Sunday, April 13, 2008

Please Try Living ... NOW!

Three "Life Management Tools," from Three Different Teachers, on Three Different Occasions, in My Life. Offered Today, for Your Consideration.

When the Instructor had himself situated in front of the waiting class, he looked over the group and asked for a show of hands in response to this question; “Who, among you, has either implemented or made an attempt to implement all that we have discussed in our sessions up to this one, today?” Finding himself want of so much as a single hand raised amongst the group, he continued “It is obvious then, that we are in need of no new instruction, inasmuch as you have not made use of what has been given to you, thus far.” He then made a deliberate step back from the rostrum and looked out at us … silently. His lesson for that day was satisfactorily communicated. Every member of the class had his or her own personal indictment. We had been accumulating a prodigious quantity of information … to no beneficial end. We had no confidence in what we had already learned. (Tuck “tool #1” [Confidence in Our Readiness] in our “Tool Pouch.”)

On another occasion, and from another instructor, I was handed a tool that has proved invaluable, over the course of many passed years, in this business of Living. This instructor simply asked “Is what you are doing Emotional Tension Relieving … or is it Primary Purpose Achieving?” We were then asked to reflect on our daily activities and determine if there had been any times when we found ourselves “tidying up” the clutter of our desks or workspaces in the guise of making ourselves ready to work more efficiently … when the truth was that we were merely practicing an avoidance of some task of primary importance that seemed daunting, unpleasant, challenging, or some combination of any of those.

Were we doing what relieved the emotional tension created by some visual or circumstantial clutter while hiding from the demands of those things that required our attention for meaningful purposes?

And did we then, at end of the day, find ourselves wearied by a day of activity spent in “busy work” … still facing the now-larger (for want of our timely attention) Monster that had intimidated us away from addressing it? (OK, now we have “tool #2” [Focused Action] in our “Tool Pouch.”)

Then, My Dear Reader, I need let you know that I do know something of the barriers to moving ahead that we all must contend with. Yes, I do understand the debilitating power of Fear. I am intimately familiar with the force of scale when perceiving myself as the ‘David’ of mere mortal abilities confronting the ‘Giants’ of life’s challenges. So my heart was ready and receptive when I discovered the teachings of Ann Kiemel as she presented examples of her own life walk.

I, too, wanted to be of use to my world … to leave it better for my having taken up space in it for my time here. (For this is, in fact, the definition of my temperament/personality type.)Thus, my "all-of-Me" was ready when she repeatedly spoke of the times that she presented herself to settings that required more of her than she and the attendees of that particular moment thought possible. She had taught herself the power of a monumental Truth, in her well-practiced declaration, “I am just a small person in a great big world … but I have a giant of a God in me, and … He, and I, and Love … are changing my world … one day at a time … one challenge at a time. You just wait … you will see.”

Here was something that I could grasp! Here was a way to unleash the Someone that I wanted to Be! I had all of the power resources that this internationally recognized Author, Speaker, and Motivator/Minister to her world, had available to her. And I was so moved by her example, that I found a way to contact this demure and seemingly-delicate young woman, to express my appreciation for, and admiration of, her, and her demonstration of the Power available to us all. I then, began to apply those Resources that I already had … resources that were, individually, and corporately, all ready and waiting for my decision to employ them. All that I had needed was a sense of Power to step out and use them. (Tool “#3” [Positive Power Source] added to our “Tool Pouch.”)

And, do you want to know something quite exciting, my Friend … I quickly discovered that my world was not hungry for “all of the Answers” that I had been studying, taking classes, attending seminars, and listening to and viewing diverse taped presentations, to “prepare myself” with. Oh, No! I discovered that my world (just as Ann Kiemel’s world) is hungry for my Self … my Love … and my Spiritual perspectives and insight. My world wants just the Me, offered as I was and am. (And I can assure You, Dear Reader, that your personal world is starved for that You that is waiting on your individual "shelf of readiness" right now.) My world was simply waiting for me to care enough, to be willing to … Be … my Self.

Ask yourself those questions … “Am I implementing what I already know?”… “Is what I am doing AT THIS MOMENT simply Emotional Tension Relieving … or is it Primary Purpose Achieving?” Tension Relieving or Purpose Achieving? Then …“What is the energizing and motivating Power Source that I have willed my Self to be directed by?”

All this in mind, Dear Friend, I offer you this encouragement. You have all of the powers available to you that have, from the commencement of time, been available to anyone. So, let us, you and me, agree together to stop this business of “getting ready … to begin to prepare … to start to get everything in order … to live.” And simply LIVE! Trust in what you have already experienced and learned. Put aside all of those nagging doubts and fears of inadequacy and unpreparedness. You are more ready to be YOU, than anyone else has ever been. [smile] And please consider giving your spiritual/loving side some free reign in opening your windows of opportunity. (It can be such liberating fun!)

These considerations have served me well over many years. I trust that you will realize the same benefits from your own thoughtful reflection on them … as I remain, always, Your faithful Servant and Friend.


Classic Charm said...

Well I'll have to admit I've read this several times trying to digest your message here. I find myself putting off this "living" most days. Ah, tomorrow...I tell myself. So, this entry was a kick in my rear...and certainly inspiring, as most of what I read here! Your title to this entry, speaks for itself.
Happy Sunday,

John-Michael said...

Hello, Rose, my Darling Friend. I must confess, you have me more than a bit concerned. I have pulled this piece from the blog and re-edited it 3 times since early this morning. All in an attempt to make it more comfortable to read. I fear that I have, perhaps, been less successful than I had hoped.

Lovin' You!

(and those "Hugs" are SO welcome!!)

Classic Charm said...

Well, it was complicated to understand I'll give you that, and I was deparately trying to digest it and read between the lines here - HA. But I think I got it after reading it several times, turning off the tv to do so, so I wouldn't be distracted...but it was not "easy" reading...if that's what you were shootin for, and I mean "easy" in the lax sense. But as in all of your was thought provoking. Don't sweat it, put it out there, it's YOU.

John-Michael said...

Well, Oh-Tay! then Rose, my Darlin'. I will! [smile]

CrazyCath said...

Rose is right. It is very deep and takes some digesting. In a very POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE way (grin) it is challenging because it makes me look at what I am doing, examine my motives (something I have to do at work all the time - or should be) and then make a conscious decision to be true to myself.

In that sense, I do have to step back, have had to do recently, because sometimes my personality type means that in my love, care, zealousness and enthusiasm, I get carried away and risk coming across as belligerant, bloshy, other "b" words. You know what I mean.

Anyway, I agree with Rose. Your thoughts (always valid), your blog, your care and love for us (always welcomed).

This is a great post for learning where YOU are coming from and the "who You are" even if one does not wish to follow the philosophy, or understand it.

And to coin a phrase from some one dear to me John-Dad-Michael,
I love the "who-You-are"!

John-Michael said...

Well Cath-Darlin', you have just hushed me!

I can only say two things from a Heart so full of humbled gratitude.

"Thank you, Dear One!"

I love every bit of "who-YOU-are!"

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