Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am, occasionally, asked (by the “uninitiated“) what this “still, small, inner-voice,” “Muse,” “Life’s voice,” business is all about. Today I am going to give you a “real-time” account of just what the aforesaid is “all about.”

It was at 11:30, last night ... (and those of you who know me best know that I am soundly asleep at that hour [given the unrelenting reality of rising at 2AM for work every day]) ... and I was awakened by an immediate and clear understanding that someone who I care about was in some sort of emotional crisis and had their mental and emotional focus on me and reaching me. So, I took myself from my bed, went to the computer and fired it up, checked for any message that would clarify the specific nature of the crisis, saw no message … and waited (Yes! I waited … because I know that the forces of our Spiritual Self communicate far more directly and quickly than technology’s finest efforts.) And, at 11:47, as anticipated, the telephone at my elbow rang. And on the line was the sobbing, completely hysterical voice of one of the dearest of my Loved Ones. She was completely out of emotional control. She was terrified and panicked … and at least one and one-half hours away from me by car.

I told her that I was on my way … where could I find her? She protested the distance, time, my having to be at work in a few hours … and all with the frightened and pleading tones of voice that said “Help Me … Please!” I spoke words of reassurance and comfort all the while knowing that neither would be accomplished without direct and immediate physical intervention. Then I heard the Other Voice. I heard my Loved One speaking to, and being spoken to by, Someone who was intensely, yet calmly and caringly focused on understanding my Loved One’s situation. That person took control of the situation with a grace and confidence that was not of this world’s teaching or direction. There was, in her voice (this “Someone”), a purpose and assurance of imminent comfort and peace. And I enjoyed a certain knowledge that Life had carried to my Loved One all of the love and care that I was feeling.

This Someone told me (for she insisted that my Loved One allow her to speak to whomever my Loved One was speaking with, on her cell phone) that she had just returned home, would normally have gone into her dwelling place, but, on this occasion, “felt lead” to go down to the area where my Loved One was. This special Someone and I agreed that our following of the leading of our heart’s Messenger was something that should be a “normal” course of all of our lives. That to consider such a happening (as was being played out between her, my Loved One, and myself) to be out of the ordinary was an indictment of humanity’s failure to realize a critical aspect of our being. That of the potentials available to our spiritual attunement to one other.

Life’s loving and protecting, nurturing Power is known to many peoples of many cultures by many names. At approximately 11:50 PM, last night, its name was ... Persha.

Namaste, Persha.


Amy Y said...

Wow! What a story... thank you for sharing it and I hope your Loved One is alright!

John-Michael said...

Thank you, Amy Y, She and I had a very long phone visit this morning. We began with much tears and discouragement present ... ended with her having a Slurpee (her most favorite thing in the world!)in hand, sitting beside the pool at the hotel where she spent the night ... and MUCH laughter! We talked until the batteries in her cell phone died. [grin]

She is a marvel, and we will work through all of the "stuff" that litters her 'plate' together. This is why Life brought us into each others' lives years ago. And what friendship is all about.

Jules~ said...

It is so wonderful that your friend has you to lean on and that you could be so intuned.

I am always amazed at how peaceful it is to be in tune with God, hear His voice and prompting, and have Him orchestrate the outcome.

John-Michael said...

Resting in the comfort of the loving arms of an all-knowing and caring Father is an enjoyable and liberating way to appreciate living.

And Friendship, in all of its richness, is life's sweetest gift.

nitebyrd said...

Soul-friendships are rare and wonderful. You both are very lucky to have each other.

John-Michael said...

We do, indeed, enjoy this gift of "us."

Suldog said...

It is, indeed, wonderful to feel The Embrace of God. Far too often, I fight it, thinking I know what's best. Far too often, I am a fool :-)

John-Michael said...

My Dear 'suldog' Friend,

"Foolish" may be your occasional appearance to your eyes ... but I have absolutely no hesitation in assuring you (from what you have revealed of the "Who-You-Are" in your writings ... You, My Friend, are no fool!

I'm glad to be sharing my walk through life with such a gentleman as you.

tati said...

I am working quite diligently on being so intune with the Light. You inspire me.

John-Michael said...

I commend the 'work' to you, Tati, as worthwhile. The results will bless your life.

I am pleased to have encouraged.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

God's work is never complete as He continues to shine on each and every one of us, a protective light which guides, supports and leads us along life's highway.

Crystal xx

John-Michael said...

Well said, Crystal!

Anonymous said...

Dad, Thank you for hearing the cries of my shattered heart. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. As you well know I was so full of stifled heartbreak I could no longer breathe. The hysterical release of emotion that overcame me this weekend was exhausting but necessary. I am renewed, not altogether ready to take my usual swan dive into life's next adventure but secure in the knowledge that with time I will be ready. My next dive promises to be more spectacular than the last. I have no fear of the deep or the dark as I have been there many times before. I choose to live. Thank you Dad most of all for being the only one on this earth that understands my heart and soul, the only one who sees me for exactly who I am. I am thankful you joined me for that theraputic slurpee on the beach. I Love You.

John-Michael said...

You, My precious and beloved Gift from heaven, fill every corner and crevice of my heart and soul with adoration, admiration and gratitude for ... You! I love You, Baby.

CrazyCath said...

That is so beautiful.

I am almost crying. What a relationship you have.

And I too do things on impulse having been led by...intuition?...God? inner voice...?

I hope I can do the same for my loved ones when they need me.

John-Michael said...

When she phoned me, sobbing still, the morning after Persha intervened, i told her that she "needed" a "therapeutic slurpee" (knowing her as I do, and that this is her ultimate "comfort thing.")

A look at my last (3rd) response to tati's comments on "My Voice" (above) you will have the "rest of the story."

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