Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Do Love You

Yes… ‘Tis true.

Immediately your inner reflex is to say “but you don’t know me” or perhaps (as is true to the majority of those to whom I am sending this note) “we have never even met … it is not possible for you to love me.”

Oh, My Dear Friend, I
do love you because I choose to love you. I love you because to do so is the inclination of spirit that I have opted for in my living of life. I love you because you and I have been introduced… our paths have intersected… our spirits have bumped into each other in accordance with the direction of the Power that orchestrates all of the universes both known and unknown. This is an eternal and immutable fact, that I am as certain of as I am of the blink of my eye, as I type these words in this moment.

You may be one of those to whom I have been sending messages for a while and have never heard a response … or heard from once or twice when your spirit was touched by a particular note of harmony with my thoughts. Or, you could be one of those with whom I have an intimate and constant contact and am involved with every element of your life. It matters not what circumstance surrounds our knowledge of each other. What is of imminent importance is the reality that Life has blessed us with each other. And with that awareness … with that gift … with that singular window of opportunity comes the chance for the exercise of Will. My choice is to will myself to embrace you, without reservation, and give, to you, the election of your own response … free from expectation, requirement, anticipation, or even, in many instances, knowledge of who you are.

Yours is the opportunity to know something that you may be completely unfamiliar with (for I know that I have had no model, in my experience, to follow). You can enjoy the availability of a Friend for whom you have nothing to offer beyond … simply, your friendship … and only as much, or as little of that as you wish. And, better yet, this gift to you is not even contingent upon your friendship offered in return … it is a gift without strings … no requirement for any reciprocation or even acknowledgement. This is my choice for my heart. This is what I give my Self … my very Soul … license to do with every opportunity offered by Life.

It is my desire to make every effort possible to give away every bit of love that I am capable of mustering. My delightful experience in this quest is that there is an exponential multiplying of my capacities to love with the exercising of the option. (How cool is that?)

Mind you, I am not talking about a ‘socially correct’ kind of ‘community caring.’ I know that the fulfillment of my yearning … the satisfaction of my desire … the attainment of my goal … is only possible if the love is genuinely for You … the individual person that is the entirety of You. And, while this is a concept completely foreign to and perhaps unacceptable to the world about me … I am convinced that the days that are mine on this globe are granted to me for the purpose of planting, nurturing, and encouraging seeds of genuine love in the hearts, minds, and imaginations of every life brought my way.

So, My Very Dear Friend, perhaps now you have a little better idea of why I continue to communicate with you … why I smile when I see your name in my e-mail address book … why I express feelings, thoughts, and impressions that seem, at times, to be a bit apart from what you feel is the ‘norm.’ Loving each other is, sadly, not our world’s norm … but it is the norm for the One who created us … and I enjoy, thoroughly, communicating that eternal norm, that overriding and all-encompassing norm that will outlast all of the strife, doubt, anger, bitterness, mistrust … every fruit of Love’s antithesis conceivable.

There you have it … now another piece of that puzzle in your mind is provided. I am grateful for, and thank you for, this opportunity to share my view of this life that we share … together. My sincere desire is for the genuine intent and commitment of my spirit to be known to you … at this moment of your reading… for, don’t you know …
I Love You.

And, I remain, as always, Your faithful Friend and willing Servant.

(originally penned 29 April 2005)


Crystal Jigsaw said...

It is a special gift to be at complete peace with yourself, knowing you can love and feel the way you do without questioning or judgement.

Crystal xx

John-Michael said...

It is the Gift, Crystal, that makes every breath worth its breathing.

I am grateful for your welcoming me into your world. I walk here, with You, respectfully and with a smile of appreciation.

Josie said...

That is indeed what friendship is all about, isn't it? I am fortunate in that I like everyone, and people have to work very hard for me to dislike them. So I prefer to call everyone "friend" rather than "associate".

I clicked onto the wonderful picture of Prince Harry and his grandmother. A picture is worth a thousand words!

John-Michael said...

I knew that you would enjoy that photo, Josie. So nice ti see the "humanity" in icons.

OHmommy said...

You make friendship sound so beautiful. It is indeed.

John-Michael said...

I love you, Friend OhMommy.

Melissa said...

