Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Your Voice

What I have to say
is of no great importance.

My motivation is
to encourage you
to give respect to
what You have to say.

What You have to say
to yourself (in your thinking,
considering, and weighing
all that matters to You.)

This, undoubtedly, being
the first and most important.

Then, with due respect given
your own Inner Voice,

what You have to say
to that world ... that
Life has surrounded You with.

My desire is
to awaken your voice.

Hey! I think that too.

Is what I hope to hear You say.

Or even “No way!

IMAGES (top to bottom) First three: Jon Sullivan,; Fourth: My Sweet Italian Daughter


Crystal said...

It's gonna be a cold day in Hades before I ever supress my inner voice again!!! Hear me roar!!!lolol!!! Hope your having a wonderful day!

Just Joni said...

and you do awaken that inner voice...that meditative thought so enlightening that we can all feel the energy behind your good will and find its place in our own hearts. With you around the world feels a little smaller...I thank you for your unconditional and welcoming approach in the love you does indeed radiate through these "pages" to be planted as a seed.

good day my friend ~

John-Michael said...

Crystal Darlin', I can imagine nothing more delightful than to hear your voice resonating from the walls of my life forever!

Sing on!! sweet loved Friend.

John-Michael said...

My Precious and treasured Joni, if i could articulate my hopes for all that i attempt, there could be no more satisfying fulfillment of those hopes that to hear from the lips, of One so lovingly aware and caringly invested in Life as You, your words so beautifully given ... and received as a Heavenly Gift.

Loving, and basking in the love of, You is my joy.

Corey~living and loving said...

I do think it is the "no ways" that are so important. To respect your own voice enough to disagree is considerably more difficult.

good post, as always! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

John-Michael said...

And, I find, the "No way!"s have actually involved themselves in the matter and are confident enough about their own inclinations to declare themselves ready to defend a contrary view. This is the highest compliment to Me and the most engaging fun to participate in with a Friend. Thank you, Dear Corey. for speaking to this.

You and your beautiful family thrill me. I do love You so!

david mcmahon said...

Such a relevant post to every blogger ....

John-Michael said...

I do hope that it rings true David. Each Voice is so precious.

I love You for Yours!

Classic Charm said...

And that you have done, encouraged ME, inspired ME, as always such a great place to find peace at the end of a hard day.

John-Michael said...

To think that I can provide a moment's respite for your Lovely Spirit, Sweet Rose, gives me joy and pleasure.

Lovingly ...

quilly said...

My inner voice often surprises me. I never know what she's going to say next! Sometimes she is way too judgmental and opinionated and I have to have serious chats with her about lightening up. I think she's getting old and crotchety and I am soooo against that!

John-Michael said...

I have noticed an increased frequency of such "unwelcome" whisperings from my Lady Muse of late. I have found a direct correlation between lack of adequate rest, and aversion to "testy" circumstances. So, for me, 'tis the choice to get more rest and allow the mind/spirit a chance to "process" all that I force upon my Self. Hope that You conquer you own challenge as well Quilly, My Dear.

Lovingly ...

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