Monday, March 03, 2008

Love Storm

Seizing, testing, and tearing at the togetherness of his vessel,
The sudden, unbidden storm of cyclonic passion unleashes its powers.
While the wizened and weathered sailor thrills at this new challenge;
His readiness and responses to the furious encounter telling of storms before.

For him ‘tis but an awakening of long-dormant senses.
He thrills in his celebration of this rush of uncommon energies and power.
All made richer by his ability to understand; to accept; to welcome.
For he knows ‘tis nothing but a passing gale … a magnificent gift of Nature.

But he relishes that wistful dream of distant trade-winds of constancy;
Reliable breezes of prevailing forces that maintain a pleasant voyage.
Thus he sails on … enjoying the breath of Friendships that sustain;
The occasional gust of camaraderie … a sweet puff of Congeniality.

Keeping, all the while, his sailing skills sharpened … his ship in readiness;
For that anticipated, unknown, yet expected eruption of Love’s powers.
And he smiles the smile of One who never abandons his yearning
To sail into life’s sunset-painted horizon with sails billowing,
Filled to Desire's capacity ... with satisfactions brought by,
The still unknown ... Her.

03 March 2008


Melissa said...

To sail into life’s sunset-painted horizon with sails billowing …

Oh how I would love to do exactly that lately!!

John-Michael said...

Well, Melissa, My Darling Friend,

I am complimented to have you "aboard" for any part of my voyage that you have opportunity to join.

I know that your giving and caring spirit must deplete you at times. So, I am pleased to bring to you whatever resources my efforts may offer.

It is good to have good company in this "living life" thingy.

aims said...

Have just read a number of your posts and wanted to leave a comment.

I love your poetry and the story of reading to the children...very touching - all of it...thank you for sharing.

John-Michael said...

I am genuinely complimented with your investment of some of your Self in my words.

Your own writings touched me ... and your acceptance of mine pleases me a lot!

hank you for both the reading and your comment.

Moosekahl said...

Nice to find you John-Michael...and, yes, I could definitely use a cheerleader along this path. I'm sure there will be more posts about my journey to come.

John-Michael said...

Welcome! I, too, am glad that you found me.

Shrinky said...

Oh John-Michael, sound and elequent words indeed. You truly have a gift to express with words that which a great many of us feel.

John-Michael said...

You are most kind!

Growing up in a family that considers expressing (or even acknowledging) your feelings as "airing your private laundry", created an urgency within me to discover a vocabulary that would reveal (to myself) all that is living within me.

Then life provided teachers (Leo Buscaglia for one) who showed me that all of the world has the same desire. So, I am learning, and sharing as I go.

M.KATE said...

Hi John-michael, hopped over from merisi, really like your blog and enjoyed reading them, tks for sharing :)

John-Michael said...

Hi, M.Kate. Happy that you 'hopped over'. And glad to have pleased!

Classic Charm said...

Your poem is beautiful and so elequent...

John-Michael said...

Rose, Thank you, Dear ... An attempt to express what is happening in my life. Glad that it pleases.

Suldog said...

Lovely. I thank God every day that I reached the best port in the world (for me) some 18 years ago.

John-Michael said...

SulDog, my admired and enjoyed Friend, you are "DA MAN!!"

How wonderful to hear a man who is able to make such a declaration. You sent my heart reeling!

I delight in the wonderful YOU!

Rob Hopcott said...

I had to read it twice to make sure I understood.

Such yearning!

Many thanks ... I'll be back :-)

John-Michael said...

Hello Rob! I am SO GLAD that you said "I had to read it twice to make sure I understood."

That piece has haunted me since I posted it. Just too damned wordy! Too cloudy in meaning. I will be re-addressing it, for sure. (else have it bug me to death ... YES compulsive about this stuff.)

To learn that you "like joining in with other folk musicians playing folk tunes on my flute and sax in the pubs of the UK. For exercise, I like to walk on the moors and beaches" (as stated in your profile) encourages me to make an effort to drift your way whilst making my 1st journey to the continent at years end. I do enjoy folk tunes and walks in the countryside.

Thank you for your "dropping by" and your candor.

Rob Hopcott said...

