Saturday, February 23, 2008


There is nothing attractive
In the unblemished.
There is neither allure,
Nor seduction in perfection.

Give me the wounded …
The bruised and tried.
For, in her testing,
Legitimate beauty is born.

In her wounding, her palette
Of “life-colour” is opened.
The texture of her “life-tapestry”
Has depth and contrast added.

In her wounding, the One
Being prepared for Me,
Is making responsive choices
That give rise to awe-inspiring Character.

My yearnings will never be placated
By image or performance.
These are quickly diluted
Under my unflinching gaze.

While the rich breadth and depth,
of her trial-created hues, will become brilliantly clear.
And her election to assume humor and mirth
Will gladden and inspire my heart.

I will know an enveloping comfort and rest,
In the contrasting and harmonious textures of her dimensions.
As I cloak my spirit’s desires, for warmth and serenity,
In the folds of that fabric, woven of fibers of her pained past.

All made possible for and available to us,
By our individually known litanies
of conflicts, battles, neglects, and agonies.
Made possible by our yesterdays … and our today.

We are, even now … being made ready for each other.
And I pray Life’s provision of ultimate reward for the Wounded.
As well as safety, respite, and encouragement,
For her … in her struggles.

That we may both know
The serene bliss and joys
Of a shared future, lit by the promise,
Of the consummate love of One … also wounded.

23 February 2008


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful message of longing, some melancholy painful remembrances, yet of hope for future love and happiness. May you achieve your dreams!

Longtime friend!

John-Michael said...

There is nothing better than the warmth and smile generated by a "Longtime Friend."

(whether known or just anonymously loved)

Misty Dawn said...

This is some fantastic writing. I got so much out of this that agrees with what I strongly believe in. Such as, finding the beauty within and our struggles make us stronger and help create who we are.

I've been through some struggles in my 32 years, and many cannot believe that I still keep a positive outlook and try to avoid resentment and do not use the bad things that happened to me as an excuse to live a bitter life. Yet, even though some of those things were difficult beyond words, they are responsible for my growth, my strength, and who I have become. Therefore, each occurrence had a purpose, which at the time I may not have seen, but later came to appreciate.

I also believe that when one has been wounded or has suffered, it causes that person to be able to see more clearly when they have attained something good, and they are able to appreciate it so much more. For, they know what it is like to have struggled.

Well, now I need to apologize for leaving such a long and rambling comment. However, this deeply touched me, and I believe it deserves much more than a simple "great work" or "beautiful words".

John-Michael said...

I must confess that I have been sitting here ... silently and near-reverently staring at the monitor ... feeling an overwhelming gratitude for your speaking to my heart ... from yours.

I am humbled ...


Merelyme said...

as much as one is capable of feeling is also capable of feeling love and joy. working on the love and joy part presently.

good morning john michael!

John-Michael said...

I can envision no "work" with more potential for fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness.

I bid You the best of mornings as well.

kate said...

"As I cloak my spirit’s desires, for warmth and serenity,
In the folds of that fabric, woven of fibers of her pained past."

Those are wonderful lines! Your comment left on my blog this evening and 'Wounded' very much touched by heart. I think it lovely that my scarves left an impression on you and that they are tied in your thoughts to this beautiful poem.

John-Michael said...

Thank you, Kate (please forgive the time delay in my response ... I just arrived back home from work [smile]).

I am so glad that I persisted in sorting out my emotional response to your artistic expression in those wonderful scarves. I felt a primal desire to just wrap myself in them, and this is something quite out of the ordinary for me. I am please that my discovered source of wonderment and pleasure brings you pleasure as well.

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