Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Gift For You

I am, today, doing something that I have never done before (relax!! it is NOT an even-more-intimate poem [smile].)

Today I am sending you away! Yes, away from here, and to a posting by San Merideth (One of my favorite people, whose blog you will always find on the side-bar of this blog). San's blog is A Life With A View, and her posting from Friday is something that you simply must enjoy for your Self! It is entitled,"Feel-Good Friday: Gratitude with Attitude!".

If I allowed you to miss this blessing through my neglect in offering the Gift of it to you, I would be completely remiss in my responsibility to be the very best of a caring Friend to you.

So, GO!, enjoy and be assured that I do, indeed love you and have all that is best for You as my wish.


San said...

That is generous of you, man. Thank you.

I have been meaning to add you to my blogroll and I will within the next few days. Today I am at home working on my rickety laptop which doesn't allow me to perform such sophisticated tasks as updating my own blog.

John-Michael said...

All my "Thanks" to You, Dear San for your generous presentation of 12 wonderful folks to us all.

I am in your debt, and I am certain that all who visit your site will have a similar response. Well done!

Classic Charm said...

Ah, thank you John-Michael for the special treat this morning, and of course thanks goes to San for this great post. Brought a smile to my face for certain. Finally some sunshine round here...hoping to receive one of those UPS packages really soon now ;)

John-Michael said...

Rose, my ever-gracious Friend, I send my Spirit's "Peace & Harmony" Intentions to the threshold of your Heart's door even as You read these words.

You should be on the UPS (United Peace Service)'s 'regular deliver schedule' for certain!

I love You, Rose!

CrazyCath said...

Hiya there JDM!

Well, I have been 'MIA' for the last few hours because I have been getting through all the wonderful blogs at San's. Doesn't she know great bloggers? Isn't she great herself?

So, your post here was a generosity, but a welcomed one. I would visit San in any case, but you have directed many others (I am sure) to a truly quality blog.

I love the music - (I love that song - it is one of my all time favourites!) I wouldn't have been much help getting music onto the blog - I haven't worked that out yet.

(sigh) What a wonderful world.

John-Michael said...

"Hiya there" yourself, My Darling CD(Cath-Daughter)!

I am tickled that you enjoyed the 12 wonderful people given awards by San. I was moved and encouraged by their stories and simply had to share them.

I am also pleased that you like my absolute favorite song presented in perfection by one of Life's greatest.

I love you muchly! (HEY ... my blog, my vocabulary [grin])

Your adoring JDM(John-Dad-Michael)

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