Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unfulfilled Dream

I awoke from a dream.

A dream in which I was holding, in my arms, my wife ... sharing a tranquil moment of stillness. And I said to her “Put your head on my arm … as long as I am dreaming about holding you, let me feel your head resting here on my arm.” And she raised up from her dream-position, lying next to me (the back of her summer dress against my shirt) and said “You are dreaming about me … Why?” To which I replied, “I dream about you often … just as right now … I dream of the hoped for Fantasy that never lived.” Then I woke.

And as I lay there, I was aware of the image of her that had transposed itself into my dream. It was the image of her in her youth … at the time when the fantasy was borne … before it died in reality. And the image remains in my recollection just as it was in its never-matured state. Just as a child who dies in youth remains always recalled as that image. Full of promise and possibility … never to produce disappointment, frustration, or loss.

So it is with that image of her in my sub-conscious. Always that package of ripe possibilities … waiting to blossom into the life-satisfying fruits of romantic fulfillment. Yet … now … always to remain but a dream.

Perhaps, My Dear Reader, there is here, something that translates to your unresolved past. Might it be that we can accept those unfulfilled hopes, dreams, and even expectations as something borne to us, but never living to thrive, flourish, or allow us the desired satisfactions longed for? I think it altogether appropriate to mourn the loss. Then to properly memorialize the recollections. And to then, embrace the new day with its offerings and fresh opportunities.

To the end that these reflections serve to encourage and give you peace, I remain, as always, Your constant Friend and Servant,


Crystal said...

What a beautiful post John-Michael. I'm somewhat a dreamer and this calls to me. I do believe that I have come to accept most of the unfullfilled hopes, dreams i've longed for. But I do think i'm not finished in my accepting. It's always hard to accept and let go of the things we most want. Or, I should say, in the WAY we want them. Once again...thank you

John-Michael said...

Glad that I could have you "join me" in a moment of reflection, my Darling Crystal.


lindsey said...

i really enjoyed reading your works. They are so relaxing and refreshing. I loved the dream and the story of the couple who loved each other so much they sacrificed a normal life to be together. i had to let you know, otherwise i would be taking the blessing away from you. :)

John-Michael said...

How very lovely of you, Dear lindsey, to honor me with your Spirit's Presence. The Gift of meeting you made my evening with Cesar (my Spirit-Son) richer and more delightful. and to, now, be reminded of your lovely Grace is a compliment and a blessing, indeed! I do hope that we can know the joy of an ongoing Friendship and share life's walk in each other's company.

Lovingly ...

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