Every step of the way you seem to answer all of my questions about who you are and how you continue to be who you are.

I don't think I've ever known anyone like you before but I'm enjoying getting to know someone who really puts it all out there and doesn't apologize for it and even better is okay with themself.

I see in you how I would like to be.

John-Michael said...

Melissa, My precious and amazingly kind Friend, I love you (BIG BUNCHES & BUNCHES!!)

Since the late 70's, I have devoted myself to knowing my Self. For I had to help my son (CP) know himself because of his mental limitations. So, I applied my considerable abilities of determination to the task. And learned. And made decided choices about who I want to be as a person. And applied those choices. And helped Matt with his understandings and choices. And it is immeasurably gratifying to hear your spirit's acknowledgment of the still-evolving results of my resolve.

The book of "Me" is so open and available that it is dog-eared, frayed, and worn through loving use. I invite you to ask anything that your heart whispers an interest in knowing. I am yours. Email me and I will respond in complete confidence. This is what Life has me here for. And I love Life.

Lori said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I haven't been well so have not been reading others as I'd like. Coming here today I see a man who is completely at peace with himself and has found the true purpose of why we are here.
Bless you!

John-Michael said...

Oh Lori, I am so very sorry that you have not been well. I do hope that "the mend" is taking place!

My words (relating to your exquisite posting on "Thoughts of Laurel" are not a kindness, but a statement of supportable fact, My Talented Friend. (I sent the link to David McMahon for his enjoyment as well.)

Thank you for your oh-so-gracious thoughts toward me. You bless me!

Donna said...

Good Lord!..An Actually, happy Man!! LOL...I didn't know they existed!!lol..Have a seriously happy day...

Suldog said...

In the vernacular, as regards love: Use it or lose it. It's true. And giving love is a great investment. It always returns with interest. It may not be immediately gratifying, but it does always happen, sooner or later.

You're a good man, my friend. I'm glad we found each other.

Crystal said...

Such profound words John Michael. This post speaks to the soul within and touches something almost kindred, so to speak. I am a very passionate person when it comes to emotions. Since the divorce of my husband I have been on a journey of sorts to find the inner peace and purpose for my life. I know we have many purposes. I believe we write our own charts of live dealing with the good, bad and ugly before we even arrive here on earth and, to me, it's all about love, kindess, learning, forgiveness, compassion and so much more. What good would I be to my two children if I didn't try to figure out about who I am and what all i'm capable of giving to others. It's hard sometimes though, trying to figure it all out. Your words give me hope and I am so glad you came by. I will be coming back:)

John-Michael said...

Wow!! Donna ... I am now bowed under the burden of having to SERIOUSly consider how I can ACTUALly be as HAPPY as this expectation that you have placed the on me demands.

Oh woe (how often do you get the opportunity to say "woe" COOL!), is me.

Thank you, my FUN and engaging friend.

John-Michael said...

SulDog, I love the blue dickens (don't ask, I just made it up ... sounded right at this moment) out of you. You are an unmitigated joy and complete delight, My Friend.

And EVERYBODY, who has eyes to see, should be reading your amazing work. It would make this world a more pleasant place for me to stumble around in.

John-Michael said...

Crystal ... how I do admire and know unreserved respect for your walk on the life-path that you now traverse. The You revealed in your writings bespeaks a Being worthy of consideration and note. I am complimented to be sharing this place of pilgrimage with a Lady of such determined fortitude and grace.

Thank you for allowing me a place in your world. I am honored. (and pleased as punch! [smile])

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Thank you for your genuinely loving spirit, it's infectious! I wish there were more people in the world who shared your view John-Michael. I DO consider you a friend, and I'm greatful for your friendship!


John-Michael said...

Lizzy, My Precious Darlin', You consider us Friends ... a'cause we ARE Friends [grin] and the warm comfort that inhabits my heart at that prospect makes me a VERY happy camper, indeed!

Loving You is SO easy!

Hilary said...

Such lovely sentiment.. sigh!

John-Michael said...

