Sunday, March 23, 2008

the Significant YOU

In that moment when you feel that your surrounding circumstances render you insignificant...


by the overwhelming magnificence and wonder (or terror) of it all.

Consider this…

Perhaps, you are
so very significant
that Life has blessed You with a gift.

The gift of the ability to recognize and appreciate. That you may celebrate this mural of overwhelming beauty and majesty.

And have comfort in your awareness of your individual place in it all.

Giving you reassurance of the truth ... that You are eternally significant.

Because Life considers YOU worthy of nothing less!

IMAGES through the gracious courtesy of Jon Sullivan,


Zoe said...

man i needed that today.

John-Michael said...

Well, then, Zoe, I wrote and assembled it ... for You. (and am honored and humbled to be your Servant.)

(I saw you running away [in that pink tutu] and thought that some encouragement was in order [smile])

Just Joni said...

I love to go hiking and backpacking and although there are times when I feel insignificant when compared to the grandeur and beauty of nature, I can't help but believe it is a gift to me because I can be totally and completely mesmerized, renewed, and humbled all in one observational moment.
Thank you for reconnecting me, for however brief a moment, to that inner need to just sit and BE. I can picture myself sitting on one of those rocks next to the water flow and just taking it all in. What a beautiful way to start my day, thank you John-Michael.

big hugs to you {{{ }}}

CrazyCath said...

Everyone is special. Unique. There is no other in the world like you. There is no other in the world like me.

When you think about that it is awesome isn't it?

The world full of uniqueness.

Hope you are having a good day John-Dad-Michael! Sending unique love and hugs your way.

Amy Y said...

Great post!
Thank you! :)

John-Michael said...

Joni, Dear, Dear, Joni... to be a part of your "sitting on one of those rocks next to the water flow and just taking it all in" moment, is an awareness that brings a sense of awe to me.

To consider that I have allowed Life to make use of what I offer to provide an opportunity for you to satisfy "that inner need to just sit and BE", causes me to take all of the time that lapsed since I posted your comment and now ... to give thanks.

I love you.

John-Michael said...

My Darling Cath-Daughter, any day that affords me the opportunity to share the heart-burden of a Friend, is, indeed, a "good day."

And so it is this day.

I am personally grateful for Life's gift of the unique You in my life. And that, too, is a good thing!

I love you, My Dear One!

John-Michael said...

And I thank you, Amy, for your kindness.


john-michael, I came by way of San's blog finding heartfelt, understood, meaningful words on this Special Day.
Celebrating the Giver of our significance,,,,our unique-ness,,,what an awesome thought!
Thank you!


John-Michael said...

How very beautifully stated ~Babs. Your enthusiasm for my offering gives my crusty old heart a smile of appreciation.

I humbly thank you.

Misty Dawn said...

I can't with honesty say that I always believe that I am significant. However, I can certainly say that I often realize what a special gift I am receiving when I view nature. I am always grateful and appreciative to have been given each opportunity.

Jules~ said...

Dear John Michael, This is so stirring and beautiful. The words, thought, and pictures move me greatly. It is a perfect way for me to end this day.
Today was beautiful as always, and even more so today with joyous celebrations. Being with family was wonderful, and yet there are forces at work that try desperately to sabotage everything that sings of joy.
It blessed me to go on this mental hike and walk in the beauty.

I would love to know where those pictures were taken.

John-Michael said...

Misty, My Darling One, will you, please accept this truth from me, personally, specifically ...You, my dear and precious Friend, are always significant to Me. Always!

I do, indeed, give thanks for You.

John-Michael said...

To know that you, my Precious Jules~ are able to end your special day resting in the bosom of our shared kinship of spirit, gives me joy. I would banish all forces, that would discourage your peace, with the promises of the One who wields infinite control over eternity.

Loving you.

[Photos were taken in The Zion Narrows in Zion National Park, (near Springdale, Utah)]

Hilary said...

That's very inspiring.. and awe-inspiring. Thanks for that. :)

John-Michael said...

To think that I have been of any service to you, Hilary, gives my Spirit contentment.

I love you.

Jules~ said...

thank you for your kindness and heart. I always look forward to our mini conversations.
If you are interested, here is last night's outcome.

John-Michael said...

Knowing that the only alternative to growth is death, I celebrate your Spirit's continued growth, Sweet Jules~. For 'tis vibrantly alive, you are!

empath said...

Coincidences have meaning I think. I was just talking to someone about how no two people look exactly alike. Then I thought of your BLOG and went there, happened on this post and voila - coincidence.

Anyway, I feel something like insignificance, but more like humility when I stand in a grove of giant sequoias - tree trunks bigger in diameter than my height. At the same time I feel so much a part of the world. I start breathing deeply and my mind starts "talking" poetry. I try to remember the poems and jot them down, but it's not the same as BEING THERE.

John-Michael said...

My Spirit has never felt "at home" with the idea of "Coincidences," My Dear empath, but rests, instead in a more peaceful place with "Harmonies." The "in tune" aspect of living as an element of a whole that Is, gives me a respectful appreciation of life's complete 'composition' while allowing for the unique nature and tone of my individual voice in the symphony of it all.

A matter of semantics, perhaps, but comfort is much like that anyway (what fits ones 'zone' may not nestle in another's) ... don't you think?

I am complimented with your presence. Thank you, My Dear.

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