Thursday, February 07, 2008

Life ... the Scamp!

Life is such a Scamp! Let me save you the bother of looking the definition of that one (Scamp) up (in case you haven’t been using it recently.) “ Mischievous in a likable or amusing way” is the perfect description of how She (Life) has been playing with me since the first of this year. Some of you have made mention of a few of my little sojourns down “memory lane” in the past few weeks.

Not of my design, nor, certainly, with any intent on my part, my Muse (Life’s little voice within my awareness) has been whispering quiet comments into my consciousness … drawing refreshed pictures of past encounters, feelings, emotions (oh yes!, lots of emotions) … and I have been doing what I always do. I share them with you … here … with the understanding that what I express may enable you to express what lies just beneath your surface layers of hesitation.

But today, I see other possibilities in the game. For, today, I am awakened to the likelihood that my recapturing of yesterday’s treasured sensations … then expressing them on this page … thereby awakening a stirring in the core of another … who, in turn, responded with an open and enthusiastic awakening of my very present desires … which we can only realize and enjoy in the abstract and virtual (within the confines of our secret 'snow-globe') because of the limitations of her present circumstances and commitments … leaving me AWARE (because of recollections of my yesterdays) … ALIVE (in the immediacy of today’s energies) … and now, just today, conscious that it all awakens me to, and sets me up for, my being READY for my tomorrows (triggered by my receipt, today, of an application for the pension that will enable the next chapter in my book of life.)

All a seemingly well-orchestrated program visited upon me by a force and power that has an intimate interest in my future happiness and fulfillment. And, yes, My Dear Reader, I do, indeed, have a working knowledge of the legitimacy of that Being, that Force, that Power. For my experience, through myriad events, and over the course of many years, has validated, beyond any remote question or doubt, the ultimate reality of Life‘s involvement in my life‘s story.

So, while I always encourage our being “in the present moment,” I must allow for our remaining open and receptive to all of that accumulated music, and those magical lyrics, rehearsed in the past … then orchestrated and directed through this present … into a symphony to be performed in our future. Such is my awareness at this moment of my candid and open sharing of this .. my life-walk … with you.

Isn’t Life just the most adorable Scamp though!?

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