Hey John-Michael, I read it twice because I wanted to make sure of its meaning because its meaning was important to me and because there was a richness of meaning.

I was in no way suggesting that there was a problem with the poem.

I loved it and thought it really good.

Sniz said...

I've spent some time here this morning. These words were full of emotion. It's cool to read things like this because it seems that so few are looking that deeply inside anymore. Does that make sense?

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Simply beautiful. Emotion seeps from every word as you have naturally been gifted to write in such a heartfelt way.

Crystal xx

david mcmahon said...

That is VERY eloquent, John-Michael.

And thank you for the many visits and the very kind words you've posted on my blog.

John-Michael said...

Oh Darn!! [smile] I was leaning on you as my 'excuse' to give in to my compulsion (yes! I confess! I AM compulsive) to rework it.

Thank you, My Friend, you made me feel right good! Your your kindness is appreciated.

SandyCarlson said...

Such vitality and strength that endure or even grow with age are very appealing. The courage and wisdom of this sailor are very appealing.

John-Michael said...

So kind of you! ... With your permission, I will convey your sentiments to Him (when we next meet [playful smile]).

John-Michael said...

Hello Sniz, and thank you! Your investment of your Self in my thoughts is very nice, indeed. And your assessment of the unfortunate absence of introspective thought among us is so sadly true. And, unfortunately makes far too much sense.

Hopefully we (you, I, and others holding our shared concerns) can plant seeds of new thinking and excite fresh awareness.

John-Michael said...

My Dear Crystal ... to have nakedly poured so much intimate emotion into something ... and have it recognized ... is rewarding and reassuring beyond measure! I thank you, BIG TIME!

John-Michael said...

Dear Sir (a personal note of honor and respect that I trust you recognize as my bow to You) David ... Your generous provision of your Self in guiding my focus to so many treasures is a gift that I will continue to be in your debt for.

And your kind and supportive words lift me up!

Vi said...

I guess we are all hoping out for that storm.

John-Michael said...

Yes, Vi, My Darlin' "Hope springs eternal in the human breast." Amen!

CrazyCath said...

Thank you. I was directed here by David's blog and I will come again. Oh how I yearn to write as you can! Truly a gift.
"Filled to Desire's capacity ... with satisfactions brought by" - a perfect life. A grateful life. I too have read it 2 or 3 times, not for clarity, but to squeeze every bit of meaning out of it (cruelty sometimes to prose but this one begs it) and there is more.
D'ya know, I can almost hear the sound of your voice as I read your post and your comments. And you sound like my dad. Thanks for sharing.

John-Michael said...

OK ... you got me!! I am yours with your "I can almost hear the sound of your voice as I read you ..... and you sound like my dad."

You have touched the magic button, My Dear Cath. To sound like One's Dad is the highest and most humbling honor that I could ever hope for. I would that I had opportunity to read to you in your Dad's honor and for Dads of all time. This would be my heart's fulfilling. Thank you, Dear One.

Momma said...


Your poem has a lovely rhythm and a soothing quality. The imagery is astute and captures the quality of love beautifully - swells, storms, winds, movement. Beautiful.

I'll have to share this with my husband, who has a love of sailing and with whom I have just celebrated 25 years of married bliss.

Thanks for your recent visit to my blog!

Peace - D

John-Michael said...

Hello 'D',

I thank you for inviting my thoughts into the bosom of your 25 year oneness with your husband. This is an honor that I am humbly pleased with and gratified by. My compliments to Him, and repeated "Thank You" to you.

Lisa Milton said...

Beautiful, John-Michael. Truly.

John-Michael said...

Your kindness, Lisa, I am grateful for. I thank you.

Vienna for Beginners said...

... ‘tis nothing but a passing gale ... - how true!
We nothing but a leaf,
carpe diem,

John-Michael said...

Sail on, tranquil Soul ... my thanks to you, Merisi.

Daryl E said...

A poet too! Fabulous.

David sent me.

John-Michael said...

daryl e, kind Lady, I would be want to accept such an identity, for these excursions into the mystical realm of poetry are but my fledgling efforts to express long considered and complex feelings and emotions that would burden (somewhat like this rambling statement) the reader in another form. I am, however, grateful for your compliment!

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