Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Revisiting an IDEALIST Neighborhood Card Shop

We Idealists are, if you will, the “Neighborhood Card Shop” of life’s market place. We do not offer the “necessities” of life … the lumber or nails … the motor oils … the bread or butter, nor the wine or cheese. We offer, instead, the reminders of the ideals that make all of the essentials worth their pursuit. Meat and potatoes we do not present … but we do offer the bouquet, the candles, the card that expresses the sentiment that You might wish to convey over the fine dinner prepared from the meat and potatoes. We do not provide essential nutrients for the sustenance of the Flesh ... we offer the reminders of the Spirit and Soul, the Emotion and Desire that inspire the Heart as well as the Mind. We provide the ’soundtrack’ that adds dimension to the ’movie’ of life.

There are far fewer "Card Shops" than there are other merchants. There is good reason for their infrequency. Life’s day-to-day requirements have material need for far more of the providers of ‘basics.’ It is also true that The Almighty created a fewer number of us Idealists in life’s mix. (Providing evidence of obvious 'Divine Intention' in this design ... fewer 'spices' are necessary in the 'recipe' of living.)

I know my place. I do not offer myself as your provider of your day-to-day material requisites. But, My Dear Friend, I ask that you grant proper acknowledgment and acceptance of … respect and care for my place in the “shopping district” of your world. I will serve you happily and faithfully.

(Those of you familiar with this blog will recall having seen this message before. I replay it here, once every year or so, to allow new Readers to know me better. I do hope that this little 'window' into my Person serves that purpose well.)

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Anonymous said...

This brings to mind that thing some of us call the "Body of Christ", that we are all created differently, with our different gifts God has given us, to serve others and the world. There have been some vivid moments in my life when I have been brought astoundingly aware of this phenomenon working in the world around me!

Btw, I love the music too..thanks!

lime said...

i hate rushing through the card shop when i have to go. i park my butt in front of the funny section and read them all until the one that makes me laugh the hardest when i think of whoever will get it jumps out. well, unless they are the type who likes the more sentimental variety of card. then i find one that is less funny, more sweet.

i'm thinking you might be one of those cards with the sound chips in them. a little extra something brought to the whole experience that only adds either to the humor or the sweetness.

John-Michael said...

My being unaware of the power of the phenomenon, of our differing innate abilities and limitations, was cause for much wasted energy, effort, emotion, and physical/mental abuses, visited upon my Self, in my past experience. Had I only known of the legitimacy of those "Member of The Body" concepts in ALL of Creation, I could have saved myself the "joys" of the PTSD that I now have as a life-companion. Many years of hammering that "square peg" of my Self, into those "round holes" of career, social, and familial relationships (with the naturally resulting "splinters" of my Individuality being chipped away in the process), brought me to the point of recognizing the reality of our wonderfully unique designs and make-up. And, all the while I was in an environment that offered the basic (though markedly sectarian) concept ... just waiting for my recognition. Hence, my sense of urgency in communicating these Truths to others.

I thank you, My Anonymous Friend, for your comments (and for letting me know that we enjoy the same spirit and mood in music [smile].)

John-Michael said...

I would hope to be that Place where You can wile away hours of pleasant disengagement from life's demands whilst restoring, and reinvigorating your senses of joy and hopeful delights. (Wow ... seeing what I just said, I really am an Idealist! Shazaam!) But it is true! I do desire to be a source of some of the Silly, the Profound, and the Thought provoking, for those who invest a bit of themselves in my company. It has always been so with me.

(And if I can't offer the "sound chips" perhaps I can provide some Chocolate Chips instead. [grin]])

I love the heart-warming that accompanies hearing your sweet voice, My Darling Lime! I love YOU!!

lime said...

*perks up*

did someone say chocolate chips?

*pavlovian responses commence*

love you right back, friend

nitebyrd said...

John-Michael, your daily "cards" are as welcome and anticipated as coffee every morning.

John-Michael said...

Now, My Darling NiteByrd is a cause for happiness! To be held in the same estimation as that most-sacred of morning institutions, is high regard indeed! I thank you, My dear Friend for such an accolade!

How I do relish your Presence! Loving You is Joy!

Suldog said...


Just catching up with all you've written since last I was here. ALL enjoyable, ALL worthy (in my extremely humble estimation) of internalizing. Thanks for the many gifts you bring to the table!

John-Michael said...

Jim, let me tell You ... there is nothing that I can envision that gives me more pleasure than the idea of sitting at "the table" with You, My dear friend. And that is simply a fact! Thank You, SulDog compatriot, for your Friendship and generosity of Spirit.

I love You, Sir ...

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