Saturday, March 29, 2008

So ... How Is YOUR Day Going?

I simply couldn't help myself... this one made me smile, and I HAD to share it! (Her expression is PRICELESS!)

Edith Hoeltenschmid cuts bread as she sits on a chair fixed to the side of a house in Hagen, Germany, as part of a performance by artist Angie Hiesl.



Classic Charm said...

Ahhh, unpacked and relaxed phew...came to catch up with my dear friend. Yes, I read all the way back of course. Enjoyed your beautiful poem, and this picture is priceless. Glad to be back to enjoy your magical writing.

John-Michael said...

Bless you Rose, Sweet breath of Joy!

You have just dispersed the cloud of spirit-weariness from the skies of my Being. How you do cheer my spirit!

I love you!

Jules~ said...

Dearest John Michael, I wanted to stop by and have my morning visit with you before my day got to rolling along...and you gave me a good laugh this morning.
This picture (and lady) is so great! Thank you for choosing to share it.

John-Michael said...

Isn't she just the most perfect model for this thing?!?! I get the silly giggles every time I look at it.

Glad that I could share the grins with you Jules~[whatever '~' is?][I don't want to display my ignorance by asking ... so I will just keep on silently playing along like I don't see it ... shhh]

I love ya, Jules~!

Just Joni said...

ah, the things that make us I wish some of my humorous "performances" could be chalked up to art!

have a good weekend John-Michael.

John-Michael said...

Ah, Joni, you reminded me of something said by some celebrates artist interviewed by Charlie Rose (PBS). This 'artist' defined Art as "anything that evokes an emotional or intellectual response from its viewer."

(Makes "Art Appreciation" something of a challenge for me.)

I love hearing your 'voice.' Thank you.

stephanie said...

Ah, performance art. Two things for me: How did they talk this particular woman into sitting there? And where is her cutting board?

John-Michael said...

Perhaps those very questions, Stephanie, My Dear, are the genesis of her look of consternation. (do you suppose?)

How nice to see you here! I do enjoy you so!

CrazyCath said...

At first glance I thought that was our Queen! The expression is priceless - "We are not amused" as Victoria would have said.

That has made me smile! And now, as I have some (rare) time to myself, I'm off to play childish games with a friend and will be back later! Ciao!

John-Michael said...

Have a hilarious time in the world of "childish!" (a place to call "home" for as long as possible [smile])

Glad that I stirred a smile.

nitebyrd said...

I would admire the "art" from afar. The lady looks as though she might like to slice more than just bread.

Thank you for sharing that. :)

John-Michael said...

[MAJOR chuckles] Yes, Dear NiteByrd, I can now perceive that "far away" look of distraction in her countenance. (and I simply must thank you for that enhanced imagery! [HUGE grin!]

You are so much fun! I do love loving you.

Amy Y said...

It IS priceless! Thank you for sharing :)

John-Michael said...

I am glad that you enjoyed it, Amy. Bringing you a smile gives me a smile!

Loving you ...

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