Friday, October 24, 2008

Your Presence

With the melded effects of sleigh bells and Flamenco finger cymbals,
You come, lively and stimulatingly streaming into my consciousness.

And I am awakened to pleasant interests and quiet challenges.

Wanting to let none of the experience flow by unappreciated,
I am torn between the impulse to immerse my Self … or drink it all in.

Both promise satisfactions … and the moment seems to be rushing by.

Neither knowing … nor caring … from whence you come,
Nor to what … of the infinite possibilities … You are hurrying toward.

I am a bit overwhelmed … while reassured … by this wonder that is …
your Presence.

My reflections on a new Friend

24 October 08

IMAGE: Tim Curnow (viewer) BBC News


Suza said...

John-Michael, I am amazed, touched and deeply honoured with your beautiful words. They mean so very much to me. From my heart, I thank you.

lime said...

how lovely. what a blessing to have such a presence in your life. :)

John-Michael said...

You, Precious Suza, are most welcome.

Caringly ...

John-Michael said...

You, Dear Lime, would be expert on the effect of being a blessed 'Presence.' I am continually blessed with your friendship as an appreciated element of my life.

Lovingly ...

nitebyrd said...

I've always believed a man that writes - poetry, stories, blogs - is very sexy. Reading your poems, JM, I know it's true!

John-Michael said...

You, Lovely NiteByrd, just made me feel very good, indeed! I thank you so much for your kind words!

lovingly ...

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