Friday, April 04, 2008

Envelop Me

I listen, in silence, as your body entreats …
Every part of you speaks out … each whispers its request.
My face hears, through the sweet fragrance of your hair,
“This is where I must be … Envelop me.”

Nestled ‘gainst my chest, your shoulders make clear,
Your wish for a place of unassuming welcome … a refuge.
Your hands guide mine to cup you in insulating warmth.
As I hear “Within these arms I yearn to be … Envelop me.”

Racing through each day … from Requirement to Demand,
In these early dawning hours your legs seek retreat.
And summon mine to cocoon them in firm, gentle repose.
Your contented sigh confirming … “Envelop me.”

Independent and strong, you’re a Force through each day.
But in these still, silent moments I covet hearing you affirm …
“Here, together, secure happiness is mine.
Wrapped in your love, I wish most to be … Envelop me.”

As One we breathe … ensconced in serene harmony.
Unspoken, yet clearly understood, our bodies confide,
Messages and affirmations that will endure the madness of day.
I gladly embrace your gentle command, “For all eternity …
Envelop me.”

04 April 2008


Misty Dawn said...

I'm speechless. This is fantastic. These words took my breath away - that is usually something only photographs do.

Love you John-Michael.

John-Michael said...

Oh, Misty, I can not adequately express my relief, and happiness in your response to this! I am extremely apprehensive when I allow my Self this degree of 'openness.'

Thank You, Dear Friend!

Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. This was beautiful. I will return to read more of your blog.

John-Michael said...

I thank youCatherine. Your presence, and anticipation of another visit, is a sweet compliment. You are most kind.

CrazyCath said...

This is so brave and open and honest.

At first I felt a little uncomfortable reading it, but then I relaxed, (forgot that it was "Dad" who was speaking and let the words speak to me, not hte author) thought of my love for my husband and read it again.

And yes, it is beautiful. It is clear love. Written by a man who has known and does love.

Classic Charm said...

Sigh is the word that comes to mind as I read this beautiful piece. You know I admire you for embracing what so many of us take for granted. Thank you as always for the reminder to cherish our moments in life. This is indeed beautiful.

Suldog said...

You just keep getting better and better, and deeper and deeper. Thank you, sincerely. Wonderfully touching words.

John-Michael said...

My Darling Cath-Daughter, it was with no small amount of trepidation that I moved this piece from paper to keyboard. I had to pause and double-check my Muse's 'identity credentials' to be sure. [smile]

But I was then aware that for what I offer here to have absolute credibility, I simply must present the completeness of who I am. Else, I am hiding some aspect of me and only presenting a filtered and sanitized Self.

So, (quite honestly) I have been checking for comments frequently and apprehensively. Practicing what I preach can be a bit daunting!

But "Here I am ... Just Being John-Michael!" What you see ... is me.

Thank you, my Gift from heaven, for your loving candor. I adore You!

John-Michael said...

Rose, My Darling Friend, you have spoken words that illustrate my hope for this offered bit of Me.

I love You, and your graciously accepting and lovingly caring Spirit.

aims said...

Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!!!

Oh JM - what beautiful words! What romance! What longing! What expression!

You have the gift - don't ever put it down or turn away from it!!

John-Michael said...

Jim, my Darling SulDog Friend and Compatriot ... you spoke in sincerity, and I will do no less in return .. I sit here with tears of humble appreciation for your trusted and respected words of validation and endorsement. You, and what you say, matter tremendously to me.

I love you, My Friend, and thank you.

John-Michael said...

Sweet, Sweet Aims, how you do touch the core of me! For, My Dear young Lady, from the credentials of what you have revealed of your Self, your words carry value born of a heart that is tried and true. I am so thankful for your kindness. Thank you.

I do love you, you know!

CrazyCath said...

They are truly beautiful words. And Jim is right - you have a gift.

I keep being drawn back to read it now. Sometimes the identity we give people can be a hindrance. It was on this occasion, and also in my haste to read and comment.

Taking time, taking stock(!) I gain more on each reading. And I admire your courage and strength John-Dad-Michael. Love you!

Josie said...

Oh, goodness, that is so beautiful. She is a very lucky lady!

Just Joni said...

this is nice John-Michael...very real...pleasant imagery of secure love and all transcended from mere words on the "page"'ve done it again...


John-Michael said...

I thank you, Josie, for your kindness. I hope that she does, indeed, feel lucky. She is Oprah. [great big smile]

John-Michael said...

Thank you, Dear Joni. I warmly and gratefully accept and return your kind 'HUG.'

I love You.

Shrinky said...

Beautifully moving, John-Michael. You have an ocean of love pent up in your soul.

John-Michael said...

In eleven words, Shrinky, Dear One, you have summarized decades of personal truth. Gently and kindly. I thank you.

Loving You ...

Josie said...

John-Michael, touché. *heh*

Donnetta Lee said...

Very, very beautiful. I can hear serene, sensual music in the background. Lovely job. And so real.

John-Michael said...

Very real indeed, Donnetta, in the sensing and translation to writing. Would not have had it, as a presence, to attempt to relate, otherwise. Oh yes, quite real indeed!

I am grateful for your kind assessment, and visit.


Eileen said...

I have been reading your words for the past couple of weeks, and am amazed at the depth and beauty of your writing. Your willingness to be so open, to be so honest and full of light. What a gift you have. Keep writing, you make the world a lot brighter.

aims said...

You know JM -
[Lovingly caring, personal comments of a true and genuine Friend (which are cherished by JM, and have been kept as a private reassurance, and encouragement.)]
Love - Aimee

John-Michael said...

My Dear Eileen, how very generous and kind of you to say what you have said. I truly believe that whatever "light" I may be fortunate to share, is but a mere reflection of the light given me by Life's gifts such as Your Self.

Loving You ...

John-Michael said...

Darling Aimee... how I do adore You ... for You have unselfishly opened your heart and spirit to me through all that is revealed in your published writings ... and today, in your sweet, gentle words of supportive and caring Friendship. You are, indeed, a treasured Gift!

How could I not Love such a Person?


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