Monday, February 25, 2008

Unstoppable Love

She’s no respecter of distance.
Life’s blockades cause her no pause.
She surmounts every challenge.
Love is an unstoppable Cause.

She conquers Detail and Hurdle …
Melts walls of hindering cares.
Percolates through every barrier …
That Circumstance would put there.

She has no concern for a “This” …
Or a “That” put in Her way.
Love has thrived through history’s turmoils,
And will blossom for us today.

25 February 2008


Casdok said...

Love certainly is a powerful emotion.

John-Michael said...

Beyond Emotion, She is a wondrous and powerful Force in our lives. One that I am so appreciative and respectful of.

Here's to no "Power Shortages!"

Thank you for your voice.

OHmommy said...

Beautiful. Your voice... I can almost hear it.

Many thanks for your comment today.

John-Michael said...

You are most kind!

I do look forward to my "hearing" of your voice (on your blog)and the lovely images that you conjure with your accounts of life.

I thank you for your encouragement.

Vi said...

Beautifully written as usual! x

John-Michael said...

You make me glad! Thanks.

Tara said...

Love your poems, thought provoking!
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog, I appreciate it!

Sandi McBride said...

Lovely poem, for a lovely woman, I'm sure

John-Michael said...

I do hope that the thoughts provoked are pleasant ones.

John-Michael said...

For me, Love will be personified in a Woman, yes.

Misty Dawn said...

No, nothing should stand in the way of true love.

And on a very off-topic side-note - Yes, at 32 years old, I still always go running to hug my daddy. I probably always will. We have a relationship now that is indescribable and is something I always prayed for, but never though would actually become. Now it has, and I will never give it up and I will never take it for granted.

John-Michael said...

Misty Dawn,

(32 years old!! My gosh girl, I have socks older than you!) [chuckle]

Hugging Dad is NEVER off-topic! That is always a welcome "center-stage" with me. I love your "voice" when you speak of that and so many of the other aspects of your life. You reflect a true passion for living that is a joy.

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