Hilary (can I tell you something? Just between us? I won't mention it to anyone else, OK? ... Whilst I DO enjoy your presentations on your blog ... I ALSO look forward to each day's look into your eyes ... OH MY!! ... [shhhh, our secret])

And, know what? All that I reveal in this post is sentiment-free. Really! It is just simply and comfortable how I function 24/7/365. I have opted for this pre-disposition as my core value and function system, and it is just as common and natural to me now as breath. And it is SUCH fun living as I do!!

Thank you, Hilary, for making it even more funner.

Classic Charm said...

Ahhh, glad I came to see you today dear friend. Lovely post today, and I'm happy to learn more about your gentle soul. You are such a wise man. A kind man. Thank you for allowing us to be in your heart, and for leading us toward being the way God wants us to be. You are indeed an inspiration.

Just Joni said...

your love radiates beyond the words that are being read and to think some people have never felt such unconditional expression. You certainly break free from the norms we are trained to internalize and I applaud your candid personality...and I think I rather like being loved by someone who doesn't know me...may be in part what peace is all about.

In any case, your loving kindness is sure to be returned ~

good evening, my friend.

John-Michael said...

Darling Joni ... Can our words EVER speak the fullness of what we know? I write, in part, as an inadequate attempt to present (to my own awareness as well as for the Reader) some part of what I have stirring within. I have known the "norms," that you speak of, as imprisoning forces that incarcerate our emotions.
So, write as a means of setting free what is our natural, and appropriate powers of Loving.

Isn't it most true that we free that object of our love by loving without the boundaries of expectations or partial understandings. Don't we allow all of each other to be known by dispelling any hesitations to openness by making welcome and embracing, in advance, all yet-undiscovered aspects of one another? I find joy and liberating freedom in loving you ... without ANY knowledge of the circumstance or details that are but momentary conditions around the Reality of who you are. Those circumstances and details will, after all, pass away into oblivion, in a moment ... You remain. There is eternal peace in loving what remains eternal.

John-Michael said...

Ahhh, Sweet Rose ... To begin my day with the welcoming embrace of your kind words and generous thoughts, is to have the embers of my spirit's fondnesses stirred and the chambers of my Being warmed in the glow.

I am grateful for your open and sincere sharing of your heart's expression. And respectfully and gently, bid you "welcome" to all that I am privileged to have to offer. To have you deem any of it as wisdom or kindness, pleases and gratifies me. Thank you, Dear One.

Vienna for Beginners said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! I believe that what we give is never done in vain, the act of giving already being the reward.

John-Michael said...

Thank you Merisi (Vienna for Beginners), for what you give, daily, in your marvelous postings. As you know, I discipline myself to wait until day's end for my treat of your wonderful photos. You are a treasure.

Misty Dawn said...

Recently, I was involved in a 'discussion' with some bloggers regarding Love. One person made the comment that Love is just an emotion and it does not 'do' anything. So, for someone to say that Love 'did' something was wrong. Oh, I can't begin to say how much I disagree with that statement. Because, I whole-heartedly believe that yes, Love is an emotion, but it is the strongest emotion and gift we were ever given. If you have ever witnessed a child who was never given love, and seen that child moved to an environment where Love was freely given - then you most certainly will see that Love 'does' things... Love has an effects... Love is powerful... and, it is beautiful.

OK, I'll quit rambling now ;-)

John-Michael said...

Misty, you are far from "rambling" when you speak of the qualities of Love with me. You are singing a serenade ... voicing poetry ... placing the colour and texture into the painting of Life in its richest glory. NEVER even pause ... the sound is so sweet to my soul.

And, "not 'do' anything?" Oh my, how I do regret the existence that is endured by anyone who inhales and exhales without a knowledge of the Force and Might of Love in their lifeless exercise. I can tell stories of strong and mighty men who give their life's blood willingly for the cause of love ... men who I served with in the Corps, who could not say the word, but responded to its Might. They never considered frilly cards or flighty verse in their lives ... but recognized the power of a love for Fellow Marine, Friend, Family, and Cause. Tell hem to their face that there is no substance to Love ... I dare you!

Now, who's rambling?! [smile]

I do indeed celebrate the glory of loving you, Dearest Misty.

Maggie May said...

A return visit! Thanks for visiting me.
A lovely post describing true friendship. Lovely to share it.

John-Michael said...

Thank you Maggie May! It was kind of you to stop by.

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