Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've Been "Tagged" (did anyone get that tag number?)

OK, Folks. I have dreaded the remote possibility that I might someday be "tagged" for one of these "bare your soul" MEME thingies. And now (thanks to that ever-inquisitive and unrelenting Cath-Daughter [who thinks that just because I love her, she can "push the bounds" {and she's right ... don't tell her, OK?}]), I am stuck!!

Now, you must know ... I have a miserable "learning disability" that makes ANY assignment of this nature an absolute terror to me. But, "Thank God!" I have learned how to cope and accommodate this set of mental and emotional hurdles (YES!!, I am QUITE serious! It is quite debilitating.) So, in order to "deal with" this challenge ... I have turned it into a little, structured, and defined "Game." The number five (5) was in the original rules as passed down by Cath. (copy of original rules are in Cath's post telling me of this "blessing." You can read them by clicking HERE.)

So, I enlarged upon that number and applied a "Five Rule" upon Myself (remember ... this is my personal "coping tool" and this is only an "option" to the original set of guidelines for this MEME dealie.) You will see that I have simultaneously contained, and required myself to responses of five (5) words for all of the five-worded questions. And I invented a silly title to take the (very real) emotional pressure off of myself. (see, dear friend, all of that psychological, mental, and emotional stuff that I talk about ... are my very genuine and realistic discoveries and life-saving mechanisms acquired through many years of very uncomfortable struggling. This is an exercise in application of all of that jazz!)

So, enough said ... Here 'tis ...

[5 words]

(check it … used five words) [5 words]

FIVE FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT ME [see … 5 words … no more, nor less]
(EACH in EXACTLY FIVE (5) WORDS) [again … 5 words]

(1) still delivering the morning paper
(2) still driving the same vehicle
(3) was fifty-seven years old (OK, I cheated)
(4) publishing my thoughts by Email
(5) spending days with my son

(1) baked, crunchy thin cheese curls
(2) raw peanuts in the shell
(3) nachos dipped in spicy salsa
(4) spicy chicken wings and dip
(5) banana pudding with vanilla wafers

(1) pay for homes for individuals
(2) establish child care family homes
(3) visit intimate friends and family
(4) remainder in 'perpetual' trust accounts
(5) specify trusts for individual charities

(1) climbing poles and installing phones
(2) field engineering of power lines
(3) owned land clearing/paving company
(4) brokered investments, life/health insurance
(5) designed/sold commercial interior plantscapes

(1) subsidized public housing it Tampa
(2) “Happy Days” type Tampa neighborhoods
(3) “newlywed” duplex apartment in Tampa
(4) “sub-urban sprawl” Tampa neighborhood
(5) one-room cottage in Tampa

NAMES OF FIVE I TAGGED [ call them as many words as you like {they will return the favor … no doubt!}]
(1) Aims @ Big Blue Barn West
(2) Jim ‘SulDog’ Sullivan @ Suldog
(3) Joni @ Morning Coffee
(4) NiteByrd @ A Dust Bunny In The Wind
(5) Rose @ Classic Charm

(COMMENT LEFT ON EACH BLOG) [still ...5 words]

As much as I would like to tell you how much fun this was ... my Mommy does not allow such language from her all-too-big little boy. (was that subtle enough?!)

I still love you, Cath-Darlin'!


Suldog said...


Thank you for the tag. I will complete it on Thursday, I believe.

(I, too, love banana pudding with vanilla wafers. Now I'll have to come up with something else, just to be different.)

John-Michael said...

It's been quite a while since I had the banana pudding treat, Jim. Mom usd to make whatever our favorite dishes were on each of our birthdays. But since coking has become too much for her ... I have been without the banana pudding desert (which has never known any competition for my affections from the likes of ant cake.), which made for a perfectly blissful celebration following her chicken and dumplins (yes, that's exactly what I call them!)

Thank you, Dear SulDog Friend for your resilience with that "tag" thing!

I love you!

CrazyCath said...

