Sunday, February 10, 2008


As pollen finds its way to the still-slumbering petals of the blossom …
So my lips linger on the moist and tender delicacy of your skin.
Awakening the slightest of movement … not sure of dreaming or dawning ...
So like the tiniest tremors of the petal as morning breaks.
Then, the inevitable rising of the sun brings its warming and drying breath.
And the petal releases the pollen, to be blown away into the new day.
As the cares and concerns of another daybreak eclipse our moment …
And all memory of my visit is stolen away by life’s insistent demands.

(10 February 2008)

IMAGE is the wedded talents and generosity of Jon Sullivan,


Elizabeth said...

interesting...good analogies but for the flower it feels fulfilled, for the man: no..

John-Michael said...

That insight is so great ... I took the liberty of moving it from the Email that it came in and placing it here. Wow! I hadn't even considered the effect of the transaction on the participants ... I was so focused on painting a word picture of the sensory happening. Thank you, Elizabeth, from offering the other aspect of the event. This would be a wonderful topic for a coffee house happening. [smiling!]

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