Friday, May 30, 2008

For This is Wisdom

For this is Wisdom; to love, to live,

To take what Fate, or the Gods, may give,

To ask no question, to make no prayer,

To kiss the lips and caress the hair,

Speed passion’s ebb as you greet its flow,

To have ... to hold ... and, in time ... let go!


aka: Adela Florence Cory Nicolson

09 April 1865 - 04 October 1904

IMAGES: SCENES through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,


lime said...

to ask no question, speak no prayer...i can be easy going but i can't imagine ever being that laid back about it all.

John-Michael said...

Her story touched me. She was very much in love with (if I remember correctly) a British Officer who died quite young. She subsequently committed suicide. (I think that her picture tells a lot. [which is why I worked it over with Picasa and posted it].) The poem just jogged a "think about it" reflex with me. Obviously, with You too. [smile]

I enjoy our exchanges ... love Ya.

John-Michael said...

Heres the Laurence Hope Story. As you will see, my memory was out of sync. Her husband was twice her age and she died at 39. So the "younger age" thing was my recollection of their age difference, not his at his death. Oh Well!

lime said...

wow, what a tragic story.

Suldog said...

I love the sentiment. Thanks for the background, John-Michael. Interestingly tragic story.

John-Michael said...

The look on her beautiful face just said "There is so much more to Who I am." And I was compelled to discover what good ol' Paul Harvey would call "the Rest of The Story." I am glad that You found it so as well, Jim.

Love Ya, my Friend

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Beautiful scenic pictures, it looks very much like where I live.

Crystal xx

Corey~living and loving said...

I wanted to mention that the first time I came to your blog and heard your most recent "first song" on your player I did a double take. I thought to myself....I don't have my Cre8buzz profile minimized do I???? I didn't. That wonderful song in which I have playing on MY own personal Profile....was also playing on YOUR blog. The exact same version and everything.....

I should have known we'd share a love for an extremely beautiful song.

Have a great weekend.

John-Michael said...

I do believe that the stream is Golitha Falls, Cornwall. And the pastoral scene is Swaledale, North Yorkshire. How close are we? [smile] (The very thought of a place close to someone who means quite a lot to me, is heart warming. Silly, I know, but You, Dear Crystal, touch a sentimental chord with me ... as You know. And it is nice. So, just put me down as a Silly Old Fool." I can live with that. [loving smile])

John-Michael said...

Corey, my Darling, I enjoy all that we share. I have known a kinship with your Spirit since first enveloping my Self in the harmonies of your photographic images and accompanying thoughts. Such a treat to all that is the Core of my Being! And now, we have our lovely kinship validated in the magic of music as well. Life is GOOD!!

Loving You enriches each breath that I take.

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