Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making Love to Your World

How Do You … ?

How do You conduct your Self
When You enter the restaurant where She is employed?

How do You manage the impulse of your Heart
That wants so to see her … to bask in the serene beauty of her smile?

How do You bridle the enthusiasm of your spirit as she looks at You … And her eyes tell You that she is, indeed, genuinely happy to see You?

How do You respond when She tells You that she loves your poetry,
Your words that struggle to express the inexpressible?

How do You acknowledge her request for a poem …
Written from You … to Her … without overstepping sensitive bounds?


You ask the spelling of her full name … not the name that she works by.

You “listen” to the Spirit that She speaks with as she pronounces it.

You hear the “sound” of her Heart’s Voice as she acknowledges You.

Then, You write:


Through our tiny window of opportunity …
We allow our Hearts access.

Without regard for circumstance,
We embrace this Gift … that is Ours.

Deaf to Voices of Reason,
We float above the lifeless realities of Detail.

Hearing only the Song of our Hearts …
We harmonize in Loving agreement.

Though We can never Be …
We Are!

Then, You return home … Type your thoughts … Post them to your blog (that others can see how a passionate Romantic lives his daily life) … print a copy of the blog posting … and return the printed page to ...

And THAT, my dear Friend is today’s answer to “How Do You?” As you live yet another day “making Love to your world.”

(And, Yes ... this is exactly how this morning unfolded.)


lime said...

aw, now that is lovely and i can just feel the bursting of your heart even though this limited medium.

hope i am correct in imagining the joy she had upon receiving the poem.

Ruth W. said...

Lucky Madeline...

Ruth W. said...

Madeline in very fortunate to have a wonderful friend like you John-Michael.

aims said...

What did I tell you!

Happy for you JM....truly.

And - thank you for the latest rendition here of Over the Rainbow. I sat and read and looked at the pictures while I listened - and yes - it is well with my soul.

John-Michael said...

Sweetest Ruth, Darling Lime, and Most Precious Aimee, lest we have even the slightest hint of a misunderstanding, please allow me to draw your attention to the rather specific language in this piece. I ask you to take notice of my clear reference to the “tiny window” through which this young Lady and I see each other … the presence of prevailing “circumstance,” and very real “Detail,” and “Voices of Reason.” These I make mention of because of their legitimacy and reality. And nothing could be more “legitimate” or “real” than the fact that Madeline is too young to even be one of my children. This does nothing to dilute the truth that she is a beautiful and adored part of and appreciated as a valued element of “My World.”

And, we do share in a genuine “moment” when we see each other. There are those “sparks” that accompany the spontaneity of fondness. And you will note that I make mention of my abiding attention to respecting “sensitive bounds” when I allow my Self to respond to her magnetic charms. And, because this is a legitimate life experience … it is appropriate that I share it … to honor, and express my appreciation of Life’s Gift of our relationship. So, I have.

And I make clear the fact that “Though We can never Be … We Are!”

All of this is part and parcel of my “Making Love To My World.”

I love all of You, and thank each of You for your caring and loving comments and thoughts expressed. You are the BEST!

lime said...

my dear friend, those nuances of language you point out were not lost on me. still i know you derive great joy from making such personal connections and that she would engage and respond must be a lovely thing. maybe I am silly, but i think if she is the type to request a personal poem it had to give her great joy to receive it.

John-Michael said...

"Silly?" Could you or I EVER be accused of being "silly" Dear Lime? [huge grin] But you are, of course, quite correct! She WAS delighted with the little poem (and a bit taken aback with the fact that I posted it on the blog.) I believe that she is somewhat overwhelmed with the attention from an Anglo (inasmuch as she is a Latino) as well. One doesn't expect someone from another culture to be so willing to appreciate us across those cultural lines. (But You know me, my Darling ... "Lines!! What lines??") [smile]

Yes! Living and loving is wonderful! And loving You, Dear friend, is a joy, as well.

Classic Charm said...

The anticipation I felt with reading your first paragraph, then seeing that the poem followed was something I wanted to share with YOU. This is a beautiful poem and to know it was personally written for her makes it all that more special. Lucky Madeline is right!

John-Michael said...

"Anticipation" is the perfect word for that wonderful sensation that we enjoy/endure when we are open to the effects of a Significant, Dearest Rose. You "feel" the moment quite accurately.

And aren't we all "lucky" when we allow Life to bless us with the attentions, care, and yes, even love of Those who are guided to our lives? I have no question, but rest in my own comfortable assurance that I am far beyond "lucky" each time that You grant me the honor and compliment of your attention, kindness, and generous ((HUGS)).

And I love you for being so very loving.

Anonymous said...

You have some wonderful friends.

CJ xx

John-Michael said...

Yes! In fact, You are. I could not agree more readily, Lovely (though your profile photo does little to support that truth!)Crystal [huge grin!]

How rich is this Love that we share!

I am so grateful.

CrazyCath said...

That is beautiful. It seems that all is well with your soul at present. I am so glad you seem to have found some one who will appreciate you being You. Peace to you both. And blessings.

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