Friday, April 25, 2008

A "Tell More" MeMe

With a gracious bow of recognition and respectful admiration to a Lady whom I have become quite fond and appreciative of, San Merideth, I offer this, my response to her “passing of the torch” of a MeMe. And, I will simultaneously earn the ire of some, and (no doubt), the thanks of others by letting this “fruit of the MeMe vine” wither and die with me. So, I will deny some, whilst blessing others (depending on your point of perspective), with my not passing this one on.

I do, most sincerely, want to express my genuine appreciation for and sense of compliment from the award bestowed on me by San. I am forwarding the “EXCELLENT BLOG AWARD” to each of the blogs on my list (on the side-bar) of places “WHERE I FIND BLESSINGS, ENJOYMENT and SATISFACTION”. For each of these continue to share in touching my life and spirit in ways unique to them individually.

That said, here is my response to San's:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me but Were Too Polite to Ask
(All responses listed in alphabetical order)

4 Jobs I've held
(Inasmuch as I have listed four on a previous MeMe, I will, here, list some part-time employs that met a need at their time)

Minister of Music and Youth (several years whilst a Life Insurance Agent Full-Time. I LOVED this! I had a brass ensemble, puppet performance groups, adult choir, youth choir, and a youth Bible study. It was marvelous! [just could not deal with the ‘politics‘])

Night-Time Delivery of Fuel Oil (for one winter season to accumulate a down payment for our first home)

Overnight Store Re-stocker, Lionel Play world (during the Christmas season for several years to provide for child-support [you would not believe the devastation wrought upon a toy store by Christmas shoppers!])

State-Wide Courier Contractor (in conjunction with delivering newspapers whilst going to school full-time [took my son with me on many ‘runs‘ and we explored and enjoyed together … great teaching and coaching opportunities for him])

4 Movies I have/would watch over and over again

(Four Robin Williams movies that I will count as One) Dead Poet’s Society/ Patch Adams/ Good Morning Viet Nam/ Mrs. Doubtfire/

Forest Gump

The Emperor’s Club

You’ve Got Mail

4 places I've lived (I have, previously, given locales in another MeMe. Here’s ‘another perspective.’)

With my parents and siblings. (19 years)

With my wife. (5 years)

With my wife and my children. (16 years)

With my Self. (22 years)

4 people I want to "Bitch Slap right into the middle of next week"

I can readily think of at least four associated with the current political administration in Washington DC. But I refuse to give any of them the benefit of having their names published in even this minuscule way. I do all that I can to delete any conscious awareness of them from my mind.

As to any other “candidates” … if I feel that strongly about them, I disallow myself from investing even the slightest amount of my emotions or attentions to them. Hence I will not permit my Self to visit their corporately-shared cesspool of my dismissal … for even this exercise.

Whatever emotional/Spiritual/ mental energies that would have been wasted in considering the Cancers of life is best invested in relishing its Treasures. (Don’t like to trash up my own mind … I tend to dwell … and there are far better things to dwell on.)

4 People who email me regularly
(I rarely receive Emails, so had to look back at saved files and these were the most 'received from'))

Carol M. (my very dear and longstanding friend)
Denise D. (a wonderful friend in the UK)
Elaine C. (a sweet friend and my brother’s friend/colleague in Missouri)
Silvia D. (my spirit-daughter in Italy)

4 TV shows I watch (when I do watch … which is very rarely. Click on their Names [linked])
Antiques Roadshow
Antiques Roadshow, UK
CBS Sunday Morning Show (One of my rare concessions to ‘network TV.’ Charles Kuralt drew me into it and kept me there for al of his years as host. I seldom watch now.
Charlie Rose
Great Cars TV

4 Places I've visited

Denver, Colorado (amazed [being a ‘Florida Guy’] at the snow on the leaves whilst we wore shirtsleeves in the warmth of the sun … So cool!)

Key West, Florida (where my lighthouse-keeper grandfather met my Bahamian grandmother … I still feel “at home” there.)

Siesta Key, Florida (the most perfect powder-soft sand beaches and romantic get-away [sunsets that enchant!])

Toronto, Ontario (the most hospitable, gracious, and genteel people that I have ever been blessed to develop friendships with)

4 favorite foods
(I have mentioned foods in an earlier MeMe, so here are styles that I prefer)

(seems to be a “spice theme” here)

4 places I'd like to be right now

Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida (very intimate, personal reasons)

Lucca, Italy (with my spirit-daughter)

Peculiar, Missouri (close to my brother, Steven, and his family)

With You (and if your Spirit is speaking an affirmation to You, as You read this … this is how You know that You are One, to whom I speak.)(I live and love in this Reality)

4 things I'm looking forward to this year

Taking the “Adirondack Special” (train) through the Adirondack Mountains as the leaves are at their full Autumnal-colour. [I have been fantasizing this trip for decades.])

