Friday, May 23, 2008

The Truest Measure

Through our innate understanding that:

the truest measure of our character is ...

the size of whatever we allow to cause us upset …

many of the Lofty are made Low …

and many Humble are known to be Great.

IMAGE source unknown


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

JM- I looked at a post tonight and thought "JM would LOVE this!" so I am passing it along to you.

Have a very wonderful weekend!

lime said...

oh my stars what a rebuke is this....i just spent 10 minutes snarling at a very uncooperative computer...

John-Michael said...


I still love You!

(you and Computer will have to settle your own deal though. [smile])

John-Michael said...

Beth, my darling Friend, You know me well! Thank You!! I wanted to know more about the artist, Israel Kamakawiwo' ole, and found this presentation (linked).

It might seem "off the wall" but I envisioned You and me dancing a free-style "spirit expression" dance to this wonderful rendition of two free-spirited songs being sung by this delightful voice.

(just an expression of my loving You and being thankful for your caring and sharing spirit. [loving smile])

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I am so glad you liked it. I LOVE this song. You may even play it on your blog! ;-) OOhh.. wait.. you already are and I would smile and enjoy it everytime I hear it playing! **smile**

I absolutely would dance to this song!

John-Michael said...

Good Morning!! I greet You, My Precious and Dearest, Beth with a smile born of loving admiration and appreciation of the wondrous Gift that You are to my Being.What you had no way of knowing is that I had heard that rendition of those two songs and had searched for the artist for quite a while. Then You caringly and generously gave it to me. How pleased I was! I listen to it and think of our 'dance' several times each day.

I am so happy with this beautiful Love of You that my Heart celebrates!

Classic Charm said...

Oh I love this one! Thanks.
Always a pleasure and such a treat to visit you.

John-Michael said...

Oh Rose, Rose, Rose, I have been "Hug deprived" far too long!! Yes!!, my Dearest! Your loving gifts of the "hugs" given are sincerely and genuinely that significant to me. I have come to relish the peace and gentle delight that accompanies them.

This little thought has given me the ability to accept and dismiss the tirades, of some "small" people along life's way, with a private and unspoken reflection on it. I hope that You can enjoy the same.

Surely do love You!

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