Thursday, February 14, 2008

my Valentine Prayer

With all of the Web awash in images depicting myriad interpretations of this moment given to speaking of Love …
this image of a Kenyan boy displaced by yet another of our sad world’s loveless conflicts, touched me most.

May this sweet Soul know the fulfillment and peace of Love, in all of its promise; as his own experience …

is my end-of-day prayer.

IMAGE AP photo, from BBC News


Casdok said...

Beautiful pictures which speaks volumes. Well done for finding it and thank you for sharing it.

John-Michael said...

Is it not a comforting thing ... this way that Life has of bringing a soft and gentle reminder of what our humanity needs? I often spend a moment with the BBC News 'Day in Pictures' at my day's end. And there He was ... unavoidable!

Sandi McBride said...

I watch the Save the Children public appeals and always wonder whose belly gets fed, the hungering children or the admen...sadly I have no faith in man, and figured long ago that the child still went to bed hungry and drank dirty water and since time waits for no man, died in a lonely void. To sad the world

John-Michael said...

I cannot watch those advertisements. They drain me. And I (at some point) realized that I was spending valuable emotional resources on something that I was not affecting ... leaving me depleted and having less to give where I can be effective.

So, I conserve, and apply where best used, those priceless parts of my Self.

This makes "my world" one where I can have effective impact and take reasonable responsibility for my choices there. (sounds like a theme developing, eh?)

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