Friday, May 09, 2008

How About ... Just ... "Getting Away?"

I know! It has absolutely nothing to do with responsible Adult Behavior. It is "Escapism" at its highest. But sometimes (especially on a beautiful start to a weekend) ... the idea of getting away is the most alluring of all possible options. So, I have been allowing my Self to do just that. Then I had a pang of conscience. And had to come back and invite You along. Here we go ...

To Kaikoura, New Zealand, courtesy of Gareth Williams, BBC

Then, How about Yosemite with Jon Sullivan, PDPhoto

Or, perhaps your mood is more inclined toward a (slightly isolated) house at the foot of Manod Mawr, Blaenau Ffestinioq, with Rory Trappe, BBC

If not there, let's join Phil Street, of Banbury, at Llangranog (courtesy of BBC.)

Or ... we can just take our respite on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand, with Chris Eccles (BBC)

So, there you have it. My bit of "running away" for the day. I thank you, My Dear Friend and Reader, for accepting my invitation to join in our little excursion.

I love You, and our moments together.



Corey~living and loving said...

Thank you for a really lovely get away. I feel really great already. :)
have a wonderful weekend!

John-Michael said...

How very special to hear from You, Corey. Thank you for participating with me in this departure from life's "stuff."

You are loved by Me!

Vi said...

I think you made an error on the last photo.... Queensland is in Australia, not New Zealand. I think you mean Queenstown. I have a similar phot, seeing it in real life.

Classic Charm said...

Ahhhh getting away sounds perfect right about now. I really enjoyed your get away spots - ok now back to reality. But thanks, I needed that.

John-Michael said...

With my profound "Thank You Precious Vi!" for your keen eye to my stumbling Geography skills, I offer this "compensatory gift" to all who I may have inadvertently slighted.
From Wikipedia:
Lake Wakatipu is an inland lake (finger lake) in the South Island of New Zealand.

With a length of 80 kilometres, it is New Zealand's longest lake, and, at 291 km², its third largest. It is at an altitude of 310 metres, towards the southern end of the Southern Alps.

The lake is drained by the Kawarau River, which flows out from the lake's Frankton Arm, 8km east of Queenstown. Queenstown is on the northern shore of the lake close to eastern end of its middle section.

Lake Wakatipu is renowned for its scenic beauty, being surrounded by mountains.

I love You even more for taking such good care of Me, My Darlin'!

(and I made the correction!)

John-Michael said...

What improvement could possibly be made to a "getaway" and one of your loving ((HUG))s, My Lovely Rose!? Thank You, Sweet friend, for breaking away and joining Me for this moment.

Loving you...

lime said...

yosemite looks inviting to me. aaahhh.....

Mona said...

ah the serenity of it would make you feel one with existence...

If you leave a grain of wheat in a box, it will be dead , But when you put a grain of wheat it where it belongs, in contact with soil, rain, air, sunshine, it will begin to grow, bigger & bigger
Likewise, if you would grow in knowledge and understanding, you must leave your artificial life and go where you will be close to all the forces of nature, and of the universe, to the sum total of things.Just as the inexhaustible sources of energy are ever flowing towards a planted grain, so will innumerable sources of knowledge open towards you till you become one with nature and organic universe.
If you watch this seed of grain, you will find that there is indestructible and mysterious power in it - the power of Life.
The grain will wither & die of course, but not till it has done an act of creation; turned itself into several grains.
The tiny grain disappears as it grows into a plant, and you too, as you grow must turn yourself into something and someone else.
Life always creates more life, truth more abundant truth, just as a seed more abundant seeds

The only art one needs to know is the art of how to die... like the seed!

keeper of the chocolates said...

oh! thank you for that moment of bliss jm :) my husband and i were married right there beneath half dome in yosemite. i treasure those memories and that place in my heart forever...thank you for placing that photo in this stream of 'dream scapes':)what a wonderful getaway i have had coming here tonight!

have a wonderous weekend friend!

John-Michael said...

To grant your Self the kindness of hearing an "Invitation" ... is surely a tiny consideration that enhances the worth of that valuable Self. Allowing and respecting your Self to be known and respected is Self sustaining, and enriches that wondrous "You" that is so rich a gift to my life, Dear Lime.

I am glad that I could "invite" your Self to a momentary "sigh." For I love You.

John-Michael said...

You remind me, yet again, Dear Mona of the parallel beliefs of so many faiths ... the understanding that to die to One's "self-ishness" is to allow One's Self to become an enrichening and enhancing Agent in that world touched by One's Being. One thereby becomes more the richer ... and the world of that Individual a place blessed with the Gift of that person.


John-Michael said...

How I do love the awareness that I could deliver a Gift of sweet Bliss to One who I have, instantly, accepted as a Gift of Bliss to my own Soul. I am so grateful for You letting me know of this blessing to your Being, Darling Shelbi.

My love of You flourishes.

Jules~ said...

What a wonderful get-away. They were all new experiences for me. I grew up in the Pacific Rim area and only flew across the Atlantic once to visit my father.

John-Michael said...

Oh Jules~, How very sweet to hear your voice and see that image of you greeting me. You have made me happy in the knowledge that i provided some joy for your abundant Heart.

I Love You Jules~!

nitebyrd said...

Lovely pictures, john-michael. That little house in the hills would be my dream house.

John-Michael said...

Isn't that Little House just the absolute definition of "Nestled", NiteByrd? It appears to have "cozied" itself into that valley. Please invite me over for a coffee when You settle there [smile.]

I love your Presence, Dear One.

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