Friday, January 02, 2009

In My Passing

In my Passing, I am aware of my Influences.
To bring Unity or to leave asunder;
Give Harmony or allow discord;
To leave a Smile, or disregard the frown.

In my Passing, I can control little.
Not my travel’s pace … but its Rhythm;
Not my environs … but my View;
Not destiny; but, most certainly, my Experience.

In my Passing, I will know.
Confused bewilderment … or satisfied Certainty;
Clashing cacophonies … or simple Truths;
Muddled confusions … or clarified Revelations.

In my Passing, however fleet or prolonged,
My life’s savor will be as sweet … or as bitter;
As filled with Delight … or as miserable;
Beneficial to, or neglectful of, each element touched …

In accordance with what I, in my Passing, choose …
With every Individual encountered,
In each circumstance brought my way;
To give, or take … embrace or refuse … engage or deny.

All is mine, to elect, in my Passing.
Such is the infinite Power of my free Will.
In my options selected, and choices made, I can leave
A rippling wake of Serenity and Gladness …
Or not.

I bid You, My Darling Friend and enduring Reader,
the most satisfying and accommodating of Life’s best …
In this NEW YEAR

(And, in passing, please remember that, through it all ...
I love You )


nitebyrd said...

Thank you for the inspiring words. I wish you a wonderful, hopeful, peaceful New Year, John-Michael.

lime said...

a very fitting meditation for a new year.

if only more people would ponder their impact.

Suza said...

The way you walk through this life, John-Michael, gently moves me to awareness, clarity and love. Yours is a very powerful lesson... not one that is issued by a classroom's head, but rather one of experience and observation and care... from Life's classroom. You have a great gift. Thank you, and may you have a joyful year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful reminder of the power that we do have amidst all that we cannot control.

I wish you a wonderful New Year.

Lisa L.

Classic Charm said...

Your words always make me take the time to "think" and I always learn something from you. Thank you.
Happy New Year!!!

Suldog said...

With much less eloquence, John-Michael, the same to you!

Annette said...

I truly love the words, makes me think about so much about life. So JM
I leave you with s smile =) & a HUG (), my sweet friend. I hope your 2009 will be sweet and gentle with some great memories to be shared.

Anonymous said...

Always eloquent and giving us food for thought... May 2009 bring fruition to all your dreams.
love, light and laughter,

Denise XX

Just Joni said...

beautiful words to remind us to be conscious of the aura we are passing along...a kind word, a gentle smile...little things that make a difference...thank YOU for passing such positive energy along...I can always count on it ~

Love to you JM ~

willow said...

I raise a cup of kindness to you, dear friend. Love, joy and peace in the new year.

Don Mills Diva said...

That was beautiful John-Michael. I hope you have a wonderful 2009.

San said...

New Year's blessings to you, John-Michael!

Thank you for this reminder to embrace goodness in 2009.

LARRY said...

LOVE YA CUZ!!!!!!!!


aims said...

JM - after 5 weeks of looking at a different world than the one I am use to - I agree with you entirely.

It is up to us to choose - to be a better person - to make a difference - to love our fellow man.

It is up to us to feel within ourselves what our eyes and minds experience and to turn it into something that is good - or to appreciate it.

I hope for you that 2009 brings you what I have always wished for you. Love - Love - and more Love.

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