Saturday, March 15, 2008

At Week's End

Yes, another week written into our life-journal. We have joined the 'materials,' given to us by Life, for this stage of our construction of the edifice that is to be defined as “Our Life.”

An appropriate time to sit back and allow the words of my favorite poet to guide our reflections on what we have accomplished ... through our application of talents, efforts, perspiration, and, perhaps, a few tears ... in the space of the past few days.

I give you, in Love, “The Builders.”

The Builders
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

All are architects of fate,
Working in these walls of time;
Some with massive deeds and great,
Some with ornaments of rhyme.

Nothing useless is, or low;
Each thing in its place is best;
And what seems but idle show
Strengthens and supports the rest.

For the structure that we raise,
Time is with materials filled;
Our todays and yesterdays
Are the blocks with which we build.

Truly shape and fashion these;
Leave no yawning gaps between;
Think not, because no man sees,
Such things will remain unseen.

In the elder days of Art,
Builders wrought with greatest care
Each minute and unseen part;
For the gods see everywhere.

Let us do our work as well,
Both the unseen and the seen;
Make the house where gods may dwell
Beautiful, entire, and clean.

Else our lives are incomplete,
Standing in these walls of Time,
Broken stairways, where the feet
Stumble, as they seek to climb.

Build today, then, strong and sure,
With a firm and ample base;
And ascending and secure
Shall tomorrow find its place.

Thus alone can we attain
To those turret, where the eye
Sees the world as one vast plain,
And one boundless reach of sky.

IMAGE: Through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,


Classic Charm said...

Morning John,
I was just about to have my cup of coffee, and came here for my morning inspiration :)
What a lovely poem, brilliantly written. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

John-Michael said...

I love You, Rose. To be the beneficiary of a hug from a heart as beautiful as yours is a blessed gift! Thank you!

(now, back to that skillet, for me. eggs scrambled with cheddar & monterey jack cheeses & jalapeno pepper, on multi-whole-grain bread. Look out sinuses!)

Seamus said...

This poem reminds me of R.L. Sharpe's poem "A Bag of Tools".

CrazyCath said...

Morning JDM! (It's afternoon to me)

"And what seems but idle show
Strengthens and supports the rest."

Beautiful. And so true. A great poet indeed.

If Classic Charm is making that breakfast can I come? I'll have breakfast like that anytime of day. ;0)

(((Hugs))) for a lovely start to an afternoon.

John-Michael said...

I agree, completely, Seamus. So, for the uninitiated, I offer this link to A Bag of Tools. I know that everyone will enjoy it. Thank you, Seamus for the gift of this gem.

CrazyCath said...

Hey the linking worked! Proud of you John-Dad-Michael! Easy when you know how huh


John-Michael said...

Cath, My Precious, I CHEATED! "tis true, I pasted the sample that you sent, and "plugged in what I wanted to accomplish. So, thank you, Baby!

John-Michael said...

Cath ... get yourself on over here, and I will serve you a breakfast that that I guarantee to satisfy. You, Rose, and I together would be a BLAST!

I do love You SO much.

Cowgirl said...

Thankyou for a wonderful start to my day, John-Michael! The poem is so spot on, and just what I needed when I was feeling a tiny bit low.

Since then I have been for a brisk autumnal walk to move my darling cows, taking Josh, the Lab, along and used the time to marvel at God's work all around us - the sunrising, the spiders webs hung with jewel-like drops, the colours in the leaves, and then finally the warmth of welcome from my cows as they rushed to meet me.

All indeed is right in the world - we as humans should just stop inteferring!

Thanks for the compliments on my blog - I really do aspire to write but like so many don't have confidence or know where to begin! Your positive comments certainly help!

Bless you,
Cowgirl xx

CrazyCath said...

I am *virtually* there JDM! Get the kettle on! :0)

Love you too! (Especially if you make me breakfast!)

Lauren L. said...

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the library. Your blog is beautifully crafted and I will be back often.
I am sorry that you didn't get any pie yesterday. I will send out an alert next time I bake.

Lauren the Librarian.

John-Michael said...

well "Hello there", Lauren ... Thank you, Dear for your kind thoughts. It was a nice treat for me to meet such an engaging Lady with a generous willingness to provide the books that I was so unreasonably requesting. You are too kind!

(and please do not be concerned about that pie ... who would I tell, should you fail to follow through? HEY EVERYBODY ... DID YOU HEAR WHAT LAUREN JUST PROMISED TO DO?!? [chuckle])

kate said...

I've spent an enjoyable time ambling through your blog posts this week ... this Longfellow poem is beautiful.

There's been a smile on my face since reading the comment you left in my blog yesterday. Today is scarf-wearing weather here, but I suspect there is not even one day remotely close to scarf-wearing weather there! Magic happens everywhere though.

John-Michael said...

Thank you, Kate, for your "tip-toeing through the tulips" of my thoughts and ideas. I am complimented to have such kind words from a Lady who presents a lovely work, as you do on your blog.

Rob Hopcott said...

The more I write, the more I appreciate the huge skills of the great writers and their economy and strength of structure.

It is good to be reminded of them and they are a constant inspiration.

Well posted :-)

John-Michael said...

You and I are in complete harmony and agreement in that admiration and appreciative respect, Rob, my gifted friend.

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