Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not Mom ... My Love

Though it is the day before that day designated for our recognition and celebration of the women who are our Mothers, here in the States, I offer this bit as my own response to what my Spirit spoke to me this morning. I do hope that it finds the Place intended, as my Lady Muse guided my evolving thoughts.

Not Mom … My Love

She is not who you expected to see.
The One so familiar to You is not in this Moment.
Just now, we are visited by the One who captured my Heart.
For she is not Mom … she is My Love.

This morning, we will see her through eyes of adoration.
Our desire is to offer Comforts to the One who comforts us.
We will rejoice in bringing happiness to the face that brings our lives a smile.
For she is not Mom … she is My Love.

Please, pour her another cup … serve her plate.
Today we gladly nurture the One whose nurturing is boundless.
We will enjoy serving our constant Source of endless service.
For she is not Mom … she is My Love.

Look beyond those eyes that always seek our wants.
And see, with me, eyes that know fantasy and flights of mystery.
Let me introduce you to the Lady who awakens my Soul’s dreams.
For she is not Mom … she is My Love.

She has always been with us.
But selflessly keeps her identity quietly hidden from view.
Placing us and the fullness of our lives ahead of her own identity.
For she in not Mom … she is My Love.

For today … in this chosen, hallowed moment.
This is my gift of awareness … to you … her family.
I share this woman in whom my desires and hopes are rooted.
For she is not Mom … she is My Love.

Know her as I do … see her for all of her Self.
Enjoy, love, and celebrate with me this complete Person.
Accept and embrace the fullness of her character … I present Her.
For she is not Mom … she is My Love.

10 may 2008


lime said...

dang, that was beautiful. i'm welling up.

it makes me think of lines from one of my very favorite books.

"that which is essential is invisible to the eye. it is only with the heart that one sees rightly."

(st. exupery's 'the little prince')

now i need to find my tissues.

Misty Dawn said...

Beautiful. But, of course, I always find your words, your thoughts, your spirit, and your soul beautiful, my friend.

Forgive my absence lately - I've become overwhelmed with responsibility and am trying to figure out how to do it all in a day.

I think of you daily, though, and I love you, John-Michael!

John-Michael said...

You, Most Precious Gift to My Heart, Lime, have introduced me to, yet another source of Joy. I was heretofore, unaware of either Antoine of Saint Exupéry, or his work, "The Little prince." And, because of your choice of quotations from that work, I have now spent long magical moments learning of both. I am in your debt (happily!)

I am enchanted by ""What makes the desert beautiful," says the little prince, "is that somewhere it hides a well." How marvelous!

Thank You, My Darling One, for this gift! How I do enjoy Loving You!

John-Michael said...

Misty, Misty, Misty ... how I have missed your gentle and endearing presence! I am concerned for your well-being ... and implore your prudence in caring for your Self. Nothing accomplished in all of your activities is worth the smallest cost to your best health.

It took me a while to respond to yours and Lime's comments because of my romantic pursuit of "The Little Prince" and my passionate pursuit of your current postings on both sites.

You being here stirs the coals of my loving You!

aims said...

Oh JM! It brought tears....

Mothers are so special. And yet we don't see that often enough. Every day should be Mother's Day. We need to be thankful - more grateful - for all of our mothers.

John-Michael said...

I offer my gratitude to You, My most precious Aims, for your acceptance of this expression of my (admittedly Idealized) perception of a man's awakening of his family to the One who is One with him. For, You see, this is as I would have life to be. And I am more than a bit reluctant to compromise when it involves a matter of such merit. You have encouraged my Heart (encouraging me will only lead to .?. [smile])

How your Spirit does caress my sense of peace and well-being. I do Love You, You know.

Vi said...

Beautiful Ode to your mum. Very sweet!

John-Michael said...

Thank You, Vi.

You too are Loved ...

CrazyCath said...

Ahhh John-Michael that is loving and heart felt. Sorry I haven't been over in a while. Well, actually, I have been over (as you will know from your stats) - sometimes I have time to read but not comment.

A lovely post.

John-Michael said...

I do hope, Cath-Daughter, that You enjoyed some of that sort and variety of adoration and pampered care this weekend past. You are worthy of nothing short of that.

(But then, my loving You would have no bearing on that opinion ... of course!)

Just Joni said...

beautifully truly captured and acknowledged the nature of motherhood...all the special qualities that make a mom a mom. I really enjoy how you can just plug yourself in to just about everything...and you do it so well.

have a beautiful day JM ~

John-Michael said...

My Darling Joni (I smile as my mind drifts to that enchanting B&B ... and how I would delight in having this chat face-to-face there [smile]) I have been mindful, of late, of the neglectful indifference that is so often visited upon wives by uncaring husbands. And as I considered the focus being brought to "Mothers' day" I envisioned an appreciative and loving husband bringing a fresh perspective of his bride/lover/wife to his children as they gathered at the dining table together with their Mom.

These are the words that I would have that man deliver to his children ... who sit in the presence of their pre-disposed image of their Mom ... and receive a new and fresh view of her ... through the eyes of their Dad, her Husband. "Idealistic?" ... yes, I suppose ... but worthy of pursuit!

I am glad that You stopped by. For, I do, so Love You!

Crystal said...

WONDERFUL John-Michael! And I am SO glad to read this coming from the male gender! Your a bit like me, eh? LOVE the emotion behind the words!!!

John-Michael said...

Our kinship of Spirit has never been in doubt, My Precious. All that I expressed here has been the abiding longing of my Heart through all of my life. To know in one woman all that I "spoke" through the speaker in this piece is what I have always dreamed of. I find myself, instead, doing what I can to encourage this appreciation and adoration in the men whose lives I have opportunity to influence in any way. Hopefully more of them than the ones who I am actually aware of (and abundantly thankful for) find something desirable in what I suggest.

I love You, Crystal, My Darling, Ya know ...

david mcmahon said...

Beautifully expressed, as always

John-Michael said...

Thank You David. You are unfailingly kind.

An Honor to know and love you...

Classic Charm said...

Oh my...this is beautiful - well done my friend. Just beautiful, I truly enjoyed reading every single word. You're an awesome poet.

John-Michael said...

How happy it would make me to be able to someday consider myself a Poet, Dearest Rose. That is a fantasy that reaches far beyond what I can see now. But is, nonetheless, a rich and generously kind compliment. You made me feel very good!

I Love You so!

Jen Ballantyne said...

Dear John-Michael, what beautiful poetry. This is wonderful of you to share your beautifully sensitive side and also wonderful of you to share it on your blog so that hopefully other men may see it and learn to be less afraid of sharing their more sensitive side. Either way I thoroughly enjoyed this and it completely absorbed me whilst I read it. Take good care John-Michael. PS: I will try to find you a photo of all of us here!

John-Michael said...

Oh Jen Darlin', that would be so nice of you!! I know that everyone will enjoy seeing a photo of You together with BOTH of your fine lads.

You have, of course, struck upon one of my motivations in tossing all of my impressions, thoughts, and yes, even feelings out there for all to see ... become comfortable with ... and even, hopefully entertain the idea of accepting some for their own use (MEN especially.) I found a sad absence of anyone to encourage and instruct me in a vocabulary for use in identifying and embracing my own felings. I would hope to spare others that agony of uncomfortable wasted time and opportunity.

I love You Jen Ballantyne! [BIG OL'SMILE]

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