Friday, March 28, 2008

Artfully You

A great and grand Gallery,

This world of mine.
Replete with fine works,
Masterpieces sublime.

Each element in balance.
All placed and arranged.
Familiar works, well known,
Some new, as yet, strange.

And here I find You,
Placed alone in this spot.
Not fitting with others,
An Unknown, like as not.

You have seen me admiring
All manner of style.
Heard my laudations,
You wait with a smile.

Accolades and tributes,
Easy flow from my lips.
You await my attention,
As my focus now shifts.

Afresh and anew,
You capture my gaze.
Acclamation and awe,
I pay homage and praise.

Yet again, I‘m astonished.
The Master has done.
A creative wonder,
My adoration you’ve won.

An excited awareness,
Life’s gift, fresh and new.
Creation’s perfection,
Artfully sculpted in You.

28 March 2008


CrazyCath said...

"Each element in balance.
All placed and arranged."

Beautifully put.

As always. The wonder of Creation, and God's pinnacle was perfect man.

"Creation’s perfection,
Artfully sculpted in You."

In YOU John-Dad-Michael. Thank you for this post today. Loving you.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

We are all special.

Crystal xx

Suldog said...

That's a lovely piece, John-Michael. Thank you so much for taking the time to craft it.

John-Michael said...

My expression of the wonderment and appreciation I experience each time Life moves me to a new place in its "Gallery" and introduces me to, yet another, Masterpiece.

Can there ever be a limit to the marveling and awe in discovery of another, then another Treasure to love? You, Dear Cath are example, prime, of the boundless riches of our Creators "collection" of Masterworks ... just waiting to be known.

I am so grateful to be living and loving in my "Gallery."

Thank you, Precious One, for your kind and generous words.

John-Michael said...

"We are all special."

And worthy of love and appreciation appropriate to our individual,and uniquely "crafted" attributes.

I thank You, Sweet Crystal for allowing me to 'gaze' on that Beauty that is You.

I love loving You.

John-Michael said...

Jim, My Darling SulDog Friend, it is my ongoing pleasure to continue to search for (and occasionally find) some fresh little way to express my inexpressible joy in Life's gifts.

The treasure that I have discovered in You, My Dear Man, is Point in fact.

I love You, Jim.

YesBut said...

Thanks for leaving your comments on my Image blog - what a creative mind - awesome

John-Michael said...

How very kind of You, YesBut. I thoroughly enjoyed the escape and pleasure in placing instant-response captions on your marvelous images.

I was sorely in need of the gift of those moments.


Jules~ said...

I am just getting sttled in after unpacking and wanted to sit and start catching up with my friend John Michael.
As always, you have been hard at work, listening to that soft inner voice, creating beauty.

John-Michael said...

Hello, Dear Jules, and "Welcome back."

I'm pleased that you found some beauty in what you have read. That is so nice! And even nicer for you to tell me.

You are, indeed, loved.

Just Joni said...

"Creation's perfection, Artfully sculpted in You."...I like the way that sounds bouncing around in my head.

I like the new picture too ;)

John-Michael said...

Thank you, Precious Joni for your spirit lifting encouragement. You are dear to my heart.


Shrinky said...

It is our perfect imperfections that make us all uniquely special.

John-Michael said...

"our perfect imperfections that make us all uniquely special"

Making each of us so enticingly intriguing to discover! And discovering You, My Dear Shrinky, is certainly 'case in point.'

I love You!

John-Michael said...

A little P.S. to your "I like the new picture too ;)", Joni ... I was in the Wal-Mart (picking my baby sister up from her job there as Manager of the Garden Center) and had a moment to wait for her.

So I asked the Manager of the photo department if he would "like to 'demonstrate' one of the digital cameras by photographing me." I told him that I would purchase a CD with the image of me on it. So, Sweet Friend, you now see the 'Me' that you would have seen had you been in the Wal-Mart on 27 March 08.

Silly, I know, but fun!

aims said...

This is beautiful.

In my mind's eye I see you standing and opening your arms (and mind) and saying - come into me so I can behold and enjoy.

And then you turn around and share it all with us.

How unique and loving you are indeed.

John-Michael said...

Darling Aims, I count myself most blessed by Life in my joyful recognition of the beauty and wonder of individuals (such as Your Self) who I allowed to know. For me to not choose to 'reflect back' an appreciative recognition of your beauty, would doubly be unappreciative, and inconsiderate. You deserve to see the wonder in You that I have been blessed to enjoy.

You being so lovable makes loving You so easy!

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