Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Breakfast With Herman

“Bring your breakfast out here and keep company with me and my friends this morning” Herman said. So, I did. And as I took a leisurely breakfast, Herman reminded me of our past together. How I had taken him, as a pit (or seed, if you will) from that delectable avocado, and carefully placed him at just the right depth in a glass of water. Then onto the shelf in the window. How I maintained the correct water level as he sent those first little shoots of root toward the glass. And, when he had developed a thick and strong network of roots with a delicate head of sprouting greenery, introduced him into his first tiny pot of rich soil.

We have shared many years, and many successive pots as he grew and developed under my tutelage and nurturing. What a momentous day it was when I decided to usher him into the world of Mother Earth with all of the potential opportunities… and vulnerabilities that she represents. He took to his environment with a flourish and grew with amazing quickness into a wonder of some twelve or thirteen feet in height. Then the storms of 2004. The elderly oak, under which Herman had thrived, lost its hold on one of its dead limbs… it fell… and Herman caught the full weight of it and was broken at just a foot above the ground.

I was saddened to have to remove all that we had enjoyed watching grow to full and healthy stature. But I refused to remove all of him from his place there, under the oak. All that was left was a short stump of what he was. But under that stump there lived a healthy, complete, and strong base of roots that had begun in that tiny glass many years before. And those roots sent power and energy to that wounded remainder of my lovely tree… and he began again! This morning, the voices of Life’s Spirit… or God… or my Muse… or Nature… or Herman… whatever source you care to identify… spoke to me and reminded me of the importance of that initial nurturing in life. How critical the establishment of a strong and healthy root network is to the stability and nourishment of any Being. And how, when life’s happenstances allow some force to break us… seemingly beyond hope (and, Dear Friend, haven’t we all had those times of being ‘broken’?)… we will always draw on the energies… the foundational power… the nurturing supply from our well-established roots.

For some of us, those roots may be stunted by inadequate nurturing and care at our beginnings. It matters not. For right now… at this very moment… we all can cultivate a base of understanding… a system of supportive and sustaining spiritual, physical, emotional, and social sustenance that will establish our own place in Life’s garden. All we need do is open ourselves to the guiding care of our Master Gardener… listen to and respond to the still, small, and gentle voice within that whispers “This is for you” with new opportunities to learn, explore, experience, and grow. And we can be certain that as we encounter those inevitable experiences that cause us injury and pain… we can grow back from those ‘breakages’ stronger and more resilient than before. I know. Herman reminded me just this morning.


Classic Charm said...

These words are profound and they speak volumes. I need tissue for this one...thanks for starting off my day today, as always - your writing is mastery!

John-Michael said...

With sweet anticipation I click on "comment" in hopes of a "feel good moment." And Rose, you darling Lady, provided just that. Thank you Sweetheart!

CrazyCath said...

Ah John-Michael, fellow gardener -
I too have nurtured many a little seed to a mighty plant.
I have just been (coincidentally) into my garden for the first time in over 4 weeks to mentally review what I need to do to help them enter into spring. I have to do a little at a time but they all know I'll get to them. Better late than never.
And your words speak so clearly of life and parenting and so many other things. Again, coincidentally, I only mentioned to someone this morning that the proof of my nurturing my 18 year old starts now, ~ when I have to let go and let him live his own life. If I did it right, I have set the foundations. If not, I'm a lousy gardener. Time will tell.
Thank you again for your wise words. I slept better btw. The sleep deprivation is not by choice, (or blogging) but it gets better a bit at a time. Bless you for caring.

CrazyCath said...

PS - Hark at who's talking re sleep! What time was this posting and the next? Gardeners need to practice what they preach ;0) Take care of yourself and then you are able to give of yourself. You'd be missed y'know!
Off to read your other post.

John-Michael said...

Cath, My Sweet! I never want you and my baby sister to get together. I can barely handle her alone. With reinforcement, she would do me in! She has been hammering away at me about the "sleep thing." "DO NOT go home and get on that computer!!" were her departing words as I delivered her home from her work yesterday. You both, of course, are right. But I do truly love you and some other angels who have graced my life with Friendship. You are a beloved part of Me now.

Cicero Sings said...

Being planted by the river of life, with our roots down deep .... so we are able to withstand the prunings of this life ... preparing us for eternity.

John-Michael said...

I do believe that you just improved, quite nicely, on the King James version of that thought. And I certainly agree.

aims said...

A lovely post -

I've never been able to root an avocado - and I don't know what I am doing wrong.

OHmommy said...

Thank you John for all of your heart warming comments on my blog. They make me smile.

I am borrowing your quote of the day for my blog, it speaks to me.

John-Michael said...

Hi Aims, Herman is the only success (out of several attempted) that I have ever had.

I'm glad that you liked the post.

John-Michael said...

My pleasure, indeed, Ohmommy.

lime said...

well, it took me three visits before i could finally get through the story of herman without being interrupted but i persevered....

what a wonderful parable herman is as he stands in your yard. thanks for introducing us. i can look at avocados in a whole new way now.

John-Michael said...

So this would be your "seedy tale" for the day? [stupid grin] I am happy that Herman and I could be a part of your day, My Precious. I am always glad when You enhance mine.

I do love You Lime.

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