Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yes ... We Can

We Can

We can achieve to the limits of what we can express.

We can express to the boundaries of what we understand.

We can understand all that we have the courage to discover.

31 Dec 2003

IMAGE through the gracious courtesy of Jon Sullivan,


Crystal said...

But how do we express? I think that's the dilema I find myself in right now with the situation i've been telling you all about. Why is it so hard sometimes to express even the simplest of things like having a mundane conversation with someone? People can have so much in common but lack in communication. How does one deal with a person that doesn't express?

Suldog said...


I just wanted to comment on the lovely photos you have. Jon Sullivan is quite good. Most Sullivans are, of course ; -)

John-Michael said...

Crystal, My Darling, I can only offer my own experience. And that experience tells me that very few of us have a desire to accept the responsibility that comes with Understanding (anything!) And Understanding precedes expression ... and only comes from discovery of what we believe, favor, prefer, and have some degree of comfortable Knowledge of.

We as a society want to have our senses titillated, our appetites sated, and our minds distracted with amusements and entertainments ... but, for Heaven's sake, whatever you do ... "Do Not ask me to be Responsible!"

And as that itty bitty piece that I spent years to sort out says ... before we can effectively "express", we must have a level of "understanding" ... which necessitates a courageous commitment to overcome our societal disdain for Responsibility ... and discover what we Feel, choose to Believe, where and to what (or who) we wish to Commit, and even what we elect to Prefer (in any arena of interest.)

All of this simply must precede expression. For, don't you see, without all of that mental, spiritual, and emotional "processing" ... we simply Have Nothing To Say!

Now, if that doesn't completely befuddle you, I will be most pleased. For, My Darling, I have spent decades in an unceasing effort to reduce literally volumes of materials on this topic ... to those 3 tiny statements offered today.

I do, humbly and sincerely hope that it is of some merit and service to you. For, don't you know, I love You!

John-Michael said...

This Objective and Thoroughly Unbiased Public Service Opinion Brought To By The Sullivan Foundation

Thank you Jim, my Darlin' SulDog Friend for mentioning this young man's talents. I have enjoyed not only his work, but his generous spirit for years. I commend him to all.

Love You.

Crystal said...

I love you too John-Michael. I do believe that communication is key to ANY relationship but more so with a romantic relationship. I'm not thinking of myself at all. I'm thinking of the 2 children that I love as well. I not only have to choose that special someone for me but for them as well.

Everything you stated made PERFECT sense. I just wish more people would take the time and responsibility to express and understand. I'm afraid today's society as gotten somewhat lazy in this area because of so much outside entertainment, as you've stated.

All I can say is that other than the area of communication I really do enjoy this guy. It's like that wall is up and he only lets it down at certain times. Sometimes I think I analyze things too much. Maybe I should just take a deep breath, go on with day to day things and just let him take the lead? I'm a very informative person. When someone asks, "how was your day?" He responds, "good." While I will say, "It was very good. Picked up a sandwich while doing some shopping." Make sense? It's like I have to eithr revert to one word answers to pull anything out of him. I have to say, it gets very tiresome.....

Thank you for taking time out to help with this John-Michael. I do appreciate it;o)

John-Michael said...

BALDERDASH! Do hear what I say to you, my Precious Crystal? Simply Balderdash to still your invaluable instincts and fully functioning mind to acquiesce to someone who hasn't the depth, and/or courtesy and respect for You, as the intelligent and accomplished individual You are, to make an effort to get out of his comfort zone of hiding his intellectual, moral, and/or social incompetencies behind a wall of silence! You obviously out-class, out-think, and out-function this person. How in Heaven's name can you justify saying that you have even one minuscule thing in common with someone who reveals nothing about what or who he even is by conversing and opening himself up? Nonsense! You are suggesting that an attractive "package" ... [yes I do know the alternate definitions ... bu I am on a loving rant right now and haven't the time or inclination for potential conflict with political correctness.] ... and an entertaining weekend are some indication of depth of character or personhood worthy of your considerable investment of someone as fantastic as You. I think NOT!!! There! Aren't you glad you asked?!?

[I will accept the award for meddlesome run-on sentences of the year now ... Thank you ... no applause please!]

Now you know ... don't EVER mess with someone who I care about and Love. I do not roll over and let you hurt your Self! Your Self is too precious. So there!!

Crystal said...

I think sometimes we forget our own self worth John-Michael. Thank you for reminding me of mine.

I love you too;)

CrazyCath said...

These three statements are so concise, yet so true. They remind me a little of what is commonly called "The serenity prayer", especially in AA circles:

"[God] Grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference."

But as always, you take the thoughts that one step further and remind us we can DO and BE and ACHIEVE if we set our minds to it and just have courage, the faith in ourselves.

