Friday, April 11, 2008

An Addendum (see previous post)

This is an Addendum to my post of Thursday, April 10, 2008, entitled “our One Body of Humanity.”

I have edited/amended my post of yesterday to read (replacing the original parenthetical note in the midst of the apostles comments):

“(I will interrupt here to acknowledge that the apostle was addressing his intended audience which was the “Body” of Christian believers in Rome. He was applying a TRUTH that his Spirit directed to the specific need that was evident in that particular group that defined juncture in the life of that assemblage of worshipers.

But it is my considered conviction that that TRUTH, applied by the apostle, and translated by him into that group’s interests in their struggles, is a TRUTH ... in independent, eternal and unconfined fact. (Just as Gravity is Gravity ... whether on earth, or in the most distant reaches of the Heavens.) And TRUTH ... any TRUTH ... is always of universal applicability. For, I submit, no TRUTH is only true in the confines of a limited sample … it is validated, and re-validated ... again and again ... without limit ... when proven in unbounded applications.

Therefore, for us to assume a position that Paul was so limited in his vision as to be confining his belief (in the TRUTH that he was applying) to be only true in that singular and peculiar circumstance, would require (what I consider to be) an enormous degree of underestimation of Paul’s intellect and vision. This man was a very learned and highly schooled person of diverse societal and cultural background. He had an awareness of the World that was certainly far wider in scope than any singular point of focus, for any particular problem’s solution. In today’s terms; it is extremely doubtful that Paul’s understanding of any TRUTH was confined in any “Box” of any brand, persuasion, label, or denomination. I am quite certain that Paul never felt that he (or anyone of his contemporaries) had an “Exclusive Franchise” on the Love, or Favor of The Almighty … the Creator of All.

I am comfortable in my conviction that Paul understood that he, and those who prescribed to his teachings, had something that “worked” for them … that met their spiritual need. And there can be no doubt that he fervently believed that all who would subscribe to those convictions and precepts that he espoused, would benefit to the fullest possible extent that he could conceive of. Hence his zeal in promoting an acceptance of and adherence to his understandings of the order of spiritual matters as he saw them.)”

For me to ascribe something that is an obvious TRUTH, in and of itself, to be the sole “property” of … and to assign exclusive “ownership” of that TRUTH to a people, place, or time of that TRUTH’s application is … well certainly not “open minded” … to say the least.

I am delighted in the realities that are mine to enjoy today. And chief among them is the wonderful awareness that all of those “walls” of sectarian fundamentalism that had confined my understanding and stifled my joyful celebration of the universality of my Creator’s powers, affections, and intimacies … are simply … GONE! Leaving me in this marvelous position and condition of anxious anticipation of WHATEVER infinite possibilities my tomorrows hold.

And the absence of ANY “need,” on my part, to define, package, pigeon-hole, label, affix ownership of, or explain any of what my Creator has Allowed, or Defined, as the Past, is no more. For, you see, My dearest Friend … I take every breath of Life in complete confidence that ALL of it … Past, Present, and most assuredly Future … is in “Hands” that are fully capable of handling it. It ain’t my job! Not the understanding, the explaining, nor the predicting of any of it.

I am free and enabled to go from this, and every subsequent, moment … and enjoy it all! And, believe me, I do! For my joy is realized every day in Your letting me know that You … yes! YOU … have had a moment’s peace where there was turmoil before. In You smiling when just a moment ago tears were your mask. In my awareness that my words … my Love … my demonstrated concern … my spreading of all of that “composted” pile of my experiences, around those hungry roots of your life-plant, has nourished and nurtured your growth and blooming. Oh yes, My Darling, I enjoy my ... “fundamentalism-sectarianism-free” ... life!

May the “walls” of your entrapping “box” of spiritual confinement come tumbling down … real soon! (But not a moment before you have grown and developed an individual strength that no longer benefits from their protection from the confusions and doubts that would assail you from without.)

NAMASTE, MY Darling Friend!


Suldog said...

Damn, John-Michael, from reading that, I can almost taste the freedom of your own particular experiences. Very nice.

John-Michael said...

Jim 'SulDog' Sullivan, You adorable, lovable, fan-damn-tastic Darlin' Friend and Bestest Buddy-Fren' that I could ever pray for!!!! ... You are the most hoped for and appreciated voice in the entirety of this universe!!

