Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Dialect

When I speak … I speak in the dialect of my interlocutor.
When I write … I write in the dialect of my soul.

The two are slowly ... tediously ... becoming one;
That I may know ... and be known.

IMAGE: Through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,


Classic Charm said...


Wow! That should be published!

((((HUGS)))) for being YOU, thank you for the honor of linking me on your blog.


P.S. - That picture is breathtaking.

John-Michael said...

You have started my day with a smile and sense of comfort in my provision of something of merit to you, Rose. Thank you for telling me that you like it.

(The seed if that thought has been germinating for a very long time now ... it "sprouted" in a post on 29 May 06, and "blossomed" upon my waking, this morning. I was pleased to finally be able to enjoy its fruition.)

(Ian Britton does marvelous photographic work and makes it available [at no cost] to bloggers. He is in the UK, The scene is around Swaledale.)

Merelyme said...

okay i admit to needing a dictionary here...what is the definition of "interlocutor"?

John-Michael said...

[smiling BIG TIME!!] Oh Merelyme, How you have just made my day! When I was 1st struggling with expressing this long-fermenting thought (May of 06), I had never heard the word myself. So, I sent an Email out to the over 150 people on my mailing list asking for "a word that describes 'one with whom I am conversing.'" And, thank goodness, one of my 'adopted' daughters [Silvia, in Italy] sent me a response with "interlocutor." I was ecstatic! I am so very glad that you asked. It was a fun moment at the time and I am tickled to be able to tell of it.

I love you, you know!

Merelyme said... wanna speak in the dialect of a woman who has PMS? that would be a neat trick. :>)

John-Michael said...

A "trick" that I believe I will opt out of ... NOT that I don't appreciate the offer, of course! [whew!]

(Thanks for that sobering thought, Merelyme!)

Daryl E said...

You are such a wonderful writer .. I enjoy setting aside time a few minutes each day to read through my 'favorite' blogs .. your's is one .. and I had to say thank you for the time you take to write!

John-Michael said...

My most Dear Daryl E, no one has EVER spoken words more meaningful or poignant to my soul than yours. I humbly thank you.


Suldog said...

Thank you very much for honoring me with a link, John-Michael. And thank you for the wonderful Fred Rogers story you related in the comments over at my place. I enjoyed it immensely.

quilly said...

Given the assumption (dangerous, I know) that your inner-dialogs are enlightening, uplifting and productive, you have just written an apt definition of spiritual growth. Well done.

Crystal said...

What a BREATHTAKING picture! One day I hope to see it for myself;o)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I just stopped by to say "THANK YOU" for your kind words and putting me on your favorite blog lists.

And, then I spy this BEAUTIFUL PICTURE! I LOVE benches.. Especially benches that can tell a story... Wonderful photograph!

Now, I am on vacation for a few days and am TRYING MY BEST to not get on this computer! ;-)

Have a wonderful week.

Cowgirl said...

Great thought and a super photo - being English and living abroad it made me go "ahhhhhhhhhh"

Thankee Kind Sir!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol...I had to google 'interlocutor' to find out what it meant, as well! I imagine you are an exceptional conversationalists John Michael & can talk to anyone about anything ... peacefully. And that, my dear, is a treasure and a pleasure.

John-Michael said...

Jim, my SulDogFriend, I just can not adequately express how much I delight in our commonalities of Spirit. And I do relish reading your amazing work as you present life in a way that I do appreciate.

Fact is, I love You, my Friend.

John-Michael said...

Quilly, my Dear One, I am quite confident that my "inner-dialogs" are pretty much the same as anyone else's. Not all pretty, not all printable, and certainly not all edifying. But, all in all, I am comfortable with the reality that I am, indeed growing spiritually, socially, and in my healthy appreciation of Life's gift of others. I am, in fact, having the best time of my life! Upon our arrival at her home this evening, my baby sister said "I have never seen you this happy." And, by golly, she is right!

So, Dear Friend, I will simply entrust all of the particulars to the One in whom I trust. And rest in my certainty that all of this universe, that my eternal soul is "hanging out" in, is well cared for. All the while enjoying folks like You as I amble along.


John-Michael said...

Well, sweet Crystalpack the kiddos up, and come along with me as I make my first ever EU sojourn at this years end or the first of next.

I always enjoy the company of children as an enhancement to an adventure. They keep me sharp (and THEY laugh at my silliness.)

I'm pleased that you like the image!

John-Michael said...

Dear Beth xoxoxo's from you on holiday are better than an postal card any time!

enjoy! And thank you for the brief detour from your respite.

John-Michael said...

I am so pleased to be able to transport you back to memory-land. Perhaps Swaledale (where the photo was taken) is familiar to you. You have made me feel quite good my choice of images here, Cowgirl. I thank you for dropping by.

John-Michael said...

Well, My skinnylittleblonde Friend, you have touched on two of my favorite things. One ... my enthusiastic joy in conversing with the fullest spectrum of humanity. And two ... my delight in discovering new language for my spirit's "tool box". This equips me to grasp and communicate a deeper and broader range of possibilities when engaged with any 'interlocutor.' [grin]

My love for you grows yet more.

Jules~ said...

Dear-est John Michael, Okay, I will admit it. I read your post first thing this morning and fretted about a response off and on for the rest of the day simply because I have never heard the word 'interlocutor'. Oh how silly is that? I could have looked it up or just asked like Merelyme did. But no. I chose to hit myself over the head thinking that would cause me to find the definition somewhere in there.

It is kind of a funny picture don't you think?

Your picture on the other hand is quite amazing. There is such a blending of peace and harmony in that picture. In it I see history and breath, heart and rhythm.
As Anne Shirley would say, "There is so much scope for the imagination."
It blessed me today....even in the midst of my silliness. Thank you.

John-Michael said...

Jules~, I am going to tell you something about that word "interlocutor." My insistence on 'finding' a word that expressed a singular thought, and refusing to write the core idea without that word ... that I just knew existed ... serves as illustration of a message.

Two years ago, when I had the ‘sprouting’ of an answer to a question that I had long-asked myself, “why do I not speak with the same language, when I converse with others, that I think my thoughts with?” , I shared that ‘sprouting’ with my mother. “What is that word?” she asked. And, after I defined it for her (for it was not part of her vocabulary either) she continued. “Why would you use ‘interlocutor,’ a word that no one knows, when you could just as easily say ’one with whom I converse’ and everyone would know what you mean?” “Because the perfect word for that idea does exist. And I can not present a perfect rendering of an idea, that comes from deep within, in any form other that the most perfect form that I am capable of. Anyone, for whom that idea is to have meaning, will seek out the definition of the word … as I have done in finding it and employing it.”

Now Jules~, I haven’t pondered that matter to clarify the “why?” of such a seemingly insignificant consideration. But I know that I could not compromise the perfection of an expression for the utility of a lesser means. I will let you sort out whatever ’meaning’ there might be in that for your own use. But now you know why I employed that singular word (that I had to send out a request to all of my friends, around this world) for.

I know that it is but four lines on the page. But it is volumes of my inner workings in its depth. I would offer you no less … ever!

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