Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time and Place

It is right that I‘m here,
At this place … at this time.
For I’ve come here by choices,
That, solely, were mine.

‘Twas not circumstances;
But responses, you see;
That have guided me here.
Not unknown Destiny.

So you’ll hear no bemoaning;
Nor cries “could have been.”
Too much fun celebrating,
This time and place that I’m in.

20 February 2008


Casdok said...

The wonders of destiny.

John-Michael said...

And the Power of our Choices. I thank you for your visit.

Sandi McBride said...

Hello glad to see you came by and my rant had helped with your GPS...please, you are welcome anytime...I frequently rant...and my love of 39 years is usually the one I'm ranting about...sometimes anger sometimes bewilderment all the time love...your poem...excellent...ah choices...great topic, oh wise one. I've taken the opportunity to backtrack...when will we expect the book of poetry to be published?

John-Michael said...

Thank you Sandi for your kindness (and your delightful blog). Alas, poetry is far from my gift (if there be one) and the book addresses a large collection of stories. Each illustrating how I discovered my own responsibility (through my choices) for my current circumstance and place in life.

This silly little rhyme is what occurred to me as I worked this morning. It says all that the book is trying to say. So much reduced to so little!

FXSmom said...

I love this "no regrets" poem. :)

John-Michael said...

Ahhh, "no regrets", how nice! I like that summation. Thank you Dear Lady (with 2w/o, and 2 w/fx , the "man of your dreams", and all that comes with that (Oh, My!) ... You took time to encourage Me. Thank you, and a sincere NAMASTE

Anonymous said...

I just love it!!!
It just repeats Your awareness for Being JohnMichael, Wonderful, Creativ, Timeless and Placeless, like God is.
Enjoy Yourself, my dear friend!!!
A nice Life wish You...
your SugarSoulFriend Dimitra

John-Michael said...

Ahhhh, My Darling Dimitra,

As I leave for work, right now, my soul is lightened, and my steps made easier with my recollection of our collaborative creation "Alone I am a simple shoe ... but Oh, how I dance, when I'm with you ..."

My love and my thanks for your kind generosity of spirit and friendship.

Misty Dawn said...

I love this poem! You are right - we must live in the moment!

John-Michael said...

"Tis, after all, all that we are certain of.

Thank you for your kindness.


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