I knew you could do it! See? You did it. And it is brilliant. And tells me a bit about you so I can say I love banana pudding too! And I can tell you like Tampa! Not one for moving about once settled and that's me too. I've been here years now I've found where I want to be.

Thanks for rising to the challenge. I am so very VERY proud of you. I knew you could do it!
*Dancing little jig on the table with a big stupid grin*

Love you! (Glad you still love me!)

John-Michael said...

Well Cath-Darlin', now that you've "had your way" with me, I'm glad that is was good for you. [grin]

Thanks for putting up with my obstinance and contrariosity (Oooh, I like that one! I simply MUST invent more words like it!)

I love You, My Precious Gift!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

This was very interesting to learn a little more about a valued cyber-friend. You have indeed led a fascinating life and I am not surprised you are able to find wonderful words within your soul to enlighten us on a daily basis.

I have caught up with your posts and particularly enjoyed reading the lock one. I apologise as I don't recall the title. However, I enjoyed reading it all the same.

Love Crystal xx

Rosie said...

Congratulations, a successful meme John-Michael. (5 words!)

John-Michael said...

Crystal, whose Spirit my Spirit loves to go out to frolic and sing with ... "Thank You!" ... my Darling. You nave endeared your Self to me with your consistent Being YOU.

I love You so!

John-Michael said...

Way too Freakin' Cool!Rosie

I love You, You know!

nitebyrd said...

Thank you, JM for letting us know more about you in very concise terms. Your overhaul of the MEME is brilliant!

I shall respond but will need to give is some thought. ;)

John-Michael said...

My sincere "Thanks!" are to you, my Darling NiteByrd Friend. Your gracious acceptance of this intrusion is most appreciated. [grateful smile]

(and i am tickled that you like my disguising of my emotional/mental crutches into something fun!)

Surely do love You!

Just Joni said...

ok John-Michael I will surrender to a tag, but you must know the first words from my mouth were "that little stinker"...I'm sure it will be fun, let me give it some thought...by saturday I shall try to have my wits about me, but don't expect me to be as innovative as you my friend ~

by the way, it was interesting learning these things about you...the banana pudding and chicken and dumplings are favorites of mine too...or should that be dumplins...they probably taste better that way...yes, I'm sure they do.


John-Michael said...

Without doubt, Dumplins surpass Dumplings in the taste department! (I think that I would consider the "dropped" variety to be the Dumpling. Whilst the "rolled" would be the Dumplin. The dropped having the "dough-ball" consistency, with the rolled being the resilient, chewy, firm, flat (far superior) variety.) There! Have I exhausted the Dumplin matter beyond all sense of propriety and/or sensible discretion? Good!

I am pleased that you are willing to get past the "that little stinker" factor. (I had quite similar thoughts when so 'blessed' with this 'opportunity' myself.)

So, you have my sincere "Thanks!" as well as my continual love Joni.

Jules~ said...

So it looks like you have mainly stayed down south? With all of my traveling (raised Air Force and married Air Force) Florida is one place I have never been.

I notice that you have been fine tuning your blog site. It all looks very nice and I am enjoying the music.
Your new picture, were you doing a library read when it was taken?

Cowgirl said...

Dear J-M - how lovely to read all about you. If only 5 words at a time. I have not managed to comment on your prior blogs as time has run away from me.

I wanted to talk with you about something you said. You said you could hear my spirit struggling. Yes, it is. Ever since Richard was diagnosed with cancer I have been in turmoil - forgive me - for here it all comes - forgive me for I am so scared. What would I do without my warrior? My calm sea, when I have been through such turmoil? Oh I am so sorry but tonight it is destined to break the flood banks and overflow... Who knows what it is that trigger us to reveal all when we have been able to keep the lid so tightly on?

I see in you a kindred soul. And I ask - most fervently - for your prayers. Because without my dear, dear anchor I am surely lost.

John-Michael said...

Thank you Jules~, For noticing the reworking of the blog. You are the 1st to mention it. I went to the new template when Rose, and Cath gave me awards. I couldn't accommodate them easily on the old template, so, changed over. (and have added much, that I have wanted to for a long while, since.)