Your support of Crystal is great too. Whilst I don't obviously know what is happening for her, I love how you openly defend and support those you care about.

I would just say (without knowing anything about the situation but talking from my own perspective of being married to a very quiet, doesn't-go-in-for-deep-and- meaningful-conversations man) that some people are just uncommunicative. As anyone who knows me will testify, I am VERY communicative! But my hubby is quiet, shy, sensitive. I do not see it as a lack of caring that he does not elaborate or that I sometimes need to ask for reassurance, because I then get it albeit short and sweet! It depends I suppose on the atmosphere - whether this is personality or deliberately being difficult. I wish Crystal well and I am going to send a friend here who needs your words today.

With love.

Amy Y said...

You sound like Barack Obama :)

Lovely words and photo... thanks for sharing!

John-Michael said...

Now Amy, though Senator Obama and I share some ideas that may seem of worth ... I don't think that either of us can lay claim to originality in their discovery. I do appreciate sharing the "stump" with him though. [grin]

I enjoy you and your lovely Spirit so much! Thank you, sweet Friend for your kind words. I love You.

Crystal said...

Thank you Crazycath!!!

CrazyCath said...

Pardon me JDM for intruding (as you would say) but could I just tell Crystal - You are very welcome. Anytime. :0)

John-Michael said...

NOW!! My Darling Cath-Daughter, You have put me in need of added clarification as to the genesis of this little piece. It has absolutely no basis in anything associated with the serenity prayer (though I do appreciate all of the truths represented in that lovely work.) But is, instead, born of many years of searching for answers to the question of what could be done to help my son, whose achievements in life were hampered by his cerebral palsy affected brain. And, in working with various therapists over the years, it became clear that we all must have some conceptual understanding of what we want to do before we can set in motion our actions toward doing that particular thing. And, we think with expressed language as we “talk to ourselves.” So, if I have no ability to articulate an idea to myself, my brain does not have an ability to process anything.

What do I need, in order to “speak” to my brain. I need an understanding of something that I have discovered … become aware of … that I want to incorporate into my behavior. So, first, I discover … have an “aha!” moment with … something that I decide is worth applying my energies toward an understanding of. In developing this understanding, the use of terms and a vocabulary particular to that subject is brought into play. So language surrounding that subject is developed. Then, if my understanding, of whatever the focus of my mind is, leads me into some level of motivation … if I become enthused about it … I express the elements of the subject in self talk (thinking), and then to the world that can have an effect on my desired interest.

So we have to achieve a discovery of our subject, develop an understanding of the subject, express our intentions on the matter (to ourselves [thinking] and others) , and from this process we can make our effort s to achieve the purpose of our interest.

You can see why this was critical to me working with my son. I had to lead him to “discovering” whatever I desired for him. Then it became necessary for me to guide his development of an “understanding” of the matter. And in so doing, we used language and terms particular to that interest. Which then allowed him to engage his mind and the interest of others. All necessary for achievement … in any endeavor … for anyone.

Discover … Understand … Express … Achieve.

This concept emerged over a long span of years through many experiences. And now you see the whole “picture.”

Therefore, when someone does not “express”, there is a very real chance that the person has not developed an understanding of the subject … which is, most often, due to a lack of interest in “discovering” (doing the study, or ‘homework’ necessary to “discovery.) And, I find that an unwillingness to take on a responsibility for that subject or interest is at the root of the matter. What has been called a “laziness” in social or relational responsibility.

A whole lot of cumbersome information to reach what I was pleased to filter down to the brief thought presented today. I Hope that it brings some clearer understanding of what I offered.

jillie said...

That is a breath taking photo with words that are as big as the canyon itself.

Thank you so much for your wonderful words of inspiration!


Don Mills Diva said...

Lovely photo and very inspirational words - as always...

John-Michael said...

Oh Jillie, you sweetest of Dears! You just started my day with a much needed (I mean this with every fibre of my present Being!) consideration of your precious "((HUGS))". How I do love You for this lovely Gift! My Spirit is refreshed!

I am pleased that my simple thoughts combined with Jon Sullivan's image, gave your Spirit a moment of enjoyment.

I do love you so! (and am grateful for You.)

John-Michael said...

"Lovely" and "Inspirational" are two concepts that are always immediately present when I consider You, my Dear Don Mills Darling.

I thank you for your thoughtful visit. For, as I do hope You know, I love You.

Shrinky said...

wise words as ever, my friend.

John-Michael said...

Thank You, Shrinky, for your kindness.

nitebyrd said...

Never lose your dreams or hope.

You are such a love, JM.

John-Michael said...

'Could never consider losing those, my Precious NiteByrd! For they are all that I hold title to!

Other than my Love for you!

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