Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tending Tires ... and Eternities

There are some places, along life's way, that simply demand a stop and a chat. There is no conceivable way that I could ever pass by this establishment without meeting the proprietor. Here must be someone with a diversity of talents that deserve One's attention.(A "Salute!" to Mostyn's Garage [and Funeral Services])

I truly hope that you find the same refreshment of Spirit that I have enjoyed in whimsical contemplation of this image ... with all of its potential stories. Here's to Life! And those who live all of it!

IMAGE through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

This makes me laugh. Is the slogan for this business...

"Get your quick lube change before you die?"


Crystal Jigsaw said...

I think it helps if you are in the right frame of mind too.

CJ xx

John-Michael said...

Isn't it just a fun place to see? I am so taken with the colours (had to employ the UK spelling here) and those flowers! These folks have a leaning toward the dramatic and the uplifting. I simply must know them! Thank you, Darling Beth for sharing in it with me. I surely do love You!

John-Michael said...

You know, Crystal, all that I see here bespeaks a pretty impressive "frame of mind" ... don't you think? The whole spirit of this place gives me visions of these folks causing many raised brows and comments of "Uh Oh, They are here. What now?" when they enter the village council meeting room. Not your "take the middle road" kind of aura about this image (at least in my estimation.)

When I visit the UK, I think that (in addition to a certain sheep farm and a tranquil back-yard garden in mind) this is a place worthy of a stopover.

(your XX is gently and warmly accepted ... and returned.)

Loving You...

Suldog said...

I hope they don't have a crematory, what with the gas and all.

Jules~ said...

What a cute place. It has so much character! And the business title...I didn't recognize the double specialty until you pointed it out.
Maybe some people need the second service after getting their bill for the tires?
We have a small place up this way that has been both a cemetary headstone maker and a tatoo parlor...but not at the same time.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful chuckle.

aims said...

Isn't this a pic that our dear friend David would love??

What a great little place indeed!

I love this person's mind!

jillie said...

I wonder if he does weddings too??? On my move out to California years ago, I came across a few places that were "quite" interesting to say the least. They were definitely not into the modern world. But I guess that's what made them so unique and memorable.

Have a great day ;o)

John-Michael said...

Jim, Jim. the SulDog Man! How I do delight in your mind's response to the 'starting gun' of fresh grist for the mill (mixing the heck out of those metaphors.)[grin] Now you have me visualizing how our Mister Chaplin would present those 'possibilities.'

(I may not be able to erase this silly grin for a spell... and I thank you for that!)

John-Michael said...

So this place, of your description, is where One would have their backsides emblazoned with a "if found, please return to [address of headstone in cemetery]" tattoo? [goofy grin]

Thanks for the 'visual' Jules~! [teehee]

I love you, ya know!

John-Michael said...

Isn't that shade of blue just fantastic, Aims?! And the trouble that they went to to mount those flowers so perfectly spaced and centered! PLUS the matching trash bin! I love these people! (And, by the way, YOU!)

John-Michael said...

"And do you, Groom, take this woman, (whose vehicle you will have maintained here [in accordance with its schedule of regular servicing]), to be your lawful wife ... till death, (when you return here for our special-discount Package Plan Service [as outlined in your brochure])?"

Yes ... that does sound reasonable!

I love You, Sweet Jillie!

Jules~ said...

oh my goodness that would be funny indeed. I hadn't thought of that joke. Thanks for another smile.

Corey~living and loving said...

I love it. I am such a fan of the color blue. this place just draws me in. I'd love to be there. :)
great post. I always stop and smell the roses, too.
have a great wednesday. I've been out of town....and hopelessly trying to get caught up with everyone. but it will not happen.

San said...

What a wonderful world indeed, John-Michael. Your soundtrack is the perfect complement to this fabulous image. Perhaps you will share what you learned in your chat with the proprietor of Mostyn's Garage [and Funeral Services].

In one of her novels Barbara Kingsolver came up with a Jesus Is Lord Used Tires, but I believe your discovery is a classic case of truth being still stranger than fiction.

Here's to you, John-Michael!

San said...

I am thoroughly bummed. I left a comment here. Then it vanished. Then I returned. Left another comment. I got an error message from Blogger.

Third time the charm??? What I keep trying and trying and trying to say is: I love your fabulous image of Mostyn's Garage [and Funeral Services]. The mind reels. A wonderful world indeed.

Here's to you, John-Michael! And here's to my successful addition of your blog to my roll.

Also, thanks for forwarding J's post. I went to her place and left a feeble comment. She will be in my prayers.

John-Michael said...

We must remember to, at a;; times, take special care of my funky mind, Jules~, my Dear One. It can take off on these strange tangents that are completely without predictability. Fortunately, I have the rock-solid foundation of SulDog's stable and even-keeled sanity to give me a base line of quietude. (I really can't believe that I said any of that!!)[grin]

Thanks for joining in on the silliness Sweetheart!

