Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Stream of Life

I trust the Stream of life. The flow that begins at some point before my knowledge and goes beyond the limits of my awareness. I am confident in the perfect balance, purpose, and harmony of life’s flow. It accumulates all that joins it and carries all to an appropriate end. The fallen leaves of Autumn; the blossoms of Spring; the bits of ice in the Winter … just as the circumstances, events, challenges, and blessings of our individual lives … all, in their own season and appropriate to their nature, fall into the flow of life and are carried to their fitting purpose. All under Life’s control.

So it is with the items that I write and publish. I have, in this, and other venues, composed thoughts and transmitted them with a singular understanding that it was necessary for me to do so. I simply and trustingly responded to that “Still Small Voice” within my spirit … that “Muse”, if you will, that gives all of us a quiet, yet clear understanding of what we are to say … or do ... at a particular time and in a specific place. And, Dear Reader, this is the Source of what you have seen, thus far, and will see hereafter in this little vehicle … this BLOG.

The reward and validation that I enjoy is the response from the One for whom the message has merit and meaning. The “How did you know?”, or "Just what I needed." that comes from One whose need, desire, or conflict I was completely unaware of, but was known to the Source of my Lady Muse. Life provides a dynamic, all encompassing, and reliable flow that carries those of us who are willing to participate. And I am.

Hence, you will see some articles written long ago and some penned in the current time. I am simply listening to, and flowing with, the stream of Life’s direction. (And happy to have you along.)

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lime said...

and you know there may be times when the words speak to someone deeply and they don't even have means to quite let you know how it has touched them. still, it's gratifying to know when they do, isn't it? ;)

thank you for being open.

John-Michael said...

Knowing does send the Spirit soaring, Lime Darling Friend. Then (in the absence of such affirmation) Lady Muse does have a way of quietly whispered encouragements.)

I do relish your Voice, Dear One.

CrazyCath said...

This is what I think of as "going with the flow". Quite an art in itself, not mastered by all. Achieved by me sometimes, not all times. ;0)

John-Michael said...

Your comment put to mind a lovely pass-time and delicious restoration exercise employed quite a bit here. "Tubing" This is where One rides (in various ways ... some quite creative) in a large truck (or lorry [if preferred][smile]) tire (tyre) inner-tube, down a river ... with the current One's only propulsion source. (This get quite elaborate with the introduction of picnic tables attached, coolers of various foods and beverages suspended within tubes, umbrellas attached for provision of shade, and on and on.

But the one unchanging element is ... "going with the flow."

Hoping that your life's "flow" is gentle and smooth today, CathDaughter. 'Cause I do love You!

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