Taking my first “exploratory” trip to Europe in search of my future home (If not at the end of this year. The first of next.)

Dating. (NEVER before done [yep! You heard right … NEVER!])

Improving my skills with my cornet. (Love to play the Blues. [Living the Blues ... not quite so much fun. [smile])


CrazyCath said...

Great to see I'm not the only one putting you through your paces!
I'm not typing much as I hurt myself gardening - got tendonitis in the wrist so a bit limited!

Thanks for the award.

John-Michael said...

Hi there, yourself, my little CathDaughter. Yep! further under the rug we reach for swept away bits about our Self. I am sorry about your injured wrist. I know that you must be experiencing considerable discomfort (PAIN!!) with that.Know that You are in my fondest thoughts and prayers.

Loving You Sweetie!

Amy Y said...

This was great and so fun to read! I loved learning more about you... It sounds like you have some excellent things to look forward to in the next year! Can't wait to hear more...

Just Joni said...

always fun to learn new things about youyou...Europe huh? Very exciting and I believe I'm turning green right now...


Anonymous said...

John-Michael, I feel closer to you after reading your posting dated 4/25. Isn't it strange knowing big & little tidbits about another makes you feel more intimately connected? I'm originally from just west of the Adirondack Mtns & been there as a child, however riding the train through that area in the fall of the year just delights my senses. Its been many years since I've been "home" in the fall & my mind wistfully travels back to raking a huge pile of dried leaves & jumping in them. Then getting chilled & going into my mothers kitchen for hot cocoa & a hug from her.I was the apple of her eye, only girl-child out of 4. I miss my mother! I don't think I've ever said that to anyone before.

San said...

John-Michael, this very post is evidence of why your blog is so deserving of the BIG E.

"Patch Adams." That's a feel-good, uplifting flick. I saw it on the big screen when I was going through one of those periods of self-doubt and that scene on the bus made me break down. I so love those films and books in which people take their rotten luck and turn it into good luck for others. And the fact that Patch Adams is (was?) a real person makes that movie all the more richer.

Spice theme in food: I like that!

And you are so wise not to invest energy in hating the highly hateable.

Europe trip forthcoming--WOW!

John-Michael said...

San, my Darling voice of The Angels, San ... You had no way of knowing where I am in my life-scheme (damn good thing too! 'cause I don't have a clue either! [smile]) But You allowed The Angels to speak through You ... directed me back to watch "Patch Adams" again (to check that "bus scene" out [there are 3?]) and I really needed to reconnect with my Spirit's core. This movie and Robin Williams' amazing role in it did that for me (for I have been living a "Patch/Robin" experience for all of my life [hence all of the Robin Williams movies listed]).

Thank you for being an "in tune" Being. You ministered to my Soul today. I love You even more!

(as a courtesy to you and a debt to Patch ... here's a current Patch Adams update:

Hunter Campbell "Patch" Adams (born May 28, 1945 in Washington, District of Columbia) is a medical doctor, social activist, citizen diplomat, professional clown, performer, and author. He founded the Gesundheit! Institute in 1972. Each year he organizes a group of volunteers from around the world to travel to Russia as clowns, to bring hope and joy to orphans, patients, and the people. In 1998 he also visited Bosnia, one of the Balkan Peninsula countries torn apart by the war that started after the break-up of Yugoslavia.

His life was the template for the plot of the film Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams. Adams is currently based in Arlington, Virginia, where he promotes a different health care model in collaboration with the institute.

John-Michael said...

My Dear "Anonymous" Friend (whose identity I do, of course know) I copied the portion of your loving Email shown because my Spirit told me that the spirit of your words may be of benefit to a Reader seeing them. And, in knowing You as I do, I know that You would want to accomplish that.

I am grateful for your sweet message and for the trust and compliment of your shared treasure.

I love you, Dear C.

John-Michael said...

Joni, my Darling Friend, I will be in search of some place that knows people of kind and gracious nature, hospitable spirit, and an economy far enough removed from the current Western economies to permit me to live and establish comfortable relationships on my Social Security income. We'll see.

Thank you, as always, for your kind and caring interest. i do, indeed treasure and love You.

John-Michael said...

Sweet, Precious Friend Amy, how I do thrill at your voice! My "adventures" pale beside those that you have generously engaged in ... but keeping you to date on them will be my honor and pleasure.

I am so happy to know that I share my world with a Soul as rich in character as You. love You.

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