John-Michael said...

Corey, my Darling, you are always so ahead of me that in order to "catch up" with me you would have to throw your life in reverse.

I am glad and happy to see you here! I love You, ya know!

Amy Y said...

I'd have had to stop by too!! What a wonderful place... I love the color on the building. So inviting! Thanks for sharing :)

John-Michael said...

Wow, San! You are the first to mention the music. That song by that artist is my most "close-to-the-Soul" piece ever! I simply HAD to add it to the blog as a background for whatever I write. Hopefully, my writing will always be "in tune" with that song.

I love you, and your lovely, sensitive Spirit!


CrazyCath said...

Great to see you in much better spirits today. That photo gave me a good chuckle - as do the comments (especially Jim's and yours and Jules' tattoos!)

Isn't it amazing what people put together? I guess he'll be servicing all the hearses now then!

I've been out all day hence the late hour to visit. Well, actually, in and out. Bitty day - mum is taxi driver and fits her appointments around clubs, trips and I don't know what else! :0)

John-Michael said...

BITTY DAY!?!? There is no way under the sun that You, My Darling Cath-Baby will EVER fly the "bitty" flag over your life's parade! No way! (ya cute little rascal ya)

It is fun to share a bit of levity with the also-in-need-of-therapy group, isn't it my Darlin'?

Surrounded with these loving and involved folk gives my crusty old Heart a real Kick!

Sure do Love You, Ya know!

Cowgirl said...

Multi-tasking! A bit like the corner shop also being the post office, maybe? Very cut shop front too.

Thanks for directing me to Jen's blog - have visited and left my love and prayers for her.


John-Michael said...

You are an absolute Angel CowGirl!! Loving You is more naturally Right the more I know of the character and grace that are You.

When I read of how much the messages and wishes of others meant to Jen ... well, Lady Muse screamed "get with it!!" in my Heart. And I knew that You and others of your Spirit would respond. Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I have just popped in from The Comfy Place. How wonderful of you to have sent so many new people to Jens blog. It has helped her on this painful path to have fellow bloggers send prayers and words of hope and love her way. I hope to come back here when I have time and read you blog. Glad to meet you sir. My best, debi

John-Michael said...

My Dear Debi, How sweet of you to take a moment with me! When I saw how much messages of encouragement and loving support meant to Jen, my Lady Muse grabbed my heart strings and said "tell them all!" (knowing the caring and loving Spirit shared by my sweet Friends.) So, I quite naturally "told them all."

I look forward to our getting to know and love each other. Real soon!


CrazyCath said...

Hey JDM! Got an award for you at my place. Come take a look!

(Now you know why the day has been bitty as well as the taxi driving and where I've been all day!)

Donnetta Lee said...

You would have loved stopping by my mom's art shop when she had it. It was called "Tidbits." She had an old potbellied stove where she sat and smoked her cigarettes and painted. People came in and sat around the stove with her and talked. She heard many and told many terrific tales back then. I sure miss it.

John-Michael said...

Donnetta Lee,you have just defined "Bliss!" How splendid such a time spent would be. I thank you for instilling that imagery for my dwelling upon. Sweet!

NAMASTE, my Dear.

John-Michael said...

Cath-Daughter, you are far too kind to me (but I LOVE it!)

Thank you, Sweet Gift from Heaven! You continue to bless, encourage, and set me straight. I need all of it!

I Love You bunches upon bunches!

jillie said...

I just read your post on my blog and I just cannot believe that hospice will not let her family be with her! What kind of place are they running???? Do they not know how critical it is for loved ones to be with them? As for the chemo, as sorry as I am to say, hospice won't pay for that. It will only prolong life. Has she talked to them about radiation therapy for pain control? I worked in hospice for close to a year and I am just seething that she is being neglected like this. I can't even begin to tell you!!!!!!! Where does she live?

That is just WRONG on every level. That poor woman. She will definitely be in my prayers.

John-Michael said...

Jillie, My Darling, your passionate caring thrills me to the core. Jen lives in Australia (click on her name at the bottom of the copy of her message, and it should take you to her blog [Email, and comment area for your reaching her.]) I am certain that anything that can relieve her feeling that she is "a broken woman" will be gratefully appreciated. You are marvelous! (which is no more that I expected of you.) I love you so much!!!

Classic Charm said...

Wow what a diverse place indeed - heee......sheesh wish I would have known about it 3 years ago when we visited the UK for the first time. Yes, I'd love to meet the owners of this place. What a chuckle.

John-Michael said...

Darlin' Rose, how pleased I am to be able to start your day with a "chuckle." Makes me smile!

Lovin' Ya, today, as always!

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