Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hush Me

I am speaking too much.
My enthusiasm is intrusive.
This Energy I radiate, I know, is tiring.
So, please, just ‘hush me.’

Only one finger, across my lips,
Or to the end of my chin,
Will draw my attention to your eyes.
And they will just ‘hush me.’

When I ask too much.
Delve too deeply.
Suggest too frequently.
I beg you … just ‘hush me.’

Draw my arm close to your side.
Place your head against my shoulder.
Take my hand in the tenderness of yours.
My heart will draw to you, and just ‘hush me.’

I can sing ... I can dance;
Devise all sort of elaborate plans;
Make noble statements ... proclaiming my Love.
All goes still and silent … when you just ‘hush me.’

23 March 2008


Crystal said...

Good poem John-Michael!!! But I have to say I'm not going to "hush you" cause I like what you have to say...Either that or I have TOTALLY missed the point.

I promise, the blond in my hair really is fake!lol! Have a great day today!!!

John-Michael said...

No, Darling Crystal, you have not missed this (or, I would suspect, any) point. [warm, appreciative smile]

But yes, there are often moments when I am sensitive to my overabundance of verbosity (how often can you work the word "verbosity" into a conversation? [grin]). And I can imagine that my interlocutor would really want me to "just hush!"

Thus, this little poem came to the surface as I was engaged in just such a moment in conversation with a special person.

Your kind sentiment is much appreciated, nonetheless. You make loving You so easy!

CrazyCath said...

Hellooooo over there my John-Dad-Michael!

Hush you? Never! Your words are soothing, comforting, loving.

It is a great poem though, and conveys the "permission" to be able to say "Not now, not yet" without offending and rebuffing. We all need a bit of quiet solitude and comfort sometimes, and this is a lovely way of saying "You only have to say..."

But I would never want you to stay hushed. You have a lot of love and wisdom to share.

Which makes loving YOU easy!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Great poem. Really great!

Now I already broke "my rule for today" with YOUR blog! **grin** But, I just had to take a peek and see what you have been writing!

I shall be back to catch up on my reading here!

John-Michael said...

"Not now, not yet" without offending and rebuffing...... this is a lovely way of saying "You only have to say..."

You stated the spirit of the moment beautifully, My Darling Cath. I am expressing an inner image of the sweet tenderness of a gentle finger-tip upon my lips ... conveying just what you said.

My Love flies to You, my precious Cath-Daughter.

John-Michael said...

I am so pleased that you slipped away between loads of holiday laundry and paid me a visit, Sweet Beth.

I would be delighted to "pitch in" on cleaning those stalls (and I ain't bad at folding laundry either.) [grin]

Welcome home!

OHmommy said...

It looks like I am not alone in liking your voice.

Great poem.

I felt as if my four year old daughter was writing it. I heard her voice through it. I have no problem telling her to hush. Now she is one heck of a talker. :)

John-Michael said...

Something in the passions of Loving does unleash the "inner four-year-old" energies from within.

A clever insight (though you do enjoy a near-constant reminder [smile].)

How I do cherish your words and spirit of encouragement, OHmommy. You bless me!

Loving You ...

Misty Dawn said...

You have just hushed me as I sat absorbing your words... this is beautiful.

John-Michael said...

Then we are sharing a moment of "mutual hushing", My Darling Misty, for that is precisely my response to seeing your words ... silent gratitude and appreciation of your gracious kindness.

I do love You, you know.

Suldog said...

"Hush" is so much nicer than "Shut Up!" :-)

And, of course, it doesn't have to mean "I don't want to hear you." As your poem so eloquently points out, it can mean "You don't have to say it; I already know what's in your heart." Nicely done.

Merelyme said...


John-Michael said...

"You don't have to say it; I already know what's in your heart."

You are so "tuned in" and wonderfully aware Jim my Dear SulDog Friend. The reasons for my admiration of You are more and more evident with time's passing.

I love You, Sir.

John-Michael said...


jillie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL poem John! I agree with Crystal. Shushing you would NOT be a good thing when so much beauty comes out of you ;o)

John-Michael said...

Jillie, You, My Darling have just made my crusty old heart smile! Your loving Spirit engenders a sense of quiet peace and gratitude within me ... and I thank you.

I love You.

FXSmom said...

This reminds me of Covey's 7 Habit's. One Habit is to listen. Not just hear but to shut up and listen.

nitebyrd said...

Lovely poem, sir. Full of love!

Vi said...

I could just imagine that poem being turned into a song!

John-Michael said...

Difficult to encourage ... this "Listen" thing ... when all of our world is demanding so much, so often.

Which is why you hear me so oft repeat my favorite "Be still ... and know." Has to start with "Hush Me."

I love "who-you-are" as well as what you say, My Dear Beth.


John-Michael said...

I do thank you, My NiteByrd Friend. Love is definitely what was happening when I penned it.

John-Michael said...

OK Vi, My Darlin' You take the lead ... and I have you on the back-up! (don't laugh ... I mean it!)

You do (I trust) know that I love You.

San said...

Lovely piece, John-Michael. You paint a picture with your words. And you create an emotion too.

John-Michael said...

Thank You, San, I am happy that my emotion felt ... and then expressed ... stirred an emotion with You. This means "communication", at its core element, to me.


Calli said...

John-Michael, thank you for sending this post my way. Somehow this poem's message has struck so close to home, especially this day. I was going to say, especially the beginning verse, but in all honesty - the entire poem!...
Were you reading my mind ?

A most lovely and timely (for me) post! Thank you!

John-Michael said...

There is, My Dear Calli, an Energy ... a Source (that I have long-since quit questioning), that 'speaks to' my Soul, my Muse, my Spirit (or whatever nomenclature you are comfortable with.) And I now know to listen and respond. Hence, I was compelled by a sense of urgency that required my sending this message to (and for) You. I am so happy in your confirming the legitimacy of this dynamic. Being available to Life's whisper is the way of my living.

Lovingly ...

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