Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fat Jacque’s ... My Respite

Fat Jacque’s “Cajun Café”

Having returned to my Sanctuary of silence,
I seek the renewed nurturing of the womb …
Encompassing me with security, warmth and safety …
And free from all of the threats, dangers, and fears outside.

Such is my weekly visit to my special Place.
The surroundings caress me with natural peacefulness.
The staff are genial in a genuine and caring way.
The music playing seems tuned to my soul.
And my favorite spot is there … awaiting me.

Blessed respite from life … needed ‘time out’ called mid-game …
Fat Jacque’s … I’m back!

John-Michael/19 October 1989

Unfortunately, this sacred Hideaway is no longer in business. But I saved this reflection (written whilst enjoying one of my many Moments there) for the single purpose of Retreat. I, occasionally, allow myself an immersion in the sensations enjoyed there, through reading this. That is the wonder and miracle of Memories.

I hope that I have “triggered” some favorite Memory of yours with the sharing of mine. If so, you and I are sharing in an intimate “spirit moment” right now. Perhaps we can now ease ourselves out into our respective worlds … and create a new deposit for our Memory Treasury.

(I will tell you mine if you will tell me yours. [loving smile])

IMAGE: Peter Hilton, Hilton Harbour, hilton.org.uk


Anonymous said...

Mine is gone too....but it use to be Barneys, they had good coffee of all flavors. It was in the center of a fairly busy mall but I still felt isolated as I sat & sipped. People watching (one of my favorite things to do) occupied my mind. I wondered where they were going, on what important errand, or was it leisurely shopping. Adored seeing the babies & young children accompanied by a loving parent or caregiver. Yes John-Michael I share your memory of a special place.

lime said...

oddly, mine isn't a single place. it's taking a walk where I can meander and either choose to observe things i've passed by before or to get lost in my own thoughts.

John-Michael said...

How very fascinating, that you should mention your Special Place. I knew a Barney’s Guy who worked in a Mall of similar description. He was equally enchanted by the very same elements of interest that you refer to.

Alas, too bad that You, Dear Anonymous Friend, and he could not have shared a cup of your Favorite on some quiet afternoon.

I lovingly thank you for your sharing ... and your stirring of recollections of my own.

John-Michael said...

The idea of being "Transported" comes to mind in your description, My Darling Lime. I smile with realization of some of the spots and times that have offered me the same bliss. Thank you for that!

I love You, Sweetheart!

Crystal said...

I must admit to not having a special place yet. Unless you count laying down after putting the kids to sleep and just trying to be at peace. When the house is quite, the only sound is the humming of the fan and that in itself just relaxes me.

John-Michael said...

Fat Jacque's had those "Lazy Fans." you know, the ceiling fans with the blades with the woven reed centers ... and they turn so s l o w l y. [smile]

In time, Dear Crystal, you will have accumulated a few "special" spots ... each with its own character and ambience. Little gems in life's necklace of joy.

I Love You, My Darling Friend.

Jules~ said...

Here is me walking to my own tune.... with a wink and a smile.

Your words "cajun cafe" was all it took to make me think of my dear grandmother and my childhood memories of visits with her. Nope she was not even cajun, but a southern backwoods Louisiana woman. I don't know how to put a link in a blog comment but if you go to my site and look up "heritage" you will find her.

Visiting the back woods of Louisiana was always a treat for me. It was a different way of life. I was raised military...rules and codes. The woods on the other hand were honor and time just stopped. Doors weren't locked. You never thought of answering a single person without ending it with a yes-mam or no-sir. We sat in the porch swing drinking sun brewed ice tea, listened to the crickets chirp their songs, and dodged water moccasans. It was a place where I could walk the town in safety at 8 years old, put a soda on the family tab at the corner store, and hitch a ride to the lake 4 blocks down the road.
It was a place that at the moment is bringing back so many memories...I don't even know what else to say because I am not really here right now. If you are looking for me, you will find me helping Grandmother put ceramics in the kiln for the church sale....tears of memories hitting my keyboard

John-Michael said...

This is it, Jules~, Darlin'! This is EXACTLY what I hoped to achieve with sharing this bit. To give You the moment that You have described .... to everyone. I am just so content and pleased right now!! Yeah! I am so grateful for You telling me, and sharing in those delicious details. Thank You, Sweetheart!

I is luvin' Ya!

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