The photo was taken Monday, the 14th, at the Wal-Mart, by my Friend who works in the photo center. I wanted a picture of myself with the longer hair that I have now. Many friends and family have never seen me with long hair. Hence the photo.

Thank you, My Darling, for your attentiveness and interest. I do love You so!

John-Michael said...

My Very Dear Cowgirl, Yes, 'tis quite true, my Spirit's intuitive sense is very much in tune with kindred Souls. Please permit my offering my Email address, on the sidebar,(I have diligently looked for yours to no avail.) You are most welcome in my Heart's confidence and careful sanctuary. Our Spirit's have obviously informed us of our harmony. I am yours!

I remain, willingly and lovingly, your Friend and Servant.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Thank you for NOT tagging me! **grin**

We have the same taste in favorite snacks, except for the banana thing. In fact, I eat a bowl of nachos almost every evening before bed. Crazy, I know! **laughing**

Great new picture!

John-Michael said...

As ungrateful as it sounds, my Darling Beth, thinking that they would be the most likely to forgive me, I only 'tagged' those who are on my "friends who have blogrolled me" list on my side-bar. I hope that I was right! [smile {pleadingly}]

Thank You!! for your 'picture notice.' All of my old ones are with short hair. (i have now reverted to my 'mod squad' days ...sonny & cher relived) [grin]

I do love You, my Friend!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Dear JM.. I don't do a blog roll anymore. It is much easier for me to use a reader. YOU are in my reader.

I was serious about the "Thank you for NOT tagging me!" Thank you! **grin**

Now.. I am so out off the bloggie land for the day! :-)

John-Michael said...

And I was serious about both my concern for "forgiveness", and my desire to see a photo of our Clarinetist at that last instant (with her amazingly enchanting expression) of the video. Her look is "a Keeper!" (as is her Mom!)

(And Beth, perhaps you can clue me o how I find out what 'reader' lists I may be on so that I may properly express appreciation ... that would be so nice!)

FXSmom said...

LOL...I sorta mirror your feeling on being tagged

John-Michael said...

Thank you, FXsMom for that endorsement. It may seem that to "put yourself out there" on a blog indicated a gregarious and eager Self. Truth is, I am an extreme introvert, by nature. And I 'greeted' the "tag" with dread and trepidation. (But am genuinely pleased that I was able to work through it ... REALLY!)[smile]

Sure do love and appreciate the Person that I have come to admire as You.

aims said...

You better run!!

I will just have to start a different blog to answer all these memes on....I wonder if I'll ever get around to it?

BTW - I run really fast for an old gal...

John-Michael said...

OLD!?!? ... Girl, I have socks older than you! And, just maybe, I may decide that I want to get caught! Then who is the catch-er, and who is the catch-ee? [grin]

Do whatever is comfortable ... and most importantly FUN for you on that MeMe thingy, my Darlin'.

Whatever you do ... I love You!

Misty Dawn said...

John-Michael... my very special friend... congratulations on overcoming the obstacles to bring such delight to Cath :-) She's a sweetie and pretty irresistible, isn't she?

My original purpose was to come apologize for not visiting lately. I'm not going to make a bunch of excuses. I'll just simply say 'things have been rough' and leave it at that. I just wanted to let you know that I think of you every day (even if I don't take the opportunity to visit). I hope to catch up with your posts tomorrow.

I love you John-Michael.

John-Michael said...

How marvelous to hear from you, my precious Misty Dawn, for wouldn't you know, I was reviewing some of my favorite photos saved from the BBC photo contests yesterday, (I know that you are smiling a knowing smile right now [me too!]) and there was this amazing photo.

When I saved this remarkable image, I had not come to know and love you yet ... and thought "Misty Dawn" to be the title of the image. Now I know! And love it even more.

To spend a few more-leisurely moments sharing, as Friends in caring confidence, matters "rough", please accept my "welcome" to use my Email address on the side-bar. (I would consider it a personal compliment.)

To know that You have been giving me thought each day, makes this day begin on a far more encouraging note. For, my Darling Friend, I do, indeed Love You!

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