Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Tagged" (Yet Again)

With tear-stained cheeks aglow with the fresh pride of being one of a select and highly exalted group of recipients of NiteByrd's endearingly (in)famous "DUST BUNNY IN THE WIND" Award For "BLOGGERS OUTSTANDING IN THEIR FIELD" ... I bow in all false modesty to the task of responding to the accompanying "Tag" that was bestowed with the Award.

The challenge at hand is to "sum yourself up in 6 words."

And after innumerable hours of meditation, medication, consternation, and contemplative constipation, I can render the much-sought-after and longed-for response (just as soon as the Brass Band completes Trills and Flourishes.) "Ahem!"


(bows and backs into the darkened curtains to peals of thunderous applause)

(Thanks NiteByrd! I really had a fun tyme with that.)


CrazyCath said...

That's good! And more like you. 6 words

Six words - sum you up perfectly. 6 words

Love ya loads John Dad Michael! 6 words

John-Michael said...

CathDaughter, You are a delightful Hoot & a Half! I do so very much enjoy and appreciate You. (Hope that you had that injured wrist wrapped whilst typing!!)

I love You, Baby!

CrazyCath said...

In a splint. Removed at night. Debilitates by day and makes typos!

Takes ages to type now. Which means I can't "talk" as much. Some call that a blessing. It's a pain.

Doesn't stop me tho' ;0)

John-Michael said...

I know that You don't want to hear it (probably hear it a'plenty already) but please think "Long term benefit" and allow the splint (which I am so pleased that You are employing [albeit unwillingly]) to serve your best interests. (You know that I care about You, You rascal!)

Your John-Dad-Michael

david mcmahon said...

Perfection in six words.

Just Joni said...

Just dropping by to see if you were mad at me, but it looks like you are back to normal if ever you could be put into that catagory and much to my delight you have warmed my heart with the fun of your tag...very creative and may I add my own six words?

loving the realness of what is ~

thanks for BEing you John-Michael, it's something I can count cheer me up, you make me think and I adore your kind spirit...but then you already knew that didn't you...

Vi said...

Describes you perfectly!!!!

Mona said...

That is the second six word tag I came across...

Well done!

John-Michael said...

Superbly spoken, David, My friend! Not only have you suggested something that I certainly can never hope to measure up to (but LOVE hearing ... "perfection"), but you executed it in SIX syllables.) [grin]

I do love You, Dear Sir!

John-Michael said...

Joni, Joni, Dear, Sweet Joni! How You do cradle my Soul in peaceful comfort and joyful delight! Thank You, My darling, for your patience with me whilst I make my tiny "detours" in living.

My recent days have been all too crowded with the joy and excitement of my all-too-brief trip to be with Steven (my wonderful brother) and his family. Then the added stirrings of relationships of the Romantic Heart ... the pending loss of my employment (merged assignments leave some out in the cold.) And a few delays as I employ the new computer given me by Steven (and we all know of the countless little "adjustments" that are necessitated by such a change.)

All the while my Heart rests in confident awareness of the priceless wonder and happy truth of our shared Love.

I do Love You!

John-Michael said...

It is such fun and complete joy to have the awareness that we celebrate this knowledge of each other, isn't it Vi? I am s grateful for our shared Gift in our loving Friendship. I admire and respect You so very much!

I love You, Darling!

John-Michael said...

Mona, I must confess to having taken a side-journey to both of the sites (and saved them both) listed in your profile. Your descriptions of your interests demonstrate a dynamic and energetically evolving Personhood and mind that are both a delight and deliciously intriguing.

I thank you for your kind and generous investment of your Self in visiting with me.


nitebyrd said...

Bravo!!! A man without masks, how refreshing.

Thank you for sharing in the fun, john-michael. I shall be getting to your tag soon.

You are definitely outstanding in your field! LOL

Jules~ said...

I think those are the perfect 'summing up' words.

John-Michael said...

I've been left "out, standing in [those] fields," more times than I care to remember NiteByrd, you deliciously wicked and wonderfully delightful Darling! I am really happy that you extended your invitation to this fun. I enjoyed it immensely!

(And, fortunately, I had the appropriate attire on hand for the presentation of the award.)

Love ya Lots!

John-Michael said...

I am gladdened that I am consistent in my BEing to the degree that You are comfortable with my "summing up," Dear Jules~.

(remind me to get the story behind your Email address some time. it intrigues.)

Love You, Sweetie!

lime said...

giggling at the flourishes that preceded the simple summation.

*applauds wildly, tosses a rose up to the stage, whistles, cries "bravo!" (just staying in the mood, you know)

and thanks ever so much for the very kind words you left at the post of mine david directed you to. i post a lot of silly nonsense but now and again there's a pearl in there. glad to know it touched you.

John-Michael said...

No tossing of undergarments please (at least until the lights go down)[stupid grin]

Thanks for the fun, Sweet Lime. And your "Magic" piece is just that ... magic!

I am glad that I have found You! You are so easy to enjoy ... and to love!

Crystal said...

Simple and yet says it all, eh John-Michael?

John-Michael said...

"Simple be's Me, Crystal!

Lovin' You is easy too!

San said...

Your "contemplative constipation" was worth it. You distilled it, man. Beautiful view too.

John-Michael said...

Wellll, San [grin], sometimes those "horses of rhythm" get "out of the barn" and do run a bit wild. (but I do enjoy playing with the runaway phrases on occasion.)

You please me with your mention of my silliness! Love You So!

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