Yes ... I am, indeed, emotionally drained from digging down deep inside and scraping all of the elements of feeling, understanding, belief, and conviction from my Soul, to attempt to wrap it all in a coherent package that would communicate, with loving grace, some clarity on matters that ... well matter! And I have hoped for some indication of any measure of success. You da' Man!!

I love you, my Friend! I genuinely am so thankful for you.

Classic Charm said...

As I previously commented, well...this is worthy of more than a comment on this box indeed. In fact, I just went back and read it again. Have a wonderful weekend!

John-Michael said...

Rose ... please listen to me ... YOU conveyed something that spoke to my Spirit in a very meaningful way, yesterday. And that encouragement (for want of a better word) gave me the incentive to "fill in the blanks" that I had left unfilled with the first attempt. I am grateful, most sincerely, for your Heart! Thank you!

Loving You ...

Rosie said...

Your posts are always so thought-provoking John-Michael, I could read you blog all day! So inspirational.

John-Michael said...

Rosie, my Darling new Friend ... Life encouraged You to speak at a moment when I am a very low ebb (the old chronic depression monster has drained all of the emotional and physical energy far, far away! This Post's sort of Soul-wrenching stuff does that.) And here You are!! A blessed lifter-upper! Thank you, My Precious!

I do Love You!

david mcmahon said...

My mother would have so enjoyed this series of posts.

John-Michael said...

My Dear David, the very thought of bringing joy to the mind, and the Person, of One responsible for guiding You in your developing of the wondrous Gift that you have ... this seeing the possibilities and visible-yet-hidden beauty in your life's surroundings ... well David, that is a significant compliment and an humbling honor.

I do, indeed, thank you Sir!

jillie said...

This is definitely worth reading again John-Michael.

And with that, I hope you have a most wonderful wknd!

Donnetta Lee said...

"I am delighted in the realities that are mine to enjoy..." I love this line. And the last paragraph. I hope the walls that used to entrap me have fallen away. I know they have.

Much happiness to you this evening.


Just Joni said...

Just stopped by for a visit...always delightful.

Jen Ballantyne said...

Dear John-Michael, I just wanted to stop in to say thank you so very much for your support and kindness during this very difficult time in my life. I so appreciate your comments on my blog and look forward to visiting you here too. Love and Hugs to you, Jen B. xxx

John-Michael said...

To awaken to a "quartet of sweet delight," is the Gift that I had presented to me by Jillie, Donnetta, Joni,& Jen(Donnetta, we have to get you a name starting with a 'J', if you are to continue in this quartet. [grin]). WOW! Such a company to visit with, as I sleepily allowed my French-roast coffee and PB&J to do their life-restoring thing.

Jillie, you have been, particularly, on my mind and heart of late. I revisited all of your posts mentioning your "California Mom," Cay. And am quietly and respectfully holding you in my Spirit's arms of care.
I love YOU.

Donnetta, my Darling, there is no compliment or blessing that could ever exceed the joy of knowing that someone's Spirit found a kinship in any thought or insight that I offer to them. For you to enjoy some harmony of soul in my words, is as good as life gets for me. Thank you, my Dear One, for letting me know that.
I love You.

Precious Joni, again, you bless all of my Being with your presence. Thank You, Darling Friend.
I love You.

Jen, Jen, Jen, SIGH! I am lost in your gaze! The gentle invitation of your smile beckons my attention to the wonder of your eyes ... and I am simply captivated! Loving you would be 'automatic' from just the magic of YOU as revealed in your countenance. Then all of the wondrous depth, intimacy, scope, and richness of your Person-hood (as so beautifully presented through your accounts of events and personal interactions in your daily walk along Life's pathway) bring a sense of joyful appreciation to my Being. Thank You, My Dear, for welcoming Me into your world.
I love You.

Each and all of You, "Thank You, Thank You!" for starting my day with a song in my Heart.


Vi said...

*waving madly*


Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, been absolutely hectic. Hopefully I can catch up properly soon!


John-Michael said...

(J-M's hands waving high over-head and swaying side to side ... as his Spirit sings chorus of "Oh Happy Day!")

That's how hearing from YOU makes me feel ... my Dear Sweet Vi!

I love you so!

San said...

Namaste, friend. Let's defy all categories!

San said...

P.S. And let's fly, pigeon-like, out of our holes!

John-Michael said...

Turn up your computer's sound, San, and we can all sing along "And I think to my Self ... It's a Wonderful World!"

ALL of it! And ALL of us!

NAMASTE, Darlin'

John-Michael said...

I'll support Your wings, San ... and count on your encouragement of mine.

Lovin' ...

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