Thursday, May 01, 2008

So ... Life Has "Dumped" on You

When I first saw this photo (back in 2006), I was immediately struck with the feeling that if those birds had not … well, “visited” that roof-top, and "enhanced" the place with their "deposits," the place would be drab, indeed. And Lady Muse began Her whisper. This is the result.

So ... I see that Life has "dumped" on you (again?).

There are some who would say that the resulting effect is quite an improvement.

Once again, it seems that there is another way to look at every Situation.

Remember ... Perspective is the one element that is totally within your control.

IMAGE: Mark Pritchard, BBC


lime said...

you are right of course, and i needed this reminder. i need it often. so thank you. your example is a much more poetic rendering of an idea contained in the following joke...

what's the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?

the pessimist sees an unexpected and enormous pile of manure has been dumped in their front yard during the night. they go outside and curse the fact that they have to find a way to remove it.

the optimist in the same situation dives into the the manure pile gleefully declaring, "oh yay! a pile this big means there must be a pony in here for me somewhere!"

my twisted side likes the earthy joke. my reflective side likes your version.

John-Michael said...

It may well have been the quiet presence of that wonderful joke lurking in my subconscious that gave voice to my response to this photo. I was initially reluctant to write it for concern that doing so would validate suspicions about my own "twisted side." But as Chubby Checker would say "Twist the Night Away!" [stupid grin]

Thank you for making me feel not quite so alone in my Twistedosity, Lime, My Friend.

Love You for that (in addition to your BEing You.)

Jules~ said...

As I sat here to blaze thru my lunch and view the web....totally fuming at an earlier event that happened....along came your post. As much as I hate to admit it, you have a good point. I AM the only one that can control my 'attitude thermostat'.
Sigh, it is time to find the balance between justification and blazing red headed woman.

John-Michael said...

Once you get past the STINK of the initial "dumping," the rest can be put to use as fertilizer, or fuel to power your progress. (but that initial STINK ... YUCK!)[understanding smile]

Love Ya, Jules~!

Vi said...

Just wipe the crap off and get back up again is my motto!

John-Michael said...

I find that those who have been "crap enhanced" (by doing just what you suggest, Darling Vi) are far more interesting (and enjoyable)than those who have lived under a shelter. Give me folk who have "been through it" every time!

Sure like hearing from you my Friend. (It's a Love thang!)

Corey~living and loving said...

oh how I get it.....I so get it. WONDERFUL!
I have ALWAYS been about perspective, and I am always finding people surprised that I can do so.

Thank you for the e-card. It blessed our hearts. Sugar got a good giggle out of it. :)

John-Michael said...

Corey, My Darling Friend, your comment reminded me of a phrase from an old song (and the rest of the song will come to me later ... because it will bug the heck out of me until it does.) "The words get in the way" is the phrase that is in my mind. and it is because of the constant struggle that I find myself in (with my Self) to find words adequate and/or appropriate to communicate the message of my Soul.

Your comment today (and when you commented on my art shop experiences) gives me such encouraging hope and satisfaction that I am beside myself (yep, that's Me alright! [teehee]) with joy. "Thank You" seems lame in its ability to speak of my gratitude ... but, yet again "the words get in the way."

I appreciate all of who You are ... and Love every molecule of You!

nitebyrd said...

LOL! So true, john-michael! From an artistic prespective, the birds "paint" improved the overall image.

It's the lemons/lemonade theory that makes life more interesting and fun!

John-Michael said...

Beautifully stated, My Dear NiteByrd! I can add nothing ...

(Other than .. I do love You!)

aims said...

Well said JM!

John-Michael said...

Perhaps not the most eloquent or poetically pleasing ... but it is how my "gut" spoke when I saw the image.

(My Heart says "I Love You" when I see your name, Dear Aims

Crystal said...

YAY!! I TOTALLY AGREE! You are just so awesome John-Michael! So much positive energy over here! Must be why I love you so;o)

John-Michael said...

Negative Ned got sent to bed.
Happy and Silly are here instead.
So if you come with Fear and Dread,
'Might as well send them to bed, with Ned.

(don't ask me "why?" ... because I too am affected by all of these wonderful folks just as You are, Sweet Crystal! [and it's MY Blog ... so I can!][huge grin])

Love You, Baby!

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