were that it possible, Dearest Friend, and Sweetest of Companion Spirits, My Darling NiteByrd ... I would banish all that is, and accompanies "dismal" from your awareness, forever. A heart and Spirit as lovely and powerful as yours should never have any impediment to its soaring above the clouds of unhappiness or doubt. (I may have my perspective coloured by my love of you ... but that does not, in any way, diminish my sincere wishes for you.)

Lovingly ...

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