Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please Meet Me

I’ll not meet you side the highway,
Nor in the halls of commerce,

Where serenity and quiet,

Have no home … nor can be found.

I’ll reserve for us a table,

With a window on the bayside.

Softly draped, with cloth of linen,
Weaved by noble Peasant hand.

We will sup with wine by locals.

Label known not to the merchant.

We will dine on fare from labours,

Of attentive, gentle care.

We'll be slow about our speaking.

Of each other we are learning.

Of each other are becoming,

More as One, no more, the Two.

We are learning, and accepting,

All that is our inner Beings.

All within us … all that makes us …

All defining … who we are.

Can we cling to, save this moment?

Can we hold it to our bosom?

Will it nurture and uphold us?

When our outside worlds, we face?

‘Tis most certain that we cannot.

For life’s swirling all about us.

This, the fledgling bond between us …

Life would pull and tear apart.

So please meet me, ere you wander,

In your busy life and duty,

At our table … by that window.

Where our union … knits once more.

25 February 2008


nitebyrd said...

This is a lovely poem but it seems a wee bit sad.

John-Michael said...

Ahhh, Dear One, 'tis, indeed!

You taste the flavour ... which means that I have communicated what is there.

I am grateful for your sampling (and your kindness, as well.)

katydidnot said...

will it nurture and uphold us?

i love when uphold is used that way. lovely.

John-Michael said...

It is gratifying, indeed, when a harmony of understanding is struck.

Thank you, Katy.

Jules~ said...

So sorrowful and beautiful at the same time. It is like a dance.

'For life’s swirling all about us.
This, the fledgling bond between us … Life would pull and tear apart.'

I find myself wanting so say, "No it doesn't have to be so. Life and world do swirl and have a way of their own. But the memories of heart can never be stolen...unless one chooses to let go. It is for that person to keep and cherish."

John-Michael said...

So, you do hear the slow waltz taking place in the heart longing to cling to the special place ... yet knowing that it cannot go on ... after Life stops the music.

So invites back ... pleading for the return ... to the "knitting."

Thank you Jules for your openness to the spirit of the work.

Just Joni said...

I know of this table and yet I have no words to describe how the wine tastes from such a place...

lovely as usual John-Michael

Melissa said...

For some reason this poem reminds me of my's beautiful.

John-Michael said...

True of all such visits Joni, the taste of the wine becomes blurred by the Focus of the encounter. All part of an unobtrusive backdrop that envelopes the senses, as a comfortable cocoon.

Pleased that you like it!

John-Michael said...

What I enjoy, Melissa, about poetry, is its way of connecting to unbidden familiarities in our Spirit.

Your accepting it as pleasing, pleases me.

Vi said...

I'll meet you at that table. Just have a nice bottle of wine waiting for me. x

Jules~ said...

good morning John-Michael. As I was getting ready for the day today, I had a Norah Jones cd playing. We all interpret poetry differntly and even timing affects us. For some reason, the song 'Come Away With Me', made me think of your poem today.
Just thought I'd share that.

John-Michael said...

Dear Vi, 'tis a simple and common table in an ordinary and comfortable place ... and you are forever welcome.

Sandi McBride said...

A lovely poem John Michael, but then all of them are

John-Michael said...

Jules ... you took me to Norah's singing of that "Come away with me
And I will write you a song" ...

A thought that inspires...

John-Michael said...

Sandi, your kindness is consistently a blessing.

Thank you.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

I love how richly detailed your writing is. I feel like I'm a fly on the wall at the restaurant in question! It's lovely!


Merelyme said...

i am thinking that you need a large banquet table in order to accomodate all your guests.

John-Michael said...

It is my hope, Dear Lizzy, that each element described conveys an aspect of the comfortable, unpretentious, basic environment of "the meeting."

That nothing of an extraordinary or excessive preparation is necessary to meet the needs of the two.

Yet all is well, and thoughtfully cared for.

This is what I was after in my effort.

John-Michael said...

You remind me, merelyme, that I can not expect everyone to see what I attempt to communicate.

Thank you for the reminder of work still needed on my part.

Your perception is, of course, valid. My task is to, perhaps, find better ways to express my thoughts and feelings.

Classic Charm said...

Weaved by noble peasant the picture is so clear in my mind...your poems are truly amazing...keep em comin.

John-Michael said...

My morning in need of encouragement, your words, Dear Rose, so timely.

'tis grateful I am.

Amanda said...

Lovely, bittersweet, yet not without a happy ending if we only have the presence of mind to enjoy our this moment.

Thank you for your dear comment on my post.

John-Michael said...

Given my admiration of and respect for your amazing gift for expression and the placement of your insights on the page ... I am humbled and appreciative of your taking in some of mine.

And, your point on "this moment" is well taken.

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