Thursday, April 17, 2008

"The Human Touch"

In this day of applied Programs, Plans, Initiatives, and Systems, there is a void that is all too often left wanting. That want is addressed by this work of Spencer Michael Free. He (from his perspective as a practicing physician) spoke to an elementary requirement of the Human Spirit. I ask that we consider the power and potential that awaits each of us… if we will but offer our own personal provision of “The Human Touch.”

The Human Touch

'Tis the human touch in this world that counts,

The touch of your hand and mine,

Which means far more to the fainting heart

Than shelter and bread and wine;

For shelter is gone when the night is o’er,

And bread lasts only for a day,

But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice

Sing on in the soul alway.

Spencer Michael Free (1856-1938)
Free graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Johns Hopkins University in 1880, and practiced medicine and surgery for some fifty years thereafter. In addition to some one hundred medical papers, he wrote many poems.

IMAGE: Maria Brandstetter, BBC


Crystal said...

Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing;o)

John-Michael said...

Your Spiritual "touch ain't bad either, Sweet Crystal.

[appreciative smile]

My love to You ...

Just Joni said...

the human touch encapsulates the world...

hugs...did you feel that?


John-Michael said...

Ahhhh ... Bless You Joni, You have christened my day with your 'touch' of loving Care. I am grateful.

I love You, Joni.

Classic Charm said...

This is beautiful!

Suldog said...

Absolutely true, John-Michael. If you've ever seen the expression on a person's face, when being touched by another person after an extended time during which they were not touched by anyone, it is amazing.

aims said...

I would have been blessed to have this man as my doctor. Can you imagine how he actually 'listened'? and then turned his touch to the healing?

Am catching up today JM and read your previous post on the dreaming. I loved it. Especially the part about the head on the arm..all those images made me feel safe and warm and loved. Very moving.

You really have the gift of love and sharing that love JM. Our lives are blessed by your attention. And I'm not just saying this because you always say it - to everyone. I'm saying it because I feel it is true - and you know I am a big one for truth.

Love you big guy!

Jules~ said...

What beautiful poetry and how much truth it holds. Even when we are faint, the gentle touch can give us wings to move. Even the memory of a touch can fuel motivation and stop up cravings.

It is that special secret...a moment shared...a treasure.

Jen Ballantyne said...

How very true John-Michael, a beautiful post, thank you. Jen B. xxx

Vi said...

skin on skin IS the best thing.

Jenera said...

This is so true. When my hubby is gone for a week at a time and finally comes home, even if he goes straight to bed, I'm okay because I know that when I go to bed my feet will be cuddled with his and that is enough.

CrazyCath said...

The most powerful of our senses is touch.

John-Michael said...

Hi There, My Dear Friends. I am In Peculiar (YES! That is the real name of the community), Missouri for my niece's wedding. So my responses will be out of the usual rhythm. I just gained access to a computer. So, I will be responding in the morning.(It is after 11PM now and I am "hitting the hay, the rack, the sack ... going to bed! [smile] Lovin' You All ...

Classic Charm said...

I was starting to get worried about you. Glad you're ok and that your at a wedding having fun!

jillie said...

The warmth and energy that can come through human tough is a wonderful thing. It's a shame (guilty as charged here) that sometimes we get too involved in our wicked circle called life and forget to stop and NOT just smell the roses but to just put your arm around someone, your hand on their back,even to hold a hand or give a big hug. Thanks for the "wake up" call.

((HUGS)) to ya!

John-Michael said...

No, Rose, my Darling, You are beautiful!

And so very easy for me to love. [smile]

John-Michael said...

Jim, My Darling SulDog Friend, You just gave me a moment's pause as I considered moments in which I have realized that very truth. And the have been with the most honest of us... the elderly and the young. And they do, indeed blossom when touched.

Thank you for stilling me and giving me this precious remembrance.

I love you, Jim.

John-Michael said...

Aims, My gentle loving, and oh so sweet Friend ... how I would grant you all of the "safe and warm and loved" possible in Life's potentials! I rest in my Heart's assurance that you are aware of your place of shelter and nurturing embrace in my affections.

You are so intimately, joyfully, and delightfully loved!

John-Michael said...

Jules~, Precious Blessing and treasured Delight, I have no hesitation in my conviction that You have a living and vibrant awareness of the joys and potentials of a loving Touch.

Your Spiritual Touch has enrichened my life. Another facet of my loving You.

John-Michael said...

My Darling Jen, I pause at the writing of your name ... for it brings the Spirit of your Presence into the embrace of my Being. And it is in this still moment of adoration and respectful admiration that I will all of my love to You.

John-Michael said...

Dearest Vi, I have engaged my Self in unharnessed holding of faces, kissing of cheeks, and embracing of countless Friends and Family during this all-too-infrequent visit with them, here in Missouri. Love has flowed in words and expressions of touches and gestures alike. It is a good thing, indeed!

I am anxious for the moments when I can express, more fully, my unabashed adoration and Love of ... You.

John-Michael said...

Jenera, my Precious Soul, I hold You and your Husband in my Heart's place of hopeful prayer as my Intentions focus on your next opportunity for immersion in each other.

I love your openness to Love.

John-Michael said...

Darling Cath-Daughter ... Your endorsement of the power of Touch is altogether in keeping with your Heart's constant expressions of your loving Spirit.

Altogether making my love of You the most natural of happenings.

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