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I did a little shopping, on a morning, a while back. As I was leaving the store, I saw the Store Manager talking with a group of the store's Associates. In response to that nagging little Inner-Voice, I left my cart-full of stuff, went over with hand extended “Good morning! Please forgive my intrusion, but I want to thank you for the consideration that you are giving (and I named the associate) in this time of their having to deal with serious health issues. It is very kind of you and I want you to know that your response, and attention, to the matter, are noted and appreciated.”

I received, in return, a rigid handshake (not unlike what you would expect from any average store mannequin) accompanied by eye contact that is yet to be made. I left the store having accomplished my mission. For, you see, I knew that the Manager had, in fact, extended no consideration to said employee.

I could have approached him with a confrontational “I think that you should be more caring and considerate of the current physical challenges to a very diligent and devoted associate.” which would have put him on the defensive and put the associate in an even less advantageous position. A lose-lose-lose result. I opted, instead, to subtly let the manager know that his treatment of the associate did not escape outside eyes, that there was, at least, a chance that the associate was presenting him in a favorable light to the community. And that at least some, of said community, were willing to speak up for the Associate’s interests, a well as his(the Manager's) behavior. And all done in a pleasant and positive tenor.

As I went away from him, it was with the word “consideration” on my mind. And it is the merits of that word, that I want to visit with you about today.

"To Consider:"
*To show consideration for
*To esteem; regard
*To look at thoughtfully
*To think carefully; reflect
*To be occupied or concerned with

You have heard me use this word with more frequency than most words that I employ. The reason for, and purpose in, that is that I have an urgent desire to encourage all of us (myself included … I too listen to my admonitions) to take the time and expend the effort to “show consideration for”, and “to esteem and regard”, and “to look at carefully”, and “to think carefully; reflect”, and “to be occupied or concerned with” ourselves, our lives, and our influence on the individuals touched by our lives. This is the core purpose in all that I write and live. It is the essence of being in each moment. For to “Be” is (in my estimation) to be considering all of the functioning aspects of our Being. That poor Manager was caught up in Doing the stuff of his daily “to do list” without giving due consideration to BEing responsible for the consequences of his BE-havior. The significance of his actions beyond his list of "stuff" to be DOne was missed. He is missing life in its essence.

So, Dear One, I ask that you CONSIDER your Self and the significance of ... This very Moment ... in your own life-walk. It means involvement. To consider opens you to intimacy. You will be presented with immersion in the particulars of living. As you consider life's offerings, you will feel the experiences that are presented to you. And, I submit, you will be, truly, alive. This Moment is a gift. I do hope that you will enjoy, celebrate, and be considerate of it.

Lest you miss the opportunity to truly
live ... this, and every, moment.

"Consider the lilies…, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. And yet… even Solomon, in all of his glory, was not arrayed like one of these."
Matthew 6:28.

I do hope that You will count this as something worth considering.

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lime said...

well done. i would not have been able to deliver such a line without unmistakable sarcasm creeping into my tone and that would have made it entirely counterproductive. i applaud you.

what was that about being alive in this moment? i just got all the kids off to school and delivered a forgotten lunch and had my breakfast finally. i'm feeling ready for a nap. i dunno how alive that is but i'd like to embrace the feeling fully.

John-Michael said...

How about an opening line of "Hello pillow, I'm BACK!!" Sounds like it may work for you Lime, My Dear. Some long-overdue rest could be just "the ticket!"

Loving You (and wanting the best of restored energies and joys for you.)

Suldog said...

The more I read you, the more I become involved in life. That's probably a good thing :-)

Thanks, John-Michael!

John-Michael said...

The fact that we are involved in each others lives is a source of considerable pleasure for me, my SulDog Friend! And, most certainly, a very good thing indeed!

I love You Jim.

Classic Charm said...

Oh, I'm so happy you said something like that. Good for you my friend. Wish there were more people like you in this world...what a wonderful place it would truly be. I can't stand hearing a supervisor say something negative to an employee in front of people, how rude and unprofessional!

Corey~living and loving said...

I tend to annoy people with my "life is what you make it" motto. I choose to be happy....I choose to make each day better. :)

thank you for the really wonderful advice on my "lists" post. Everything on that list is something I either attempt to make time for now, or have in the past. It is mostly things I used to do, but can't find the time for now that I miss....and want to find a way to fit back in. So your comment about Yesterday's corey really made sense. thank you!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

There are some days in my life when I spend all day considering what I have done and what I am about to do. Living my life to the full is never one of them as I hope I do it anyway. Your words always have such meaning to me, I am so glad I found you.

With love, Crystal xx

John-Michael said...

The time is ten minutes past seven o'clock in the morning. I have just returned from my morning's delivery rounds (two weeks to go before ..?..) and checked in for messages. 7:10 AM, and my day is "Complete!" For, Dear, Precious Crystal, You have made it "Complete!" In two very significant ways, you have satisfied my Heart's desires for this 23rd of May. First, you have let me know that I have served your life today. This is all that I need to justify awaking this morning. Then (and, though I know that some would dismiss this as "silly," please believe me, to me, it is not anything of the sort) You, My Darling Friend, left me with a signature that is (coming from You) a note of immense meaning and value to my Spirit. Your "XX" I accept and treasure! Thank You!

I do like Life's gift of You in my world ... I love You.

John-Michael said...

Good morning Rose, it is so nice to have your voice as my morning's breakfast companion. I do find the directions given by Lady Muse to be quite interesting. Knowing that I am not responsible for any "outcome" or responses gives me a freedom to follow the leading of my Spirit and exercise complete trust in Life tending to whatever follows.

Thank you, Sweet Friend, for your thoughts shared. I do love you.

John-Michael said...

That "I choose" thing is SO where I live, Corey. Those who "endure" me on a frequent basis are "conditioned" to hearing my consistent references to the "R" word (Responsibility.) I maintain that I have no control over Circumstances, but infinite control over my responses to those Circumstances.

As to the "Tomorrow You," and "Yesterday You," thing, I found a certain comfort zone in taking my focus off of the tensions of the immediate, and "looking back" from the perspective of that Me that I have chosen to become. I am glad that You find some merit the idea. (serving You pleases me. [smile])

Lovingly ...

aims said...

A great teaching from a man who is so considerate of others and who considers everything he does.

I have passed on the link to your blog to a friend following this post dear JM. I'm hoping she enjoys your words of wisdom and sharing as much as the rest of us.

John-Michael said...

I would like very much to have a great big barn. I would paint it blue. And when asked "Why that colour?" I would reply, "So that I might have this opportunity to tell You of a remarkable young woman who has touched my Soul, My Friend. Let me tell you about Darling Aims." And so it is with me as I think of You, Dearest Friend. (And think of you I do!)

Thank you Sweetheart, for your faith, trust, and confidence in Me. You compliment, and tickle me pink! [smile] I will Be all that I can Be, to not let you down.

ric said...


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