Sunday, March 09, 2008

Not SomeTHING ... SomeONE

"How many cares one loses

When one decides...

Not to be something...

But to be someone"

Coco Chanel



Classic Charm said...

What a powerful quote. Thank you for sharing.

John-Michael said...

I am glad that you like it, Rose. This is the "seed" thought of a bit that I will attach to it as I progress with it.

I love "Who-You-Are".

Cicero Sings said...

Good quote! I know a few people who are so intent on being someone, doing something significant that they've lost sight that all they are really required to do is just be in Him (God). All of the first part of Hebrews deals with the issue that the Israelites wouldn't enter into this kind of rest!!

John-Michael said...

I am so happy that I discovered (many years ago now) that ALL that I need be aware of is Being all that I was created to be. And having complete trust in the Creator, I have accepted that I am not an accidental creation ... but one by design and with purpose.

So, my moment by moment joy is in my realization of the diverse wonders that are part of who I am, and the ways that I can give my Self to the benefit of my world.

Josie said...

Omigosh, that is wonderful! And of course it would be from Coco Chanel, one of my idols, who did indeed become someone ... and still is.

People can make a difference in this world if they are "someone".

CrazyCath said...

Such true words. Again. And trust, or faith, in our Creator is so admired by me and aspired to by me. Yesterday I went through the account of Abraham's unbending faith with the 10 year old. Not just relating the story, but "how do you think he felt..." "How do you think Isaac felt...?" Really makes ME think never mind the child!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I love the simplicity of the picture and quote, which is all the more powerful for it's simplicity, AND,

there's an award for you dad at my place! Pop over! :0)

John-Michael said...

The "Someone" who is Josie speaks to my spirit and I am appreciative of your posts.

I am glad you enjoyed this.

John-Michael said...

Cath, you thrill me with your willingness to "peel away" the layers of time frame, cultural period, literality, and tradition, to find the spiritual meaning of those scriptural illustrations. This is how the Author of those scriptures can speak to us, today, in our dialect and contemporary imagery.

Well done!

San said...

Inspiring quote. And poignant image.

I bounced over from Crazy Cath's. She's not really that crazy. Except in the best way.

John-Michael said...

Cath is an unmitigated Sweetheart!!!

And I am delighted that you came bouncing this way. Also glad that you like that post! Thank you, for saying so, San.

Jules~ said...

Dearest John, (I should ask, can I call you John or would you prefer John Michael?) I love that quote and the picture so perfectly goes with it. How very true. It reminds me of how our priorities shift in the most magical and wonderful way when we focus one people and creation instead of thnigs that can so easily lost.

John-Michael said...

Good Monday Morning to you, Dear Sweet Jules (I ADORE!!!! your photo! Thank you for adding that.)

And you say it beautifully."Magical and wonderful," indeed is the effect on our lives (and the lives of all touched by our lives) when we opt for making what is subject to our will, our choices and elections, our focus. Taking our focus from all that is subject to circumstance or the influence of others, and embracing that which we alone are responsible for (our spirit, attitude, demeanor), places us in control and gives unhindered possibility to every element of life.

I am so glad to have your company for my morning cup(s) of coffee and PB&J. Your presence (in the spirit of your words, as well as your lovely photo) has started my day off well.

John-Michael (or, if you prefer, Michael)

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